Lebron in Play

izzo1 Lebron in Play

Tom Izzo did not receive assurances that Lebron James would remain in Cleveland, and no amount of money should be enough for him to risk having to coach the Cavaliers without him.

So it appears that the most prized free agent in the history of the NBA (and all of pro sports?) will indeed be some team’s prize.

The Bulls are right in the middle of this race, but the prospects of each team remain difficult to judge.  The handicapping will be swayed by a combination of guesswork, wild rumor, and overanalytical interpolation of noncommittal statements from James and those close to him.  In other words, good stuff for sports-talk radio!

The bumbling Cubs turned in a lame performance at home against Oakland.  Carlos Zambrano labored, Derrick Lee and Tyler Colvin each made two errors, and remaining expectations of a turnaround in the winnable NL Central are fading.  Could be some entertaining media sessions ahead for Lou.

Ugly win for the Sox in Pittburgh, but they’ll take it.  Kenny and Ozzie are making public nice-nice and smiling with clenched teeth.  All you need to know is that this recent surge has them still five below even and 7.5 games off the lead.  They are scheduled to face Stephen Strasburg Friday night, and we expect to talk to Nats GM Mike Rizzo sometime this afternoon.

Lakers/Celts will see game 7 after LA just thrashes the visitors from the jump last night.  The knee injury to Kendrick Perkins looked bad enough to keep him out, so the hobbled Andrew Bynum is now less of a burden for Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday, we will do “Who You Crappin?” tomorrow at 5:00 (it was skipped last week due to the Sox).

And Friday the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour brings us to Aurora.  Join us at Mike and Denise’s Pizza and Pub at 1760 N. Farnsworth Ave for cold beer, sports absurdism and free tickets!

  • Go Cubs

    I can’t wait for Stephen Strasburg to dominate the Sux. I predict he’ll strikeout at least 20. And why did Dan Bernstein say the Cubs are bumbling? Elite teams sometimes have off games. It’s nothing to fret about. The Cubs are still in good shape.

    • Light bulb

      Is this guy serious?

  • Complete Moron

    See above post

    • Go Cubs

      Truth hurts doesn’t it?

      • Go Cubs

        To the dozens of Sux fans out there. Whether it’s from your trailer or jail cell, have fun watching the Cubs in the playoffs.

      • Tim

        The truth that you’re probably a Sox fan, trying to make Cubs fans look worse? I’d believe that.

  • To B&B and score mgt.

    I love how your paranoia of people posting negative things about the show has just completely ruined this blog. There used to regularly be over 100 comments daily, now there are 25 ? Guess there were alot more people that didn’t like the show or had a negative thought than people that do since the comments that actually make it through moderation are only a quarter of the regular ones. Been a score head since day 1, but it looks like I’m gonna make the switch like most everyone else I know. Carmen, Jurco, and Harry here I come. This blog is dead, the show sucks, and quite frankly I don’t want to support or listen to to a radio station that has to censor its internet site because it’s afraid of what people might say about it.


      I think you can post negative comments. The new format is designed to make people read the whole thing if they want to respond, and not just skip to the bottom few.
      The real problem was someone was slamming the sight with over 75 posts a day, and most of them were, let’s just say, off topic (some were outright negative against other bloggers).
      But, hey man, it’s your barbeque Cyrus, and it does taste good. . .

    • George Oscar Bluth

      I agree with a lot of what you said. I don’t agree about the blog, though. Those 100+ a day posts are due to our old pal Chet, who took a new job and doesn’t spend his time on here anymore. He posted like 50 times a day, hence the larger numbers. But the new Score site does totally suck, and I’ve not listend to even an hour of B&B since the new site launched, since the station killed my ability to just easily get on the Metra and download a previous hour’s show (commercial free). II also find Dan and Terry unwilling to explore new ideas or new bits on the show….oh for the days of Larry Horse, TB Diddlers, and others. Now it’s pretty much formulaic stock stuff, and my guys seem to be running out grounders at this point. Take the show off auto pilot, fellas, and kick management in the arse for ruining your web following.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I think that some people were also frustrated with the new layout to the site, because that was almost the exact point that their number of posts went from 100+ to the current level.

      • 8005551212

        Ads and Ads. When i posted a away to avoid ads, censored.

        Its all about revenue. Nothing new here. Sad to see though.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I could deal with the crappier blog format if they’d just get the gosh-durned (to quote Hawk Harrelson) podcasts up and running.

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    when it comes to lebron and the free agency period, this is how i hope the bulls execute their strategy. Have Paxson make Lebron his personal project, leave gomer forman out of it!!! Let’s face it, no other GM in the race for LeBron can look LeBron in the eye and say,”i know personally, what it’s like to win a title, i hit the shot in game 6, i played a big roll in closing out the lakers in 91, i have 4 rings, and i have more experience being around the biggest name talent in the NBA than all these other guys, you have to trust me on this one”. From this persepctive, Pax has a great leg up” Now, Forman is a respected man amongst NBA front offices. He can work sign and trades with GM’s like Toronto or Utah or Atlanta. The bulls have essentially two gm’s, let’s deploy them smartly and get this team back on track!!!

    my baseball heart, darker by the second, it’s approaching Marilyn Manson level darkness. it’s turning into a rob zombie movie. it’s withering like a dead flower. i can’t take this anymore


      I can be your cap’n willard, B.T.S. just pretend that it’s 2007–wait, bad idea, 2004–wait, bad idea, 2003–skip that, 1989–no, won’t work, 1984. . .
      Yeah, my advice to you, is to crank Van Halen’s 1984, not just the weird synth intro title song, the whole album.
      PADDED BRA! duh duh
      duh duh
      I’ll try to be encouraged by NBA rumors, but, man. . .
      silver cups. . . .

    • George Oscar Bluth

      Alas, I am resigned to thinking Pax and Uncle Jerry don’t really have a plan at all for Lebron recruitment. Gilmmers of hope like hiring what was perceived as the best coaching candidate available notwithstanding, I find it utterly unpersuasive to suggest John Paxson and Jerry Reinsdorf can reel in the big fish. There’s no evidence that can happen. None. (Ben Wallace is not evidence).

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        if they don’t go after lebron, i don’t know how i would react, i would actually consider watching college basketball, maybe have to RESORT to saying go illini, which hopefully won’t be hard with Jerme Richmond coming and all, but still we have to at least try. I won’t be too upset if he goes back to cleveland, it’s his home, he can get more money, i get it, but man oh man oh man if he goes to new york or LA, my bulls heart will be as black as my cubs heart!!!

        (whimpering) go illini

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)


    read this, does what he is saying make any sense to you whatsover? turner made things complicated? martz makes things simple? moose almost had 1000 yards in 2008? Hester has all the tools? have i entered into bizarro world or something?

  • mad as hell man

    I still am not certain that Lebron is the most prized FA in sports history let alone NBA history. LA acquiring Shaq in 97 has to be the top FA move in NBA history. He was the best player for three championship teams and was the best player int he NBA when he hit his prime with the Lake show. I remember saying that if he could hit his Ft’s he wouldve been the best and most unstoppable force in the history of sports. That is how great he was with the Lakers for those years. We don’t know if Lebron will have that big of an impact.


    To a certain extent, I’m glad that Tom Izzo decided to stay at Michigan State and not accepted the Cleveland Cavaliers’ job, regardless of what role LeBron James factored into the decision. Just because Izzo is a successful coach in East Lansing doesn’t mean he’d succeed in the NBA. You don’t have to look further than when Tim Floyd left Iowa State to coach the Bulls to see how miserable life would be for Izzo. Floyd, Lon Kruger, Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Mike Montgomery & Jerry Tarkanian are a handful of college coaches that got paid a lot of money by NBA teams and ended up failing miserably in the pros.

    As for the NBA Finals, when Kendrick Perkins hurt his knee and had to be helped off the court at STAPLES Center in Game 6 of the Celtics/Lakers’ series in Los Angeles, you had the feeling that Game 7 would become a reality. If you read between the lines in the postgame press conference following the Lakers’ 89-67 win, Celtics head coach Glenn “Doc” Rivers didn’t sound too sure that Kendrick would be a go for the C’s in Game 7 tomorrow night in Los Angeles. As it stands now, Perkins sprained 2 ligaments in his knee, but the lack of rebounding definitely hurt Boston’s chances of clinching the NBA title on the road. One stat to watch tomorrow night is the rebounding. In every game of the NBA Finals, the team winning the rebound battle goes on to win the game.

  • heygocubs

    I mean really REALLY . OK I can take that but how about beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 2 times in a row at least than and maybe then you can brag about anything lol.. Would rather go up against a good pitcher and have that happen (20 stikeouts) instead of losing consistently to the one of worst teams in baseball.

  • Tim

    “Zambrano labored…” That’s for sure. What was with the constant sweating, pacing, and looking gaaaaaassed…in the FIRST inning!? Jeeeez…please hook this guy and cast him out to trade waters, and see what kind of bite you can get, PLEASE!? Yeah, you might get barely anything, but what the heck, why not!?


      Carlos Zambrano: “I am a new man.”
      Judge Lance Ito: “The trial of California vs. OJ Simpson will now come to order.”
      Both banged a wacky gavel, grabbed the seltzer bottle, and lit a hoola hoop on fire for poodles to jump through.
      HEY HEY!

  • Dr. Tobias Fünke

    This new website is pretty bad. I am sure it was corporately issued but it is overloaded with ads and slow. It obviously is not working with the podcasts. A good way to help AM1000 get back in the game. Just saying…it makes me not want be on here. You can barely even get to listen live without being bombarded by ads.

  • meesohawnee

    My personal take on the lack of posts are many. But they are just personal.
    First we should have known this day would come. Really , talk about tired bad Chicago baseball? ill pass
    NBA finals are done soon and who wouldnt want to see a game 7? And then that will be gone.
    Me. I think this whole Lebron thing is just a joke. . I think hes here in Chicago but all the stupid hype leading up to it? Id rather watch paint dry.Let me know when god comes down from the mountain and tells us poor mortals where destiny is .. Oh please king i bet you while im on my knees.Peeps. .hes just a basketball player. Hes not the savior capping the B – ig P – roblems oil disaster.
    I wont pay attention to this silly game. Wake me up on 7/1 please…
    And yes in regards to the website. Very Suntimes-ish . Cheap pop up ads. Cheap cheese cake. Very Juvenile. Really if you need to see boobies are ya really goin “oh man i gotta go to the score website”!!

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