lebron james 8 Finally Its Time For LeBron James

Every Indianapolis 500 is started with the words, “Gentlemen, start your engines” Well the same words can be used to describe the start of the NBA free agency rush which begins at 11:01 this evening. The rush will be for the different teams to talk with as many of the players as possible with the hope of getting an early committment. Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban has gone on record as saying he has not one, but two of his jets gassed up ready to take him wherever he needs to go.

Obviously the main prize in this free agent bonanza is LeBron James and if you talk to 10 different analysts you might get 10 different opinions as to where he will end up. It’s almost comical how over the last few weeks the competing media sources have made a spectacle of themselves with their supposed inside knowledge or sources. The NY Times pretty much guaranteed that James and Chris Bosh are a done deal for the Bulls and then the next day Steven A. Smith said James and Bosh will team up with Dwayne Wade in Miami. Of course this is the same Smith that has changed his story three times in the last three weeks. In other words, NOBODY knows what will happen. We will very shortly and word will start to leak out but up until now it has been a guessing game. [photogallerylink id=20484 align=left]

James, as mentioned, is the center piece in this rush and he will have all the suitors come directly to him in Ohio. The Bulls will have their audience on either Thursday or Friday. They will come armed with the best current young roster he could join plus additional money to sign a playmate like Chris Bosh. There will be plenty of competition with Miami and the Knicks saying they will bring in two additional free agents on top of James if he signs with them. And the latest report out of Miami is that Toronto has already agreed to a sign and trade deal to send Bosh to the Heat.

The best part of this whole soap opera is that it’s almost over. The guessing game is over and now the real hard facts will start to present themselves. James, Bosh, Wade and everyone else will start agreeing to deals and their signings will be complete within a week or two.

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