Pick Your Rumor

lebron and bosh Pick Your Rumor

Go ahead and do whatever makes you feel best about the NBA free agent hellstorm that hits at 11:00 PM CDT.  Grab onto whatever thread of “information” assuages your fears or feeds your dreams about whatever team you adore.

Because nobody knows anything.

I still feel that Chicago makes the most sense for Lebron James, however, and here’s why:  his brand suffers in the Miami-with-Wade-Bosh-and-Riley scenario.  His power is diffused, even if that group wins a title.  It would be remembered as more a band of brothers than an individual accomplishment, and his business interests need a ring that is clearly his achievement.

A dark horse like New Jersey may offer something similar, but not including what the Bulls have in Derrick Rose, a rabid fanbase, and it’s own worldwide brand recognition.

So the latest has the Bulls trying to seal a deal for Bosh out of the gate — likely a sign/trade — which would crumble other teams’ scenarios and vault them to frontrunner status for the big prize.  Stay tuned all day and night for the latest.

How great was Ozzie’s exit after last night’s ejection?  Not only did he get his money’s worth with the rabbit-eared ump at the plate last night, he tossed what appeared to be “And f–k you, too!” toward the ump at third with whom Oz had disagreed the night before.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  Comcast also realized quickly that their field mic was picking up the dialogue, and quickly dropped the levels to avoid a stray MF or two.  Or thirty.

We plan to do “Who You Crappin?” tomorrow at 5:00, and Friday has us broadcasting from the Lamplighter in Palatine on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    i am going to take a different angle on the whole free agency thing. i am going to view things from the commissioner’s eyes and here’s what i believe DAVID STERN would want to see things play out, why? because it’s the only objective scenerio i can give, subjectively? i want everybody, who wouldn’t?

    now of course the commish wants everybody he can in new york, but let’s face it, they have no point guard and for all the riches in this free agency period, it’s oddly devout of premium point guards. so here we go
    if i am david stern i want:
    lebron and joe johnson with the bulls
    wade, bosh and rudy gay with the heat
    amare staudemire with the nets
    david lee and carlos boozer with the knicks
    dirk with the mavs
    pierce and allen resigning with boston
    now, take those teams and look at the east and look at the west, finally i david stern would have balance.
    i would have a strong bulls, heat, orlando, new jersey, milwaukee, boston, and charlotte in the east, and by strong, i mean 7 teams with the capablilties of winning 47 or more games a year
    and in the west, LA Lakers,, san antonio, phoenix, utah, portland, okc thunder, and dallas.
    7 teams in the west that can win 47 or more games a year. and don’t forget upstart LA CLippers with Kamen, Griffin, Gordon, and baron davis.
    so now, if i am david stern, i have a strong east, a strong west any my playoff’s are set for tv ratings gold!!!

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      i forgot atlanta, they should be strong even without joe johnson, they will probably reaquire al herrington to replace the scoring, and move crawford to the starting line up

  • pulseczar

    Derrick Rose’s game is crying out for a premier running mate for whom he can provide. Rose also has an ego that would let James have his spotlight.

    I thought the Cutler thing would never happen. James would blow that out of the water. It just makes too much sense for him to come here and sometimes when something is so logical it becomes illogical. I’m babbling.

    My only concern with James and/or Bosh is there would still be a lack of a real perimeter scoring threat to keep the defense honest. And they’d still need a starter-worthy (or better hopefully) SG. Perhaps a bargain Ray Allen?

  • pulseczar

    imo, Joe Johnson isn’t worth a max contract. I’d rather have Rudy Gay for a bit less. He’s younger and hasn’t peaked. Though Gay plays SF like LeBron and since LeBron is obviously 100% (sarcasm) coming to the Bulls………

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      For all the ripping we’ve done on the new blog format, at least we can type “Rudy Gay” without being censored…

      • Bob Loblaw

        What about “Dick Jauron”?

      • General Soreness

        Dick Stockton

      • General Soreness

        Ahhhhh…that felt good.

        “BALL 4, STRIKE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      • Likquid Swordz

        “Two Dicks! Wow!”

        Her inner whore came out in that sound byte

      • relentless

        she was talking abiut dan and terry

      • relentless

        sorry she was talking about dan and terry


    ooh, it’s getting chilly up here, guys, time to make my way towards warmer waters, until things warm up.
    SPAULDING! is going golfing (and running late)…

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I assume that Joe Johnson and Amare are locked onto the Knicks as a consolation prize, as D’Antoni was tilted that he wasen’t able to keep JJ the first time around, and if you think David Lee can put up obscene stats, Amare will be looking at a 25-12 situation if they can get him the ball at all. It’s strange, but there’s been all this talk about all the other max boat players, but very little from his camp in the last week or so. Is it because he’s almost assuredly NOT headed where LeBron is headed?

    I don’t even know what I’m hoping for anymore other than LeBron. Bosh is a nice interior presence, Dirk would be a matchup nightmare in the East, and JJ would spread the floor. Frankly, I figure if LeBron comes, whoever comes along with will fit in just fine.

    • pulseczar

      Agreed. LBJ is the key. Everything/everybody else is just gravy. In Rose and Noah, James already has a better situation in Chicago than he had in Cleveland.

      Though I do think it is important to see Noah for what he is at this point and that is just a solid rebounder and plus defender effort guy. I would really like to see Bosh in the frontcourt.

      Dirk would solve the outside scoring threat need. The question becomes one of how long of a contract he wants.

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    What makes the most sense to me regarding the Bosh rumor is that, by signing him first, it fulfills his desire to be “the guy” (even if it’s only for a few days before LeBron’s signing is announced).

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    By the way, for you fellow podcasters, check this out…. A fellow Scorehead has managed to do what CBS Radio’s technical wizards apparently can’t: he made a podcast feed that’s iTunes-compatible. You can find the feeds here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1965838/wscrfeeds/index.html I think he has to add the URL’s manually, so they’re not necessarily up as soon as they’re up on the Score website, but if you leave your computer on overnight they should be downloaded and ready to go by the time you have your cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe everybody else already knows about this and I’m late to the party, but just thought I’d pass it on.

  • 2nd Half Adjustments

    I have done a 180 on Ozzie. I love him again. Kenny, get Dunn already.

    • General Soreness

      Too many other teams have thrown their hats in the ring at this point. I just don’t see Kenny giving up the prospects it will take to land Dunn.
      I hope I am wrong…..

  • meesohawnee

    heres my angle ion the whole free agency circus .. i just want it to end. Please, Mommy make it stop! im counting the seconds till 11 so we can move and worry about more important things like bad cubs baseball and the fact that tommy boy wants his profits privatized and his losses socialized. good luck Bulls!


    I’m not sure what or whom to believe with all these NBA free agent rumors, LeBron James or no LeBron James. The SCORE’s own Kerry Sayers has reported in a couple of her “Scoreboard Updates” about Miami Herald columnist & sports radio host Dan LeBatard tweeting this morning about Raptors’ free agent Chris Bosh being involved in a sign & trade with the Heat with Michael Beasley among the players going to Toronto in return. There’s also a report in the Cleveland Plain Dealer claiming that LeBron may still sign with the Cavaliers. This despite FOX Sports Radio/Philadelphia Inquirer Stephen A. Smith claiming on “The Dan Patrick Show” Monday about Bosh & James hooking up in Miami and that weekend story in the New York Times via an unnamed NBA G.M. that those two will soon be Bulls. If that’s not enough, Bosh has now reportedly all but dismissed rumors about him & James on the same team, If that’s not enough, there’s word today that the Celtics’ Paul Pierce has decided to opt out of his own deal, supposedly leaving some $21 million on the table. It’s enough to make my head spin, and I think you need a scorecard to figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction.

    • Oreo Cookie

      I love it when Sayers wears boots.

  • mad as hell fan.....

    I think Ozzie needs help…..he’s got anger issues. He is a baby, an immature imbecile. He needs “treatment” too.

    but, this LBJ stuff is too much to take. I hope Bulls fans realize that with the addition of LBJ alone it not only increases your chances of competing for an NBA title, but you are setting yourself up for a dynasty the likes the NBA hasn’t seen since the last Bulls dynasty. His acquisition alone is bigger than any single NBA title run…..this means everything.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Booyah.com had a roundtable today, and 5 of the 6 involved had LeBron to the Bulls (the lone dissenter saw New York). None of them, however, had him even as high as 50% likely headed to any single destination. You know what this means, right?


    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Speaking of Minnesota, nobody’s talking about them, not as a destination for anyone in particular, but for their talk about wanting to desperately get rid of Al Jefferson… with the rationale being that they will be glad to get rid of him if they can sign Darko.


      Am I the only one that thinks that should be grounds for forfeiture of an NBA franchise? Ranking the bigs in the FA bonanza (if he were a FA), I’d put him behind Bosh and Dirk, but probably ahead of Amare and Boozer.

  • meesohawnee

    Is it 11 yet? i heard that lebron thought the public urinals in chicago were better so he must prefer chicago

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    so if the bulls don’t get james, do they go after terrell owens?

    • Likquid Swordz

      they go after Gaines Adams

      • WILSON!

        They go after Ted Lilly and Carlos Marmol


    What I did on the first was a portense (guwah?) of things to come: Par three, on in one, and a three putt. I followed up great drives with horrendous shots in a row. Tried to lay up, and still hit the water. The good news is that my putting wasn’t awful, and I could add more salvaging shots to my bag. Ugh!
    Anyway, I just want to say thank you to Carlos Marmol and Ted Lilly for your time in Chicago. As long as you aren’t headed to the NL east, Good Luck!

  • John Doe

    If Kerry Sayers were to become an anchor for The Final Score, which we get on FSN Northwest out here in Seattle, where she worked at from 2002-2004, that would mean she would be back here on the left coast, but down in L.A. where the show is produced & note that The Final Score is the one with the chroma keyed virtual set in which she would be working on.

    • 12th Man

      Perhaps CBS 2 WBBM-TV ought to have Kerry Sayers fill-in on the sports reports on CBS2 News.

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