Hurry Up and Wait

lebron james 191 Hurry Up and Wait

Everything means something when nothing means anything.

Lebron is here, Wade is there, Bosh twitters an inanity or two.  A website picture is changed, fans line up at airports, dinner is served to one of them in one city or another, comments from hangers-on are put through strainers and sifters for shards of information,

and we wait.

This is life is NBA limbo — teams and towns held in abeyance by the powerful decision-makers of the 2010 free agent market.  When James or Wade commits, it will all begin.  Until then, little else.

At least we have the chance to take in some leisurely weekend baseball, with the Sox and Cubs moving oppositely despite the matching number of all-star selections.

Carlos Quentin will be lauded for his catch last night, but it was more of the Jermaine Dye/Moises Alou variety in that it was an unnecessarily-spectacular play by a genuinely bad outfielder.  His WAR remains underwater this year — even with a return to a not-as-awful .811 OPS and .352 wOBA — due to how many runs he costs the team defensively.

(side note that only I care about: even though it was the warning-track dive that spawned the headline, thanks to the Trib for using the term “on track,” to remind us of the maddening use of the execrable “untracked”)

Is this a different Brent Lillibridge, by the way?

Stop asking that the Cubs “do something,” since there is nothing to be done.  Though I guess you could ask for some no-trade waivers from some expensive vets, perhaps, and go rummaging for others’ stalled/blocked prospects.

And we’ll continue to root for bad things to happen to Lance Armstrong.

  • fysh

    I have a bad feeling about the Bulls getting skunked. The real shame is I feel they’ve done nothing wrong. They’ve been the most professional of all the suitors and have the best pieces already in place to surround two stars. So what if Wade and Bosh sign with Miami, they’ll be surrounded by major bums. If Ray Allen stays in Boston does the Heat with Bosh leap frog ATL, Bos, Clev or Orlando? Doubtful

    I’d love to sit down with some of the sources the score guys have after its all over and get some off the record insight into the process and what they have felt through the whole ordeal.


      status quo ante bellum. . .
      I think the last time this happened was. . . The Revolutionary War
      (c’mon, people, we had to fight that thing all over again in 1812, 1865)
      and now, The 2010 NBA free agency round?

  • Justin

    Sure is small sample size in here. We know what Lillibridge is, and we know what Beckham is. This benching of Beckham drives me up a wall, it makes no sense.

  • Go Cubs

    Huge win yesterday for the Cubs. I got chills seeing all those Cubs fans cheering at the end of the game. Just one of the many reasons I’m proud to be a Cubs fan. I have a feeling a big run is about to happen.

  • Brandon

    Go Cubs,
    you’re an idiot. The Cubs are awful. I really hope you’re joking. And no I’m not a Sox fan bashing the Cubs, I’m a Cubs fan who is disgusted with this team. They’re unwatchable. Real, real bad.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Brandon. I’m with you. This is the first time in six years I won’t see a regular season Cub game- I always caught at least one game of the series whenever they’re out here in AZ, but this week? I’m more content to play in $5+$.50 SnG’s online and catch up on season 3 of “My Name is Earl” than actually brave 110 degree temps on the way to the ballpark to go watch the Cubs out here.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Guys, that’s “Go Cubs”‘s schtick. I don’t find it particularly amusing, but I’m sure there are plenty who don’t find me particularly amusing either so more power to him. Also, CIS, this will be the second consecutive year that I won’t step foot in Wrigley (I’ll be going to a rooftop game in August but that’s just because a good friend invited me and her firm is picking up the tab).

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I did an experiment this weekend… I put as my Facebook Status “Sources say that LeBron is a done deal in Chicago, and that he’s simply mulling over whom he would rather bring with him, Wade or Bosh”… Within 15 minutes I was getting texts, messages, etc… from friends, even with press credentials. They asked what my source was, and I told them I was the source.

    Sure, they got PO’ed, but was I any more accurate (or inaccurate) than Stephen A. Smith, TrueHoop, or anyone else actually paid for their inane copy over the past five years?

    I’ve decided that the extent of my NBA following this week will be the same as it ever was in the offseason: Listening to the Score, and reading Deadspin. In other words, until it happens, I won’t know. I got all “tizzied” up for 7/1, and now it starts again for 7/8. Fool me once, shame on you, LeBron. Fool me twice…

    Oh, and the Cubs rub. Totally. Anyone want to take a #38 replica jersey off my hands? Cheap!

  • 800 hp

    R.I.P. Bob Probert. My favorite hockey player of all time. To say I was devastated by his passing is putting it lightly. My thoughts are with his friends and family, especially his kids. For all the off-ice issues Bob had he really was a good guy and the consummate team mate.


      I hear you 800 hp. We could actually get insight into the death of a league’s household name. Maybe it’s a sign to a certain number 88.
      Instead, I’ve been hearing second hand ridiculous talk about a marginal NFL talent getting raked over the media coals (judge ordered pocket change for bail) about having illegal posession of codeine. An NFL player abusing pain killers? REALLY!?!

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        Come on… You’re seriously gonna compare Kane to Probert? There’s a HUGE difference between hitting the bars and clubs after your team won the Cup and the various demons that Probie battled.

  • bronzo

    Only Bernstein could find something bad to say about Quentin after he makes a SPECTACULAR CATCH ( i don’t care what anybody says it was) and hits 2 home runs!! yes he had a HORRIBLE start but like many guys on the Sox he is starting to hit……What does WAR stand for? I pay absolutely no attention to those sabermetric (sic) statistics.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      WAR: Wins above replacement player. It’s as accurate of a gauge as you can find in regards to a player’s value.

  • bronzo

    Ok Chris thanks, now tell me how that applies to Quentin and whoever replaces him? or am I missing the point?

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      The point is that, if you have a negative WAR, you could call up a scrub from Triple A to replace you and they would contribute more to the team than you do.

  • bronzo

    Do you believe that to be true with Quentin?

    I certainly don’t.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Honestly, I haven’t watched the Sox enough this year to say. Here’s what I can say, though. Stats are a tool. They’re not 100% right just like your two eyes aren’t 100% right. However, the objectivity of statistics can help to point out biases in your own observations. When your eyes say one thing and stats say another, is it because your eyes are bad or is it because the stat is bad? True stat geeks don’t blindly assume that statistics are always right, but they recognize that statistical analysis can help to disprove certain conventions (like that sacrifice bunting is always good or that an 8-4 pitcher is automatically better than a 6-6 pitcher).

  • Leonard

    Anyone else think Carlos’ catch WASNT that great?

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    there was a twitter post from the guy from clevland plain dealer, and he mentioned that rose might not be the happiest about the potential of lebron coming here. I don’t know what to make of this. Is he that confident in his abilities as a superstar? is he fed up that he is being asked to be robin? should we just cave in and give boozer his money and put pieces around rose that just make more sense. like a mike miller and some sensible bench options, maybe an al harrington to come off the bench or something. maybe it’s time we trusted rose to be our lebron? would i love wade over here, but i think the longer this goes the more his heart will shift to miami. i don’t know why, miami is about as dead a sports town as you will find. they had the third best basketball player in the world and couldn’t fill the stadium, the people care more about celebrities than atheletes, and whent he heat had shaq, they had a celebrity and wade is more of an athelete. we would embrace wade as a player. but that sixth year is a tough pill to give up with cba uncertainty. here’s the thing, i know we were right to go all in for lebron, but it could mean that we will be taking back seats to milwaukee in the near future, and that’s not cool

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      and i have said this over and over again about lebron, if he comes here, celebrate, if he stays in cleveland, be understanding, if he goes to new york, riot!!!

      • SPAULDING!

        That sums it up.
        By the way, Google is daring me to stare at Freyda K-Lo.
        That alluring giant caterpillar on her forehead. . .(best Homer Simpson “ewwwww.”) Maybe, for DaVinci’s birthday, they can show his old “knudsens.”

      • General Soreness

        I prefer the naked Selma Hayek version of Frida rather that the actual self portraits. I am sure her armpits and legs were nice and hairy to go along with that unibrow.
        Could you imagine that bush…….


    Let’s not get carried away about a “different Brent Lillibridge”, White Sox fans. While I wouldn’t be shocked to see Brent in Ozzie’s starting lineup again tonight vs. Anaheim at U.S. Cellular Field, Gordon Beckham’s still the everyday second baseman for this club. Once again last night before their latest win over the Angels, the White Sox manager shot down nagging rumors about Beckham going back to Triple “A” Charlotte. Guys like Lillibridge and Dayan Viciedo are playing to stay on this roster when Mark Teahen does come back from his broken index finger, likely at the end of this month. Don’t get carried away about this sudden hot streak from a guy who wasn’t on the opening day roster and was hitting around .270 when Lillibridge was recalled from Charlotte.

    Besides, here’s a blast from the recent past…Jayson Nix. Recently claimed off waivers by the division rival Indians, Jayson was the Sox third baseman for the most part this season vs. lefties, and platooned last year with Chris Getz, now on the Royals’ bench, at second base. When Nix played shortstop when Alexei Ramirez was injured, the results weren’t too good last year. Something to think about as long as Lillibridge continues to play. As for Ramirez, given the fact he’s playing a solid shortstop and hitting the ball big time, Ozzie should put #10 in the #2 hole the rest of this season.


    Bev Brewmaster. No he’s not Probert, he’s probably not Fleury, either, but. . .
    For fresheman orientation (1993), some RA’s put together a little skit about “getting crabs” and “special shampoo. . .” As in
    “welcome to college, but be careful.” It was sincere, but funny.
    What was missing was a caveat about alcohol. They really need to tell freshman that it is impossible for you to drink a bottle in ten minutes (or less). I knew a guy who lost a semsester (he was lucky) because he “blutarskeyed” a bottle of goldschlauger. He rarely drank since.

  • bronzo


    I watch and attend a lot of White Sox baseball. and have for many years. Also, being big fan my eyes usually see them through ‘rose colored glasses”. If there is anybody on the team or in the organization that would be an improvement over Quentin …it’s news to me.So to me ( not a big stats guy) I find the WAR stat as is applies to Carlos Quentin that bernstein refers to ….useless

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Okay, you want “standard” stats broken down for Quentin?

      15 HR: Decent
      53 RBI: Decent
      .234 Average: Unacceptable
      .334 OBP: Unacceptable

      He’s been woefully average this year, at best.

  • meesohawnee

    hurry up and wait? Yea im waiting.. because they i may turn sports talk back on but not until this joke is done. No sports talk. I so tired of this my head is spinning. i can believe were so pre occupied with this. These egomaniacs are so gaming us, the media and i would get shocked if Stern is encouraging it since you know the ole mantra there is no such thing as bad publicity.
    Now to issues that are a little more thought provoking than free agents. I thought Jason Whitlock really did himself well on this one. You all should enjoy this if you read.

    So 800.. whats the over under on something foul with Probie?. ..Sadly the dude just had so many demons.

    • 800 hp

      From everything I have heard Probie had been clean for the last 4 years. Did the past catch up to him or did he just become one of the people that had undiagnosed heart disease? If the facts come out, we’ll know. Personally, I don’t think he was abusing… I think he had either heart disease or an embolism or something along those lines. Been a tough year for 45 yr old hockey players. First Zezel, then Mongeau and now Probert. So to answer your question, I’m going to say he was clean when he died.

      It’s too bad his memory will be forever tarnished by his off ice issues. He had a tough life growing up. He was an alcoholic long before he ever donned a Red Wing jersey. For me he was the ultimate hockey player. Power forward, enforcer, goon…. the ultimate team guy. Back in those days Probie could do it all. He could skate, he had great hands and he could make plays and he was the toughest SOB in the NHL. Stevie Y and those other skill guys always knew Probie had their back along with Kocur. Probie wanted to get 1,000 games in as an NHL player but sadly the ‘Hawks couldn’t find him a roster spot. As a fan of the physical aspect of the game, his passing marks the end of an era for me. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        In Probie’s case, I fully believe that he was clean for years. However, as he lived so hard for so long, it was probably simply a situation where his time became borrowed time. There’s only so much you can subject yourself to before the body simply gives out. Probie did his damage over a couple decades, and it was just probably too much. Even if he had undiagnosed heart problems, everything he did would have contributed to his demise.

  • bronzo

    I agree Messo.. that is why I’m only talking White Sox baseball here. there is nothing out there including the NBA/ Lebron issue that interests me in July. it’s basball season!!

  • Ken Harrelson's Speech Therapist

    and is REALLY nothing else to talk about except rumors about NBA free-agency??? Two weeks is enough if nothing will happen until the 8th!!!!!

    • Butka

      Oldey and Hunior still suck

  • Ken Harrelson's Speech Therapist

    and is REALLY nothing else to talk about except rumors about NBA free-agency??? Two weeks is enough if nothing will happen until the 8th!!!!!

    Snakes on a flurrrrrane!

  • Pedro

    I would not give away Noah for Bosh, even if it means it MIGHT get Lebron to Bulls. Boozer is not a downgrade from Bosh and you’re not giving up Noah to get him.

  • puddin' head

    i don’t know much about the NBA but it seems like the only thing the Bulls are going to get out this free agent thing is embarrassed thanks
    Gar/Pax you both should have left with Vinney when you fired him.


    General Sorness
    I’ve been agreeing with everyone all day. Once again, I agree.
    by CRACKY!

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Wow… Re: Probie

    Bernstein wasn’t here to praise Bob, but to bury him. Ouchie.

    • JTM

      Completely uncalled for by Bernstein but did anyone expect anything different? So what if people want to feel bad for Probert’s family and want to remember his good points. I can’t wait for him or Terry to have a bone fall out of their closets. Hopefully, it eventually will happen so I can watch them squirm.

      I love the Score but what low class guys they are. Back when Terry was a big fat drunk trolling the south suburbs back at the Star I wonder if he was always as self righteous as he and Dan seem to be now.

      Probert had many issues but what is the point now?.

  • 800 hp

    Way to stay classy Dan & Terry.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Well, at least they’re consistent. They do have a good point that if he were a football player or a basketball player, people would be far less merciful. He did spend time in prison, he did get arrested several times for several reasons. They’re not lying, they’re doing what they do, and that’s taking an objective look at a player. I feel for you as I know it’s your guy, 800, but it’s hard to really call them out unless they begin to lie or shame Probie, which they’re not doing.

      • 800 hp

        They do what they do, I realize that but the man is no longer here to defend himself. All these guys do is live in the past when it comes to things like this. Can’t they have a little respect for the people and fans that DID like Probie despite his problems and cover the story with a little class like Danny Mac did? No one is perfect, we all have skeletons in the closet. Why not take the high road for once? Like puddin said, he died in front of his f’in kids for christ sake! No, they gotta drag up all the negative.

  • puddin' head

    for christsakes leave probert alone he died at 45 years old in front of his familly B&B you both suck for treating a death this way

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