Now What?

lebron james 172 Now What?

Reports have Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh teaming up in Miami.

Lebron James is scheduled to announce his decision Thursday night, with the probability that his destination will be known before then.  He could join the other two, stay in Cleveland, or come to Chicago.

But with the marginalization of one-time power broker William Wesley, my optimism for James as a Bull has waned.

So that means it is time for the Bulls to sign Carlos Boozer or David Lee and declare loss-avoidance, if not victory.  It would sting, certainly, to miss out on this offseason’s chance to buy a title contender, but a team of Rose, Noah, Boozer/Lee, Deng and a new shooting guard will compete in the East as it enjoys NBA Hell.

Unless James goes to Miami.  Then you can pretty much shut it all down and send everyone home.

Elsewhere, Vinny Del Negro is said to have gotten the Clippers’ job, and he’ll get to work quickly on mispronouncing the names of his players.

If you had pulled latissimus muscle in the Jake Peavy injury sweepstakes, congrats.  He will probably go on the DL and make room for Daniel Hudson in the first test of the club’s pitching depth:  it has been a pretty remarkable half-season, really, with only five guys starting for the Sox.

We will hit the air after Sox/Angels tomorrow afternoon (no “Who You Crappin?” this week), and the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour arrives in Frankfort on Friday.  Join us at Jameson’s Pub to start your weekend.

  • Robert

    I don’t believe it. Chris Boussard is always reporting a different team getting some player from one day to the next. It’s all hype to me. Both Wade and Bosh are dumb and stupid to stay and join Miami with just a depleted roster they have and no true point and diminishing supporting cast of players.

    • Robert

      The move also makes wade look like a huge hypocrite as far as I’m concerned. And for Bosh all I have to say to him is be careful what you wish and/or ask for cus in the end you could be very dissapointed come playoff time.

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        Once again my cynicism is rewarded…

  • Mike

    Anyone who thought Wade was serious about him coming to Chicago was silly. He was playing the Bulls all along. Now we may lose out on James which I thought we would all along. I thought he was staying in Cleveland all along. We will now maybe get second tiers as I thought.

    • mad as hell fan.....

      Well apparently Pax was silly, and I agree with you. Wade was in Chicago all week last week so he could be in Bosh’s ear. He got the LBJ/Bosh duo to a Wade/Bosh duo with Wade telling Bosh we could still get LBJ in Mia. Wade had ZERO intentions on coming to Chicago…..he played Garpax like a fiddle and got in Bosh’s ear and it worked.

  • Mike

    Well maybe hope Carmello doesn’t sign a extension in Denver.

  • meesohawnee

    Deep Throat said,”always follow the money” No Florida state income tax vs…..As of this minute sure looks like a few got gamed into believing it was about winning.. Gotta give dan some props. I think he called the Peavy situation around his 2nd start of the season.. Remember it was the cold weather right? Towel drill coming soon to a theartre near you.

  • sick of free agency

    There was never a chance Wade would of came to the Bulls. Wade and Riley had a plan from the start to bring Lebron and Bosh to Miami. Why did it take so long for Wade to meet with Miami regarding his future when other free agents were done interviewing. What little do they on his twitter was a message to the Bulls. Wade and Riley outhustled the Bulls and the media. Jason Goff lost a lot of credibility by stating his thoughts based on his “reliable source.” He first said Lebron was coming to the Bulls, then backed off and said Wade and Bosh was pretty certain. Investing so much time in Wade was a big mistake from the start because he would never leave Miami. After this whole free agency crap is over, Wade and Jordan will have a few chuckles about how he outhustled them. Jordan must being loving this.

    • mad as hell fan.....

      I don’t think Jordan loves this. I really don’t think Jordan cares that much…..but MJ thought LBJ was going to the Bulls after the Cavs lost to the Celts. I have a hard time thinking Jordan, who was at a blackhawks game cheering them on, was in a luxury box in the UC cheering AGAINST Dwade/Shaq in the playoffs in ’07, has a statue out in front of the stadium, loves the city. He cant’ want JR and Paxson to fail so badly. The only thing I am sure he cares about though is how this effects the bobcats. I doubt he “loves” this….that is B&B bs

  • pulseczar

    ick. I don’t want Boozer or Lee. Certainly neither are worth full money deals.

    I feel wretched and dejected.

    • meesohawnee

      pulse.. kinda like showing up at the prom with the school hottie..she leaves with the quarterback and your left hitting the bottle and hunting for fat chicks huh?

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Ah, so you guys WERE at my prom. I showed up with the hot guy, and she left with the only person in Rockford named Hans. Figures.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Wow. Mis-type. So, uh… Yeah. :)

  • pulseczar

    I’d rather the Bulls just sign a bunch of one year deals and go through this again next offseason. Instead of blowing it on deals for players who don’t deserve max money.

    How does the Hinrich trade look now? Now they have no viable second guard and thus just another hole to fill with decidedly blah leftovers.

  • Tim

    I’m still holding out hope for James and Boozer! Please!? If not, then hello 39-42 win season again. Yay.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Are the Bulls gonna be so bad that the NBA schedules them for one fewer game than the rest of the league? ;-)

      • Bob

        That would be great – bad teams play less. Knicks don’t even have a home game.

      • Tim

        No, between 39 and 42 wins a season.

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        Ah, gotcha. I thought you meant a 39-42 record (gotta work on my reading comprehension), though I agree with Bob that I wouldn’t mind seeing the NBA pull the plug early on mediocre teams.

  • bob

    The Bulls putting their faith in World Wide Wes, turned out to be a huge mistake…………good luck now on plan B…………

    • 2nd Half Adjustments

      They’re passed Plan B at this point. They’re at the clinic signing up for the abortion now.

  • bronzo

    Does anybody remeber the complete game shutout Peavy threw 10 days ago? Isn’t it possible that he pulled the muscle last night??

    as far as the LeBron saga goes…wake me when it’s over…

  • Airun

    I don’t blame the Bulls. I blame Dwayne Wade…he is the villain in all this. He hung around Chicago only, ONLY to get into Bosh’s ear. And as far as Lebron, if he stays in Cleveland be prepared to never be a champion. Cleveland ain’t winning nothing. Chicago is the only real choice if he only wants to win. New York doesn’t have the pieces. The Bulls are the only team thats ready to win now.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Airun- You’re absolutely right, but apparently the NBA world underestimated the comfort level LeBron has in playing at home in Cleveland. However, I think you can absolutely blame the Bulls. After Wade’s comments about the Bulls regarding loyalty, why would they even pursue him in the first place?

  • Dr. Tobias Fünke

    Danny Mac is such a loser. He is happy that the Bulls didn’t get any free agents so that the Bulls won’t have more success then the Blackhawks next year. Terrible show and terrible radio guy. I want Murph back and I hate Murph.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I wonder… would an 11th hour “surrender” to ship Noah to Toronto to give Bosh the sign & trade he wants? The Raptors can’t possibly want Beasley over Noah. Call Colangelo and offer up Noah and Deng for Bosh and Turkoglu free-and-clear, and see what they say. Anything to stick it to DWade. I was always pretty skeptical of his coming here as it is, considering the whole “Loyalty” flap a few weeks ago that seemed to be swept under the rug. Let’s see how Loyal Bosh is to Wade when given an extra $29 or $30 million, Sign Boozer, and have a pair of front-liners that cause nightmares and free up Rose to make magic.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      At any rate, I’m waiting until the players make the announcements- we’ve seen far too many “reports” from “sources” be so far off base, all in the name of copy and headlines, that I still don’t think we’ll know until they make it clear themselves.


    “Now What?” is right! Ten years ago, the Bulls & Magic had the most salary cap space, and guess where Grant Hill & Tracy McGrady ended up going? Orlando, and the Bulls got nothing to show for it back then. Fast forward ten years, and it looks like it’s happening all over again, this time with the Bulls losing out to the Heat & the Knicks in free agency. Right now, the hiring of the Kevin James-looking Tom Thibodeau as the Bulls’ new head coach appears to be the biggest news of an offseason that’s not looking as good as many Bulls’ fans had hoped.

    LeBron James will likely announce the worst kept secret in North America when he officially decides to stay in Cleveland in an ESPN special that I think is nothing more than a waste of time and our intelligence. Who the hell is he foolin’? If that’s not hard enough to swallow, Dwyane Wade appears to have used the Bulls as leverage to re-sign with the Heat and it looks like Chris Bosh will join him down there. To make it even more ridiculous, reported late last night that the Knicks are said to be in negotiations with Jazz free agent Carlos Boozer, just days after they overpaid for Amare Stoudemire, agreeing to a 5-year, $100 million contract to do absolutely nothing in Madison Square Garden.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      I don’t think that Wade used the Bulls as “Leverage”. At no point were the Heat NOT major players for any of the big-3. I think he may have just been humoring the Bulls, but there was no leverage to be gained by negotiating with them.

      In hindsight, not signing Grant and T-Mac wasn’t such a bad thing. Hill couldn’t stay healthy, and T-Mac couldn’t stay awake.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I can handle Boozer being a Bull. I can’t handle David Lee being a Bull. David Lee’s numbers are a D’Antoni product. No way he goes 19-11-4 again if he comes here.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    Well, do the Bulls look to go after Al Jefferson? What would it take to get him from the T-Wolves?

    • Larry

      You don’t want Al Jefferson, He has a bad knee and he hasn’t been the same in a while

  • Gentleman RaRa

    At the risk of sounding like a Cubs fan circa November 2008, I think I’m done with the Bulls.

    This past season was all about the impending free agency and now it looks like they’re coming up short big time. I don’t know what the hell is goes on in the front office or what’s keeping superstars from coming here(and the MJ’s shadow theory is silly), but it all stinks to me. This whole free agency process has opened my eyes to the ugly truth about the NBA: it’s all about the money and location. Seems to me Bosh would rather hang out on the beach with D-Wade than win some gold in the frigid midwest with a couple of awesome young players.

    I love watching D-Rose and I’ve enjoyed the maturation of Noah, but if I’m in store for another decade of mediocre/above average Bulls basketball led by a stumpy coach and Brad Miller playing into his 40’s…where finishing between 6th and 8th place and bowing out in the 1st round is considered “progress”…then I’m done watching them.

  • Fred

    None of this matters I wanna puke because Tim Tebow is now has the best selling jersey in the NFL

  • 2nd Half Adjustments

    Reports have Jeff Marquez making a triumphant start in place of Hudson. Yippie!


    This story was an absolute charlie foxtrot. Again, just for fun, can the ‘hawks and the Flyers go ahead and play Game 7?
    Really can’t wait for Week 4 of the NFL when we know if Mike Martz is either dazzling us with an explosive array of offensive firepower, or metaphorically pouring icewater down everyone’s collective pant legs.

  • Lydell

    No one wants to forgive and forget and bring back Tyrus The Jumpeteer? ………………..didn’t think so.

  • Jim C

    Is it me, or did Chris Bosh basically admit to Mike Wilbon, that his agent made the decision for him to go to Miami? He can’t make this decision for himself?

  • Art Moore

    Heard on the Score earlier, what’s your thought about the possibility of the Bulls going after Gilbert Arenas?

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      If Arenas lands in Chicago, we can thank the Supreme Court for that acquisition… No way he comes here had the Supremes upheld our gun ban!

  • Disappointed

    In my opinion you have to do something ridiculous and the only way you come back from this embarrassing failure is offering up a small country and trade for Carmelo leaving Rose untouchable and build something around those two if that’s at all possible.

  • Duckets in Austin

    Can the GarPax pull off a Harangody & Scheyer package signing? Actually, the Bulls still make the most sense for LeBron if winning, building his brand and legacy matter most.

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