Our Turn for “Decisions”

lebron 2 Our Turn for Decisions

Lebron James made his decision, and now we make ours.

I have decided that my assessment of him as a competitor and sportsman was wrong.

I have decided to remove him from discussions regarding the greatest champions of NBA history — regardless of the number of titles won by the Heat — since he has made it clear he wants us to do so.

I have decided that the positioning of children near oneself to deflect, dilute or absorb negativity is repugnant.

I have decided that his description of the process as “humbling” is an insult to anyone who has been even casually aware of what has transpired.

I have decided that it would please me to see Stuart Scott’s face and fingers eaten by a chimpanzee.

And I have decided what is most discordant — the existence of an hour-long television special indulging the vainglory of a self-titled “king,” who later explained his choice of teams thusly:  “We don’t have the pressure of going out and scoring 30 every night or shooting a high percentage.”

I have decided that I have little respect for that.

You may be quick to dismiss these thoughts as mere sour grapes upon the Bulls being spurned, but there were several other possible choices that would have allowed him to retain his trajectory toward the Mount Rushmore of the NBA.  Instead, he stepped off that path.

And his words were even worse than the decision itself.

* * *

We will be talking about this today as we broadcast from Jameson’s Pub in Frankfort (intersection of St. Francis and LaGrange) on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.

We will carry the Carlos Boozer press conference live at 3:00, and discuss the White Sox’ torrid run of 22 wins in their last 27 games.  They sit a mere half-game from the top spot in the AL Central, and have extended their lead over the third-place Twins.  Steve Stone talks Sox and Cubs at 2:00.

So start your weekend with us this afternoon, and you’ll have the chance to win Cubs tickets provided by our friends at Bud Light — “Here we go!”

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    I remember watching the Monday night wars dvd and hearing about how Scott hall gave his word to Vince McMahon that he was going to stay with wwf, then signed a contract with WCW. And Kevin Nash doing the same. Then they went to WCW as a tandem, raised a lot of eyebrows, promised a 3rd man at the bash of the beach. Much hype was made over who would be that third man. To make a long story short, Hulk Hogan comes out, drops the leg on Randy Savage, proclaims that this, pointing to hall and Nash, will be the new world order of wrestling. the heal turn of all heal turns. the move that made WCW champions for 82 straight weeks. A move that gave instant success and ultimately created a situation where everybody was all in at the beginning but the ego’s got overinflated and caused the biggest collapse in professional wrestling history.

    fast forward to last June. after lebron, wade were exited from playoffs and after bosh didn’t even make it there, rumors of a summit of the three circulated. then last week, they all allowed everybody to make their pitches. Wade allowed the Bulls to make their pitch twice. But then on Wednesday, Wade and Bosh show up in Miami, cause chaos and deflated hopes. Then on National TV, Lebron James drops the leg on Cleveland, uses his name in the third person, and basically proclaims the Miami heat, the new world order of basketball(granted he didn’t use those words, but come-on, win multiple championships, I don’t have to score 30 anymore blah blah blah, I do what makes lebron happy while his jersey burns, it’s straight out of wrestling) So lebron is now Hollywood Hogan, with wade being Scott hall and bosh being Kevin Nash, the cool calm collected guy who is the real power broker behind the scenes. The one thing the NWO did was allow sting to change his persona, be more mysterious, and eventually changed a guy who was stale, losing popularity, to the ultimate savior role. Now that’s Kobe Bryant, he is now Sting. Not necessarily mysterious, but he will be looked at by new fans as the one guy who can stand up to this power trio and defend the honor of the league this new N.W.O has besmirched. He was once the heal because of being the Michael clone, but now that characteristic will be lauded as his competitive fire will now burn even hotter. Now, the heat will have immediate success, but after two or three years, I hope their ego’s clash and the whole thing dismantles. The super heal group can be cool and successful for a while, but eventually, the faces need to have success in the end!!!

    • JPI

      that is a great analogy. although i would say Wade is Nash and Bosh is Hall, only because i always got the feeling that Hall was following Nash, just like Bosh is following Wade.


      Pretty fun, b.t.s. Does the WCW even exist anymore? I can’t remember who had the better video game.
      David Stern might have wanted this to happen all along. Let’s face it, there is no casual interest in a New York team (sole exception: an original six fanatic). Or, maybe they have 450 million casual fans (world wide), as soon as another title comes to. . . uh, gee, the. . .Yankees. . .and, that’s about it. . .
      No league likes a Chicago team (harken back to any poorly presented Bears–Raiders game, and they really ARE the NFL)
      I could go on, but casual fans are going to flock to this triumvirate for, at least, two seasons, because it can’t really be done anywhere else.
      I could be wrong.

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        the leagues might not like chicago, but NBC does, of course NBC doesn’t have the NBA. When Michael was with the bulls, NBC had it’s best ratings. when michael left the first time, guess who made the finals? new york and houston, the #1 and #4 markets, they couldn’t draw flies to poop. when michael came back chicago was top draw. when nbc took over the nfl broadcast night schedule, we have had no less than 2 primetime broadcasts each year. NBC likes chicago and knows how to market chicago. ABC/ESPN they think chicago is lovable loser cubs, and ripping on bears. there is no true love for the bulls there, although i did appretiate Jon Barry almost crying over lebron not picking chicago. remember the 2006 nfc championship game when NONE of the “EXPERTS” picked chicago to win and they ended up winning by 25 points. so there is hardly any love for chicago there and they wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time marketing chicago. for instance, even though the bears haven’t been shut out of MNF, how many of those games have been in chicago? Two i believe since 2006, one in 08 against green bay i believe and the other against minnesota last season. the only time the cubs ar eon sunday night is against st louis, cws and i think phily and i don’t think the CWS are on SNBaseball again this year. i think it’s espn that has the infinority mindset towards chicago, i think other networks know a good thing when they see it!!!

    • Bill Simmons

      Bill Simmons made this comparison, about a week ago.

    • mad as hell fan.....

      Great analogy.

      Pat Riley = Eric Bischoff
      David Stern = Ted Turner
      Hulk Hogan = James
      Scott Hall = Bosh
      Kevin Nah = Wade

      they did well for themselves at the beginning but it became tired. Eventually it became a poison, and a cancer. Having your biggest stars, and the big “FA summer of 2010” all decide to go to south beach to party……and have “less pressure” of being THE MAN…..well then the NBA took a giant hit in terms of what it is and what it has become. As Dan said yesterday…..a bunch of generation Y kids still wanting to party and win, instead wanting to become legendary and the biggest badass on the planet. Kobe Bryant plays in the wrong era my friends.

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        thanks for the compliments, but i think i make wade hall because hall appeared first, he got the ball rolling, but everything was contingent on bosh. if bosh goes to chicago, one of the other two goes to chicago, if bosh goes to new york, james goes to new york, if bosh goes to miami, the other two follow suit, so in the end, i know wade was the sorta mastermind, but bosh was the real power broker here. and he is smart and funny, like nash. i still get a kick of making the heat reps wear tuxes to their interviews, although maybe that was a sign that he viewed miami a little higher than anybody else.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        De’Sean Butler = Scott Norton
        Mario Chalmers = VK Wallstreet
        Mike Miller = nWo Sting :)

  • Zach

    Exactly my thought on Lebron. If he wants to play with his friends, instead of trying to be the best ever that’s fine. It does however, knock him out of any conversations going forward.

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      also, i can picture bosh submitting to the fingerpoint of doom, wade has too much self pride for that, and wade has had far more personal issues as well

  • Adam

    Unleash the furry Travis!!!!

  • Dusty Baker

    Positioning children near oneself to deflect, dilute or absorb negativity? That’s just shameful…

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    Honestly, I think there are two different issues here. I think it’s unfair to say that the decision itself somehow shows he’s not a competitor. Is there anything more competitive than sharing the spotlight in order to win a championship? After all, Dan always harps about “how does this get you closer to a championship?” Shouldn’t that also apply to players themselves?

    Now, what LeBron SAID with respect to the decision is another matter. Calling the experience “humbling” only shows that he obviously spent more time on the court than in his reading class. And justifying your decision by saying essentially that you don’t have to be that good any more is certainly not what I would expect to hear from somebody who truly wants to be great.

    Anyway, I still feel like it’s somewhat unfair to attack LeBron’s decision as evidence that he doesn’t want to win when he could have made more money and had less of a chance to win a championship by staying in Cleveland. That being said, everything about last night was Deutsch Bank-tastic.


      That’s fair. Tiger Woods could go to Iowa and cash a big pay check every Summer. Of course, he’s really not planning his game well, but I think there are other reasons.
      Tiger does what he thinks will get him closer to the next available claret cup. If that’s sweating in the midwest, he does it. If it’s skipping across the pond early, he does it.
      This is all in reference to him saying “I don’t have to try as hard.”
      In pro sports, in the playoffs, yes. you. do.
      (humbling? Did he bare it all on Oprah?)

    • Kevin

      I understand your point about defending his decision about being what’s best for winning, but when you portray yourself as THE KING and have an hour long special to glorify yourself, it kind of rings hollow when you go run off to be the second banana on the Heat. I think that is the point. He can’t have it both ways.

  • sfsophist

    Well, we all know who is going to be batman in Miami and who is going to be LebRobin

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    If LeBron wanted to be loyal, he would have stayed in Cleveland
    If LeBron wanted to win championships, he would have gone to Chicago.
    If LeBron wanted to grow his brand, he would have gone to New York.
    If LeBron wanted to prove his mettle as a competitor, he would have gone to LA.

    LeBron did none of those things. What did LeBron do? He went to Miami. He wanted to play with his friends. I found his decision puzzling. That’s fine. Personally, at that moment, I didn’t think it was the best decision in any manner other than that.

    Problem is, 12 hours after I said to anyone that would listen that I thought that it would be difficult for the Heat to get players to surround them, they get Mike Miller.

    It could be interesting to watch them play 3-on-5 D for 82 games a season, 44 minutes or more a clip. Chris Bosh is going to hate life by May. You can get reasonable shooters and ball handlers cheap, but when 7′ stiffs are getting $10 mil per, I can’t wait to see them have to settle for guys that couldn’t take Bill Wennington one-on-one.

  • AT3374

    Great points Dan , now that I think of it the whole Boys and Girl club thing was a little much , including the whole I’m giving the proceeds to them . I think if James had just come out and said yes I’m going to Miami , that would be ok but his image took a major hit last night . But if he wins , peoples perception changes , look at Kobe . 4-5 years ago he was the most hated man in America , yet he wins a couple of championships , and all seems to have been forgotten . People will move on from this as soon as emotions cool off , but what Dan Gilbert did was inexcusable . Le Bron may have dug the grave for the Cavs , Dan Gilbert just added the dirt and the headstone .

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Gilbert’s a businessman, and judging from the reactions of my friends from Cleveland the letter was a great business move.

      • AT3374

        How is that a great business move ? Making promises that will never happen ? That team will be lucky to win 20 games next year as presently consituded , but we shall see the NBA is funny that way .

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        He’s firing up the fan base. Yeah, people won’ t show up when the team sucks, but for now he’s at least telling the fans that he’s one of them. It’s very Cuban-esque, and while I’m not saying it’s going to sell 10,000 season tickets I think from a marketing standpoint it’s the best he could do in this situation.

      • AT3374

        Fair enough , I just don’t want to see him courtside hassling refs and such , lol .

  • dave


    I love it, I’m tuning in today. Here we go!

  • Tom

    I’ve always had LBJ as fairly noble guy – a freak talent who stuck by his home town. But I didn’t think he therefore had to stay. It may have made for the best story if he had stayed but I’m not going to spite the guy the opportunity to grow, prosper and succeed somewhere else if he felt he must.

    However, in going to Miami he’s chosen a shockingly lazy course and seriously marginalized himself in the process. Factor in the preposterous way in which he did it and I can only conclude – my decision is – that he’s immature and not elite class material in the least. Apparently quite far from it.

    I’d also have to pre-emptively deflate any notions of nobility based on giving up cash. He was likely to make up the contract difference between Cleveland and any other city just for the extra prestige/exposure of the new team/market and the sales and perks that came with it. Factor in the prefab Olympic/All-Star Team and the fact that Florida has no state income tax and I wouldn’t be surprised if in fact this deal ends up being more profitable than perhaps any other option he had.

  • Joe


    This has been in the works since the Olympics. and Chris Paul is going to go to the heat in 2 years. Bulls need a lot more help and at least 1 more superstar to compete.

    • Lance Mac

      Bill Simmon’s article that you linked is the best piece I’ve read on this whole drama. He points out that Wade and Bosh hired documentary film crews to follow them around during the “process”.

      This whole thing has been a show. There was no real drama, so they created it. And, Chris Paul will be joining them as soon as possible.

      The analogy is brilliant for more reasons than stated. This has been players along with the promoters at the Boo-Yahs manufacturing story lines.

      • Lance Mac

        The last paragraph should read:

        The analogy to professional wrestling is brilliant for more reasons than stated. This has been players along with the promoters at the Boo-Yahs manufacturing story lines.

  • Thebizkit

    Wow, its kinda shocking to see the King of Lebron Fan’s Bernstein really give it to Lebron.

    Lebron is the new King of who ya crappin.

  • Likquid Swordz

    So you got 3 superstar players that will have to play AT LEAST 45 min/game and score about 30 each because there will be NO bench to support them. PLUS the superstar 2-guard has had significant injuries the past few seasons. You have no center, no real point guard, and a bunch of minimum salary guys just to fill out your roster. I’m thinking the Bulls win their next title before Bosh and LeBron win their first.

    This “thing” last night should show the average NBA fan that most of these put winning a championship far down on their list. Money, endorsements, fame, then maybe a championship. Im not surprised by LeBron, but I think career-wise it is the dumbest move an athlete has made in quite a while. Hope he’s warmed up to losing in the conference semis cuz thats what will happen.

    Stuart Scott needs to be hit by a flaming semi speeding downhill with no brakes.

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      this is why this news about lebron isn’t devistating to New York, because the yankees are about to get cliff lee. that city is so fortunate to have that franchise to make people forget how inept the other 4 franchises in that city are. of course we have the hawks, but the yankees have been this way for years and years, i envy those fans

      • SPAULDING!

        “Sweet home Chicago” is much better than
        “New York New York”
        “Start spreading the news, I want to puke in the street…”
        “Night Chicago Died?” “meh.”

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        I WASN’t saying new york is better than chicago, i am saying the yankees are the best orginazation in sports, and i envy their fans

      • SPAULDING!

        Oh, I know b.t.s. I was being petty.
        it’s all right if you love me
        it’s all right if you don’t ;)

        yeah, Bev Brew, I thought the team had made themselves bulletproof with this decision.

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      unless melo decides he ain’t signing this extension and we can someway some how give denver deng and gibson for him, i woulnd’t spend a whole lot of time wracking my brain trying to figure out how the heat can fail, they won’t, at least this year and probably the next. and if paul joins them in 2012, probably not for five years, i never thought i would say scoop jackson was right, but he is. the only way this works for chicago is if we pull a miracle and get a player like gilbert arenas or carmello anthony or 2005’s version of michael redd. Once Kobe starts his decline which could be as early as this year and as late at 2012 the league will have been drained of most resources and succumbed to inevitability. look they haven’t played a game and it’s safe to say the NBA is now reduced to a pile of rubbish. unless we get melo, because then that creates a rival, and right now miami has many enemies but very few rivals.

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        that said, we should rally behind derrick rose, and market him and make him a superstar because i guarentee you he is at this moment doing somehting to make HIS game better, something lebron won’t have to do for 5 years

  • meesohawnee

    Why make an apology for the thoughts Dan? For someone that is as passionate about the NBA as you are and for someone that may have as much on the line professionally in regards to the future popularity of the NBA in the future i think it takes guts to say that!! As far as Lebron. Its not what ya say its how ya say it. What a tool!! I say in life that many times what seems like subtle actions or words with people speak huge volumes in regards to who they are. LH unloaded last night but did stop short and called him “a nice person”. I doubt it. Nobody would dump on a collective population like he did regardless of the situation. Nobody!!

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    Bad news on the Hawks’ front… San Jose signed Hjalmarsson to a $14mil offer sheet. The Hawks have seven days to match, and doing so would require dumping Huet or saying goodbye to Niemi. I haven’t had too many problems with the Hawks’ moves thus far, but losing Hammer would hurt.

  • JohnFromCedarTucky

    Now the Heat has King Wade, Queen LeBron and Princess Bosh. I will be rooting for any team the plays the Miami Heat. I will root for the Lakers now when they play the Haet. I’m a Bulls fan and I hope Boozer has a lot left but I’m afraid the Boozer contract might be real bad for the Bulls.

  • meesohawnee

    dont know if you all saw Wojnarowski (spelling) WOW is this good!

  • Bryan Cole

    I honestly don’t blame Lebron for leaving Cleveland, the taint of America, (St. Louis being the a-hole) because Cleveland fans are a perfect example of fair weather fans. Noone goes to Indians games, the Cavs received no support until “King James” got there, the Browns fans might be the only ones saving the city some face.
    However, Lebron James’ decision to play in Miami is career suicide. He will never become the most likable player in Miami, D. Wade owns that title. He just turned the Heat from a legitimate contender that NBA fans might enjoy watching with Wade and Bosh to the “Evil Empire” of the Eastern conference that everyone not in Miami will actively root against. Have fun “Terrible Trio.” Enjoy your speedos and warm beaches and your 9 crappy players to round out your roster.

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      yeah but in the same breath, that cities biggest star is now joshua cribbs. that’s a pretty bad fate to live through

  • Mirdad Sweis

    Just a thought guys… This has obviously been in the works for years. I don’t think that LeBron respects Michael Jordan THAT much to change his number from 23 to 6 (knowing that Miami had retired 23) Do you think he may have given up on purpose to NOT win in Cleveland last year in order to make “the decision” to leave so he can “win” and be with his “friends” I dont know.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      Yeah, but wouldn’t it be out-STANDING if Mario Chalmers refused to give up #6?

  • puddin' head

    i was loyal to the company i worked for, for 29 years as a reward for my loyalty i was at age 58 told we no longer need your services but will be happy to put you in a job that requires twice as much labor and pays half as much…Lebron go get what you want while you have a chance you spent 7 years in Cleveland which is Detriot with a paint job, good luck in Miami.

    • meesohawnee

      puddin.head i find Detwaa to be much better than cleveland. at least from the view at Comerica there is a skyline!

  • Nate

    As much as I hated the early to mid 90’s Cowboys, they made things interesting. Better to be loved or hated than irrelevant. Either way, assessing James’ psyche is no more interesting to me than reading Jay Cutler’s body language. (good time for your “who cares” soundbyte)

    The Bulls have some business to take care of. Mainly, unloading the corpse of Luol Deng for a 3 who can maybe finish a break and make an open 3. Then a 2 guard that won’t embarass himself on defense and can also make an open 3. These are not tall tasks.

    Deng MUST go in order for the Bulls to really have a legit title shot. Rose can lead breaks with athletic wing players. He can run a half court pick and roll all day with Boozer with wings that can shoot. With Deng, he can do neither. Deng is a perfectly skilled 4, trapped in the body of an unathletic (by NBA standards) 3.

    Get these needs addressed while finding another couple of bodies to throw at Dwight Howard in the playoffs and there is a solid contending team, but not a favorite by any means. Still, it’s not like being in basketball hell.

  • puddin' head

    lots of teams are now better since they didn’t get Lebron makes one wonder why they whent after him in the first place…time will tell but i bet those who say they are better without him are spewing sour grapes and know better

  • dave m

    it’s good that it is finally over, the “king” james nonsense. i blame the media for all of the hype. their obsequious behavior is abhorrent to say the least. they have made egotistical monsters of michael jordan(can’t stand him), eldrick woods(abominate him), pete rose(execrate him) and now lebron james, just to name a few.the media should show enough pride and not kiss any @$$.
    as for the bulls fans,

  • dave m

    as i was saying…as for MOST bulls fans, their scorn towards james is pure sour grapes.

    • meesohawnee

      i never got any impression bulls fans are the sour grapes. Even Bernstein. They are just pissed to learn what a dushbag this guy they courted. There are actually some people in this world dave that are compassionate. Really do feel for the people of Cleveland and how they have been stepped on by a punk with a high school education.

  • puddin' head

    Cleveland stepped on by a punk with a high school education
    1.one would think Cleveland to be smarter
    2.what does the punk owe to Cleveland and its people ? thought he played there the last 7 years that was his contract was it not ?

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