lebron 2 Our Turn for Decisions

Lebron James made his decision, and now we make ours.

I have decided that my assessment of him as a competitor and sportsman was wrong.

I have decided to remove him from discussions regarding the greatest champions of NBA history — regardless of the number of titles won by the Heat — since he has made it clear he wants us to do so.

I have decided that the positioning of children near oneself to deflect, dilute or absorb negativity is repugnant.

I have decided that his description of the process as “humbling” is an insult to anyone who has been even casually aware of what has transpired.

I have decided that it would please me to see Stuart Scott’s face and fingers eaten by a chimpanzee.

And I have decided what is most discordant — the existence of an hour-long television special indulging the vainglory of a self-titled “king,” who later explained his choice of teams thusly:  “We don’t have the pressure of going out and scoring 30 every night or shooting a high percentage.”

I have decided that I have little respect for that.

You may be quick to dismiss these thoughts as mere sour grapes upon the Bulls being spurned, but there were several other possible choices that would have allowed him to retain his trajectory toward the Mount Rushmore of the NBA.  Instead, he stepped off that path.

And his words were even worse than the decision itself.

* * *

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