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whiye sox 2 Break Time

Obscured by the Lebron James Immolation Tour, the White Sox have spent the last five weeks roaring to the top of the AL Central.

Some thoughts:

Their 25-5 tear blows away the rapid climb of the 1983 team that occurred at a similar time.  Tony LaRussa’s team was 25-31 (seven games back) on June 11th, and they reached first place after a 21-11 run put them at 46-42 on July 18th.  Of course, their 53-21 mark from there on was not bad.

Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA-adjusted playoff odds report now gives the Sox a 53% chance of reaching the postseason, and I assume it is factoring in the loss of Jake Peavy.  They project to finish with 89 wins, two better than the Tigers.

Carlos Quentin, amazingly, still has a WAR value of just 0.2.  His offense has come around (wOBA now a respectable .372), but his fielding is so awful that his overall value is dragged down.  By UZR/150, he is MLB’s second-worst outfielder, costing the Sox 31 runs for every 150 games he plays.

Elsewhere, Tom Ricketts’ platitudes for Hendry and Piniella were undermined by his lack of reassurances regarding next season.  He could have mentioned that Hendry is under contract for next year, and he did not.

Great time with the family at Miller Park yesterday — a beautiful day, an exciting game, and a shirt covered with mustard after the dispenser exploded on me.  I think the bratwurst gods penalized me for eschewing the Secret Stadium Sauce.

Will the Orlando Magic please match the JJ Redick offer sheet?

And Lance Armstrong crashed.  He almost crashed two more times.  This after a flat tire during an earlier stage has effectively taken him out of the running to win the Tour De France.  Awesome.

I’ll be with you from 1 to 6 today, talking about all this and more.

  • General Soreness

    I am amazed at the Sox turnaround! I stopped watching games 6 weeks ago because I was so disgusted. I started watching again after the 2nd win of the first 11 game streak and the entertainment has not stopped. Let’s hope they can keep it up.

    On a side note….I’ve said it before but Gar Forman may be the goofiest looking f**k on the planet. In my mind, he took the title from Dickie Goodwin.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I think the BULLS are hoping that Orlando matches the JJ Redick offer sheet. Then they can come in and offer Deng for Rashard Lewis. It’s a worse contract, if that’s possible, but Deng fits the Magic roster better. Scary as it sounds, he’d be their second leading rebounder by a wide margin (going by 5-category, he actually statistically out-performed Lewis last year). Lewis was playing PF for a good portion of last year, and I’m sure that’s not an experience he’s wanting to repeat. He’s owed $65 Mil over the next three years (YIKES!), but he could be the go-to guy on the Bulls. The bulls just need a go-to scorer that could put up 30 or 40 on any given night, and I think that I’d rather have Lewis than get Gordon back, especially if they can do so and push off Deng’s contract.

    Van Gundy said he wants to keep Reddick if at all possible, so did the Bulls offer him just enough, or a little too much? At any rate, as soon as I heard the Bulls offer Reddick that much money, I started looking forward to this afternoon’s show, because it should be a HOOT listening to Bernsie’s assessments of JJ. He’s already done more than Bernsie ever thought he would.

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      i hope reddick doesn’t get matched and then we trade him and deng to washington for arenas(pending a physical) HE is who the bulls need, not lewis, although lewis is a 3 maybe. i don’t know though, deng is such an enigma. you don’t need him, but you do. he isn’t athletic but he moves well without the ball and can finish in traffic. He obviously can’t defend james but he can make james work for it. he isn’t an allstar but his numbers make him close. he isn’t a scorer but averages 18. he isn’t a rebounder but averages 7. his contract sucks but the bulls still have a ton of space. if he had only taken the first offer the bulls gave him when they offered gordon and deng the tandom contracts. we wouldn’t feel so badly about him. with deng, the bulls have 3 guys who can average 18 or more. with deng they have 4 guys who average 7 boards or more. with deng they have a long defender who can double team and get back to his man. with deng you have a guy who can average 18 without dominating the ball. but if you get an arenas or a lewis, you sacrafice defense and rebounding, but get 4 to 6 points a game more, and an outside shooting threat that can get their own shot. but is it worth it? takign money out of the equation, I don’t think it’s as easy as everyone says it is

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        if we trade deng and end up recieving reddick and then using him as a trade piece, and get a lewis or arenas, then i suggest we find a way to get noc back, i know it sounds crazy but i am sure noc would be a thibadou favorite.

      • big time sucker(formely MABT)

        i didn’t realize noc was traded to philly, i don’t think doug collins would give him up unless there is a health reason behind it. but if we trade for a pure scorer we have to find a utility guy some way some how.

      • Iron Chef - Junk Food

        I may be getting my NBA & MLB rules mixed here, but I thought a newly signed FA could not be traded for a certain period of time (like a few months in to season). I could be totally wrong here, too.

      • Iron Chef - Junk Food

        Found my answer (per ):

        “83. When can a team trade a free agent it signs? Do they have to keep him forever?

        Generally, a player cannot be traded until three months after signing a contract or December 15th of that season, whichever is later. This does not apply to draft picks, who can be traded 30 days after signing their contract. In addition, if the player is playing under a one-year contract and will have Larry Bird or Early Bird rights at the end of the contract, he can’t be traded without his consent. If consent is granted and the player is traded, then he loses his Larry Bird or Early Bird rights, and enters free agency as a Non-Bird free agent.”

        So, no-go on signing JJ & then moving him. Personally, I was kinda hoping they could mutually agree w/ WAS to modify the Hinrich deal to make involve Arenas.

      • Zombie Chris Henry

        PLEASE match, Orlando. But if they don’t, this is not a crippling contract. The Bulls will be paying a collective $12 million for two shooters that fit perfectly in a crunch time lineup with Rose, Boozer and Noah. Obviously, they can’t even guard each other. But no one can guard Lebron or Wade anyway.

        I’d rather see Redick and Korver out there and threatening to hit a 3 (while not stopping anyone) than Deng flailing around and taking (make or miss) the worst shot in basketball – 18 footers. Deng can’t stop anyone either.

        Hopefully this is the first of a few steps that leads to a trade of Deng for a legit 2 or 3 – a finisher who can also shoot a 3. Then Redick or Korver is your 5th starter with the other supplying needed firepower off the bench.

        I agree on the Rashard Lewis deal. That guy’s contract sucks, but he is exactly what the Bulls need. The money for him and Deng is basically a wash. Spread the floor with Lewis even as a standstill corner spotting 3 and the Bulls are miles ahead of where they are with Deng. Deng’s slashing/finishing/rebounding capabilities are highly exaggerated. Deng’s averages of 18-7 are just as empty as a younger Stephon Marbury’s averages of 20-10.

  • big time sucker(formely MABT)

    congrats to the white sox, i am kinda glad that they few allstars because they will need the rest as the schedule gets much much more crucial and tougher from here on in.

  • bronzo

    I fin Carlo Quentin a “below average” outfielder..not the God -awful outfileder danny Boy portrays him as. I on record as knowing nothing about sabermetric’s and no desire to learn. UZR/150????? all I know is he has been red hot!! That is all that matters to me.

    I’ve also grown tired of his constant bashin of Lance Armstrong…I wish he Dan would get over it …WTF who cares.

  • Likquid Swordz

    Please Orlando, MATCH THE OFFER SHEET! And someone tell Pax today’s NBA doesnt want reincarnations of him anymore.

    I’m a Cubs fan, but its good to see that a real baseball team is on the South Side. Maybe I can see one on the north side once the GM and pregnant manager gets axed/retires.

    Anyone noticed to ironic justice regarding Dan’s shirt being covered with yellow (Packer yellow?) mustard at Miller Park. After years of degrading Wisconsin (especially the women), he has this happen to him.

    Somewhere in a Wisconsin grazing pasture, a woman just laughed

  • Chi Orphan

    Awesome? He is one of the top five best cyclists in history- I would have liked to see a real fight between him, Contador, and Schleck this year, not a crash that takes him out of the race. But considering a crash can take you out of the race so quickly, its amazing he managed to win in successive years as much as he did. Whether he had the best scientists the world has ever seen coupled with an amazing strategy, team, and talent, or he just had the latter and never doped, he is one of the best, and no one can really ever dispute that. As for this Michelob Ultra commercials, never ending cancer survivor campaign, and leaving his wife and dating Cheryl Crow, I cannot say I enjoyed any of that …. As a cyclist, however, I have to admire his ability, and maybe because you probably never road a race in your life, let alone care at all about the sport, you dont’ even have that. Not a surprise really, I don’t blame you…


    Xavier Nady–doing what he can
    Marlon Byrd–dream piece (owed an apology)
    Theri-naut–pieces. baseball everymen
    Ramirez–another DL stint soon
    Lee–I wish I knew what was wrong
    Fukudome, Marmol, Soto–Lou’s biggest mistakes. Fukudome isn’t in the lineup consistently enough. Misplaced in the batting order in ’09, and benched for Nady, Colvin, and Jenkins ;) in ’10.
    Pinella really should have stuck his neck out to keep Marmol out of the WBC. Soto needs someone on his back the whole time. Either get him playing or look for someone else–don’t make us miss Blanco.


    Can Fukudome split time with Lee at first? I’m thinking outside the box to maximize his role.

  • Likquid Swordz

    I was amazed that first base at Dodger Stadium was the black hole for the Cubs this weekend. Several bad calls there on Saturday and Sunday resulted in a Lou ejection, Silva ejection (he was toast anyway), and bickering from Theriot and Nady at the ump on Sunday.



      I saw the “phantom tag.” It was the only one I saw. I think it was a miss, but in real time, it looked like a tag. It stinks that the Cubs have lost the majority of their games against Bradley and Manny.

      • Likquid Swordz

        Saturday there was a play where Gorzelanny had a play at first and clearly beat the runner, but the ump blew the call. That resulted in Lou getting ejected.

        Then yesterday was the phantom tag play that got Silva kicked out and when Castro hit a slow dribbler in the infield and the throw to first seemed to have pulled James Loney off the bag as Castro was getting there, and the ump called him out.

        They never seem to play well at Dodger Stadium, no matter how bad the Dodgers are.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I don’t know what to make of Redick. The more I read about him, less I know. I saw perhaps 2 or 3 regular season games of his all season, and I’ll admit that I didn’t watch him with any interest until the playoffs. There are two very distinct schools of thought with him.
    The first is that he’s just a grindy white guy making the most of a limited skill set. Oh, that’s just what we need.
    The second is that he’s actually better than anyone thought he would be and that he’s such an integral piece to Orlando that they’re a lock to retain him. As a stand-alone player he’s not good, but in a team defense he’s actually more than competent and capable.

    I’m so confused. It’s making my head hurt. What “light ’em up” scorers are on the market by the teams that carry them, other than Arenas- and which ones have contracts so awful that they’d be willing to take Deng? I know that people talk about Michael Redd, but he’s in the final year, and I don’t think Milwaukee would want him, especially considering their coach.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way- especially if you’re willing to take on bad money. Frankly, I think the Bulls are close enough that it’s worth taking on bad money if it means getting the guy that makes their starting 5 complete as a conference contender. Right now I look and I see “fringe contender”. I could be wrong if Noah and Rose make more leaps this year, but I don’t know if they can both improve by a huge margin from this point.

    • Likquid Swordz

      I dont think there is much of a supply of available 2-Guards with talent. I dont know much about Anthony Morrow of GS, but I hear he’s a decent player. Outside of that, JJ Reddick isnt the answer, and I need the Wiz to eat a good portion of Agent Zero’s contract before I’d consider him. Michael Redd needs to stop being so ouchy and learn to play at least serviceable defense.

      I dont think anyone wants Deng and that contract, so the Bulls had better just hold onto him because they need someone to score at the 3.

      • SPAULDING!

        First base has changed overall this year. what you described sound like blown calls. Notice how many guys are beating out double plays this year? That never happened. The “imperfect” game ended at first (very close). Phantom tag–batter out; pulled foot–runner safe. Those are the easy calls.
        Lou should have gotten himself ejected in the Reds series when the guy charged Castro. Clearly left the basepath to take out the fielder–no call. He didn’t. A little late for the theatrics.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        Josh Childress and Turkoglu to the Suns now. Turk is being traded for Barbosa, and Childress is practically a gimme (2nd round pick) because of Atlanta’s re-signing of Joe Johnson and its elimination of any cap flexibility whatsoever.

        I don’t know if Childress would have been a better fit than Redick, but his number is 5 years at 34 million. Who would we rather have?

        Again, these are second-tier wing players (though I rate Turkoglu higher than Korver, Redick, and Childress, cause the guy can play 4 positions in a pinch)… The Bulls either need a maximum-yield combination of this type of player, or a scoring machine. I think we’re going to see the Bulls make a big move if Orlando matches the offer sheet.

    • Zombie Chris Henry

      The Bulls front loaded (I’m ripping off Sam Smith here) Redick’s offer sheet. If Orlando matches, they are big into the luxury tax. If Redick is that important to SVG, maybe they match the offer to Redick and then trade Deng for Lewis. Maybe a sign and trade with Barnes to make the numbers match up better?

      Orlando can have Lewis/Redick and luxury tax. Lewis by himself, no tax. Or Deng/Redick with no (or at least less) luxury tax.

      The Lewis contract isn’t quite as bad for the Bulls. Only 3 years left of overpaying him. His salary makes him a 1st or 2nd option. In reality, he is a 3rd option. He would be a 3rd option on the Bulls without them sacrificing anything regarding their 1 and 2 options. By the time an extension for Rose or Noah needs to kick in, Lewis could be moved for cap space or just let the contract expire.

      Lewis is a better fit for the Bulls b/c he does one thing (and really only one thing) well – shoot 3’s. He also wouldn’t be asked to do anything more. Deng would be a better fit for Orlando in that at least he TRIES to create. Both are overpaid for what they are and they are both miscast with their current teams. Slight “addition by subtraction” value for both teams here.

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        I’d LOVE to see Matt Barnes in a Bulls jersey. He was the closest thing the Suns had to an enforcer when he was here. The guy is a rough-and-tumble defender that isn’t a liability on offense. He’s my ideal defensive sixth man.

  • stopthecybermetrics

    Not having a full understanding of cyber metrics to give a relative summary of the current sox actual gameplay I can only say this, when a team is hitting as well as this team has been for the past month by going the other way, driving in runs with two outs, sac flies, sac bunt, moving runners over and the most important going from 1st to 3rd, and stealing bases then cybermetric stats and predictions are useless. I like Burnstool’s insight but please give me real real stats and not this crap. And yes the White Sox have been a pioneer in using these starts but I work a regular job and just want my damn stats. Yes working a regular job ,putting grub or gruel on the table is more important than cyber poopoo. I just want my stats and baseball info quick fast and understandable. Sounds simple yes but can cyber metrics quantify how the experience of Omar Vizquel is clearly helping Alexi Ramirez defensively. . Clearly said yesterday by Don Cooper yes a pitching coach but a guy who is on the bench everyday and knows the game but i’m sure in the cybermetrics world hey he’s only a pitching coach . Point is burnstueben your a very smart wise intellectual guy with a wealth of sports knowledge so please give me that instead trying to leave your mark ….

    • Chi Orphan

      i believe its saber metrics…. i am finding interest in some of the simpler statistics developed that I can rap my head around, particularly OPS. I think WAR is a great concept but I wonder how acurrate the variables really are. Numbers are great because they provide concrete evidence rather than mere speculation, and I wouldnt be surprised if a lot of these numbers are much better than the avg. rbi and hr numbers we have been going on all these years- hell, baseball people have been saying that for well over 50 years now, its not a new concept… but baseball as we know is slow to change….. moreover, the classic stats are easy for us to all understand- we can all SEE a HR. we can’t see an OPS, or a Spd, or a WAR, WPA, etc….

  • Jon, Montgomery

    CIS, while i do think the magic are going to keep redick, (pride of white basketball), there’s no way that we’re that out of town stupid to take luol deng, and for rashard lewis? no. they still believe in rashard, and if they dealt him, there would be an uprising and general panic of magic fans. i don’t think otis smith is going to allow that. the magic still see themselves as the team to beat in the east, (believe it or not), they think that the C’s are getting too old to do it again, and they want to see if the supertrio is going to work in games before everybody bows down to the heat this NBA season.

    they still want to sign matt barnes, so i think it’s going to be either orlando signs barnes or redick, personally, i’d take barnes, he provides leadership and toughness on the court and fires his teammates up, unlike anybody else, plus he’s a starting small forward, and i think he’ll improve upon last season’s stats. redick is a bench player who can provide shooting for a stretch, he can’t score in the paint, he’s basically a catch-&-shoot 3-point specialist.

    the magic have more to worry about than redick right now with signing barnes and figuring out whether they want to keep vince carter, but in the midst of everything else that’s going on, i think orlando will panic and match the offer sheet and sign redick, like they did last year with gortat.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    oh, and lewis can’t play small forward. he’s a ‘shooting’ power forward. he always liked that position and he’ll want to stay there.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I just saw this on a t-shirt:

    “You may be heading South, but your mom is riding West.”

    Just… wow.

    • General Soreness

      Can that story really be true. Lebron’s ma is butt-ugly. Why would West even think of putting his d**k in her when there are a million hot NBA groupies out there for the taking?
      Great tee though.

    • Likquid Swordz

      I just caught onto that (no coffee today)

      Thats so f*ckin funny

  • Jon, Montgomery

    alright, i guess orlando isn’t going to match the offer sheet, because they just got quentin richardson, so i guess the bulls are going to get redick after all.

    • Likquid Swordz

      Oh God no…

      3 yrs at $19 million. Or maybe I should look at it as 2 yrs at $12 million plus since yr 3 it becomes expiring contract.

  • 800 hp

    Bernstein…. you’re an idiot.

  • Likquid Swordz

    This picture is just hilarious. Is he waiting for his stop or what?

  • Jon, Montgomery

    hawks match the sharks offer sheet for hjalmarsson, 4-yrs 14 million.

    this is interesting, because now what happens to niemi?


      That was the right move. I like Niemi, and the ‘hawks won more shootouts this year than they did last year (but Huet won some of those, I believe). It was a tough decision, but Hjalmarsson was one of the best in the business. Niemi could always return in a couple of years.

  • meesohawnee

    Here Dan goes with the ‘you should help Ricketts” crap. This one is really simple. First Dan should keep his mouth shut in regards to wall street people.
    Second in really really simple terms. Just like the Bank Bailouts. Rickets wants privatized profits but socialized loss. Just like AIG, GS, and all the other crooks. We get the rewards you subsidize our mess. Dont buy into what Dan is saying. its complete mindless garbage on his part. Deny the cubs money. Its the only way a company tries to get market share back.


      meeso, I can agree with that. That bailout money just doesn’t seem to have primed the pumps.

      By the way, MGM is mirroring the problems of the Tribune Co.
      Bond 23 (working title?= Quite Naturally) production is on hiatus. Scheduled release is 2014. Key pieces may opt out of this production. A once sturdy cash cow could not save its parent company.


    What’s going on with the White Sox is absolutely incredible and it’s a feelgood story that they’re sitting in first place, albeit by just half a game in the A.L. Central over the Tigers. The only downer in their latest 8-game winning streak was that Dan Hudson didn’t pitch all that great in his first start for the injured Jake Peavy and failed to go the required 5 innings for his first win since being recalled from Triple “A” Charlotte after Saturday night’s game. While Hudson will get another chance to start during the Sox upcoming 10-game road trip to Minnesota, Seattle & Oakland starting Thursday night, Dan definitely needs to pitch much better the next time he takes the mound. As much as fans would like to see another bat by way of trade before the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline, I think another stinker or two by Hudson may force General Manager Ken Williams to consider acquiring another starting pitcher instead. Trouble is, they may not have the prospects in their minor league system to acquire another starting pitcher or another big bat to get the team over the top.

    They’ll have quite a dilemma to figure out when 3B Mark Teahen comes back from his broken index finger. With 2B Gordon Beckham, backup 2B Brent Lillibridge, part-time 3B Dayan Viciedo and even OF Andruw Jones hitting, the odd man out could very well be backup 1B/OF/DH Mark Kotsay once Teahen returns at the end of this month. As for all the talk about sending Beckham down, they would have done so about 6 weeks ago, but I don’t think that’s an option anymore, despite only hitting .216 with 3 homers at the break.

  • My uncle is Terry Boers

    Today’s show was so boring and dull that I tuned out for the first time ever since I first started to listen to B&B. Bernstein by himself for even an hour is too much for the average listener. He also started to get very angry when a caller mentioned Podsednik possibly coming back. Bernstein was trying to make this average caller look like an idiot for no apparent reason, but it didn’t work because he hung up. He was waiting for someone to take the bait so he could blast off at somebody today. I’ve never called and I don’t know why they call this show looking for verbal abuse. B&B can be annoying, funny, and smart at times, but Bernstein by himself is really boring. For some reason, Bernstein sounds like an ESPN product when he is by himself. I miss my uncle Terry.

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