Wait For It…

paul konerko 3 Wait For It…

The 34 or so hours between now and the next pitch for the White Sox will feel longer than that, now that they are in first place and set to open Part II against Minnesota.

Last night’s Matt Thornton hiccup notwithstanding, the break has given expectations a chance to rise.

Their sudden, historic acceleration to quality has outpaced our ability to adjust hearts and minds to their new status as contenders — how good are we supposed to think they are, now?

The remaining slate of games against the Twins and Tigers will decide the division, as the 12 remaining weeks appear loaded with high highs and low lows for all involved.

[photogallerylink id=20484 align=left]Second Half today at 3:30, Terry’s Roar of the Day at 5:30.  We’ll be discussing the moves around the NBA (Orlando seems increasingly likely to match the Redick offer sheet.  Fine.), and the future of Antti Niemi.

Football preview is creeping onto the radar as well, with beat-writer puff pieces floating around as they often do this time of year:  deposits into the access-bank are made ahead of the season (note the ridiculous slobber-job about Tim Ruskell in the Trib), so dumb fans get outsized dreams during warm weather.

Stop saying that Jay Cutler is trying to cut down on his interceptions.  Mike Martz QBs throw a lot of picks, and that will continue.  Cutler will make the exact throws called for per each play — to specific spots at specific times, without “trying” to do anything other than exactly what Martz wants.  When he doesn’t, there will be fireworks.

We will do “Who You Crappin?” tomorrow after a one-week hiatus, and Friday finds us in Northbrook on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.  We will be at the Buffalo Wild Wings — 1018 Willow Rd, for an afternoon of cold beer and ticket giveaways.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    i hope giving up the lead on the national stage doesn’t get in matt thornton’s head. but girardi managed one of the worst games i’ve seen, he sat back and relaxed after the AL got the early lead and he played all his players, charlie manuel was smart, but kudos to marlon byrd, he took a key walk and made a heads up play forcing ortiz out in the 9th, i don’t care if ortiz was a slow runner, byrd made a great mental decision to trick ortiz and get him out. girardi should’ve pinch hit a-rod for adrian beltre, i don’t get joe’s decisions. i think that it’s bogus that the winner gets home-field in the world series, always have. and i think the it’s a bad rule that the previous two world series managers get to be all-star game managers the next season.

    huge series for the sox this weekend, they’re either going to let minnesota get closer and make it really tight between them and detroit, or they can keep playing good baseball and put some more distance between them and minnesota.

    as for the trades, i would love kenny to get adam dunn, but i have to see how good hudson is, if he doesn’t do well over his next couple starts, they have to find a starting pitcher, and i think kenny can sway roy oswalt to come here and play with his buddy jake peavy, i still don’t understand why oswalt said he wouldn’t want to come here, he certainly wants out of houston. plus i don’t know about dunn, you’re giving up more prospects for a half-season rental. i think in the end, you have to try for a pitcher, the offense has been okay, i think we’re really going to need another horse to help us into the playoffs.

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      you put too much emotion into your allstar game annalysis. usless game, i didn’t even bother, ALTHOUGH i was at a friends house with my kids and he was watching the game so i sat down for 1 inning, and i haven’t been following baseball outside chicago too much, i told him, same thing every year, the al will win a close game with rivera getting the save, he then told me, rivera isn’t playing, so i asked him, who is closing for AL and he told me thorton and i said i would bet him anything thorton gives up the game winning run and the nl would win, but we never agreed to the bet. i am kicking myself for not taking the bet.

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    Dan, when you say “historic acceleration” I really hope you’re not referring to the fact that only one other team has finished the first half at 25-5. Honestly, for a stat-savvy guy I’m quite surprised you keep bringing it up. There are 132 ways to pull a 30-game segment out of a 162-game season. So when the Sox media department points out that only two teams in the history of baseball have finished the half 25-5, they’re essentially looking at 1-132nd of baseball history. It’s just as arbitrary as looking at which teams have had the best record for games 37 through 66. Don’t get me wrong, the Sox have played at an incredible pace lately and South Side fans have every reason to be excited. But to get a true feel for the “historic” quality of the run you have to look at how many teams have gone 25-5 over ANY thirty-game stretch, not for a thirty-game period arbitrarily defined by the All-Star Game.

  • bronzo


    Are you some sort of actuary? How in thw world do you come up with / find these totoally obscure statistics.

    The White sox are playing very good baseball.ie. pitching, hitting, fielding.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      No, though I do have a science background. Dan’s the one that brought up the 25-5 stat (which I believe he got from the White Sox media department). As for the fact that there are 132 ways to pull a 30-game segment out of a season, well, that’s pretty easy. There’s 1-30, 2-31, 3-33 . . . all the way to 133-162. 133-1=132. Tada.

  • merklesboner

    White Sox/Twins series, more a “huge” series for Twins who are furthest back among AL Central contenders. Sox would do well with a split. An interesting, important series, but it’s not August or September and not a huge series yet.

    Next Cubs manager? Torre, Girardi or Sandberg? Like Mattie, I thought Cubs should have hired Girardi last time. Does TB still think he burns out his pitchers like he did with Marlins? Please, not Torre. Cannot take another old man falling prey to Cubbie occurrences. Ryno? Too red arse, possibly Larry Bowa like disaster.


      You are right. No Torre. uh uh.
      I don’t know if Sandberg is the answer, either. Girardi will probably still be in New York.
      Pitching should not be a mystery as it’s the most important part of a defensive-based game. Can’t figure out how a manager has success without realizing that. A healthy staff with verstatile arms guarantees 70+ wins.
      A good manager knows when to eat bad outings. Early game, (ideally non-division), and the pitcher isn’t injured. It’s unecessary to eke out a win by piling on good pitching in that situation. And, I know there is a flaw in this logic.


    Was it just me or was last night’s 81st MLB All-Star Game similar to 2002 in Milwaukee’s Miller Park? While that game finished in a tie, and last night’s game in Anaheim was won by the National League 3-1, it appeared to me as if American League manager Joe Girardi and N.L. manager Charlie Manuel played as if they wanted to get everyone in there and didn’t come properly prepared in the event the game went to extra innings at Angel Stadium. Despite expanding the rosters to 34 guys this year, Girardi & Manuel nearly cleared their respective benches and I didn’t think did a real good job of proper management in a game that “Commissioner” Allan H. Selig says “Counts” towards determining home field in the World Series. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

    As for tonight, to say there’s very little on TV would be an understatement! All there are this eve are Comcast SportsNet’s replay of the Blackhawks’ OT clinching “W” in the Stanley Cup Finals over the Flyers, plus the Championship Parade & Rally, the Triple “A” All-Star Game on MLB Network, and the ESPY Awards with host Seth Meyers of “Saturday Night Live” on the four-letter, all-sports network throwing out the first one-liner. Needless to say, White Sox/Twins can’t come fast enough!

  • George Oscar Bluth

    Please, dear Lord, no JJ Redick. Too pale.

    • meesohawnee

      no no.. Too dukey..got enough of that to go around this show


    Barring big time injury, (or the signing of T.O.(!)) there isn’t much we are going to know about the Bears until they’ve played four regular season games.
    All this uncertainty certainly makes me wish the Bears would have resorted to a caretaker West Coast Offense coordinator.
    Let’s hope Mike Martz can protect Jay Cutler as an asset. It’s obvious you cannot win in the NFL with a clowncar mentality to the QB spot.
    For me, this season is either going to be shot at the Superbowl, or the Titanic. 12-4 or 2-14. No in between.

    • big time sucker(formely MABT)

      I AGREE WITH everything you said except the to part. it’s a crap shoot. here’ what i llike, routs get recievers in space, our receivers are dangerous in space. our run blocking will be down hill. cutler will not be allowed to hold on to the ball very long. it’s been very successful. here’s what i don’t like. everythign else. it’s pass happy and the more attempts you have the more chances to make a mistake. i don’t know if i trust offense in red zone. i don’t trust cutler in red zone, needs to develop more touch and needs to trust someone other than a tight end. that’s where i wish the bears had a marshall or a vincent jackson, in the red zone. out in the open field, i like our group. shifty, fast, dangerous with the ball in their hands. but in the red zone, you need to create space using size and leverage, we don’t have that in our aresonal. so in short, between the 20’s we have a top eight offense, in the 20’s we have a bottom 8 offense. if we don’t hit big plays, were toast.

      • SPAULDING!

        If Forte can run this year–I think the blocking will be okay following the flip/ flop from season to season–they’ll have play action. You need the defense to bite on the run in the red zone.
        Or, a no-look QB with a laser. Or, WRs that can alley-oop.
        I also think Urlacher will help being healthy–one more “chance in the sun.”

  • Eric Karros' weird hair

    Writing that Jay Cutler will try to ‘cut down’ on interceptions is like saying that Carlos Zambrano will control his temper.

    “Are you bleeping me?”

  • 800 hp

    Great… these two dolts are going to interview a star of another sport that they are absolutely clueless about. I doubt if either one of these guys has even heard of the IRL.

  • puddin' head

    a week ago Gar Foreman said “the Bulls are a better team than the heat” i didn’t agree then but how was i to know what he had up his sleeve, he has since robbed Turkey of Omer Asik, flew quickly under the radar to nab the ever sought after Kyle Korver, and is working on a blockbuster deal to bring Brad Miller into the fold…i still don’t agree with him..YUK YUK YUK what a mess, the Bulls (Gar/Pax) got the horn from the rest of the NBA

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