Breathing Room

carlos quentin1 Breathing Room

And one late night later, so many people seem so much more at ease.

That’s what a convincing victory will do behind a solid start from a rookie pitcher, when combined with losses by both teams in pursuit.

So the Sox’ division lead stands at a season-high 2.5 games, and the Score’s Joe Cowley reports today that Ken Williams is working overtime to land the Nationals’ Adam Dunn in a trade.  Problem is the price counterpart Mike Rizzo is asking, but valuations change as the deadline approaches.  Williams also cautions us that the non-waiver trade deadline of 7/31 is just that, and that deals can still occur afterward.

Here’s Carlos Silva after his one inning of unacceptable pitching last night, per the Trib:  “The good thing is, I feel really good today.”  I’m not sure how to respond to that.

The Score’s Barry Rozner mentions in today’s Daily Herald that there is no indication from anyone involved that the Cubs are fast-tracking Ryne Sandberg to the Wrigley dugout, or even “tracking” him at all.  Lou may be done (as is Jim Hendry), but the future plan is completely undetermined.

Two guards join the Bulls yesterday:  Ronnie Brewer’s responsibilities will include less work at the point now that CJ Watson was added from the Warriors as primary backup to Derrick Rose.  Watson was long viewed as an undersized scoring guard, but has improved some as a distributor and screen-roll facilitator during stints in Europe and the NBDL.

Second Half at 3:30 today, Roar of the Day at 5:30.

  • Disappointed

    The Carlos Silva Trade clock seems to have struck midnight and you’re stuck with him.


    I almost waffled on firing Jim Hendry. When did he ink the Zambrano deal–’05? I think he knew there were chinks in the armor, but it didn’t affect his game until last year. Meaning, he’s had success with questionable talent before, why not try Milton Bradley? Well….
    If a guy is healthy, how can he totally flop in the first inning? Didn’t we see this already this year (like, in the first game).
    To that powerhouse from Houston.

    • Bob Loblaw

      That’s right- can’t trust any armor with them chinks

      • SPAULDING!

        That man’s nuts. . .
        Grab ’em!

  • JohnFromCedarTucky

    Jim Hendry needs to be fired now and Silva needs to be traded now while he is worth something.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    i’m not sure how to feel about last night’s game, i’m certainly glad we gained ground on detroit and minnesota, but does this nice start by dan hudson mean he’s going to be the 5th guy for sure? and he did it against a bad mariners team, he did have a nasty changeup, but can he keep that up? listen… i’m glad the kid had a good start, but i don’t want to be fooled into thinking that everything’s alright at the 5th spot, i need to see another start, and that might be all we see, if kenny gets uncomfortable, he still could want a proven starting pitcher, so either way he goes against the A’s in his next start, it could be the last we’ll see dan hudson make in a sox uniform.

    and is mike rizzo insane? i know he’s trying to build a contender in the next couple seasons with the young talent they have, but carlos quentin?! i don’t want adam dunn (rental) that badly.


      I think the margin between good and bad baseball teams is narrowing. When you watched Hudson last night did you see decent pitches? Were guys biting on good pitches, or whiffing at bad ones (Just watch the Cubs lineup, you’ll see what I mean).
      Jeff SuMAHRdzja had two pitches: straight and bad. That’s why he’s working in Iowa.

      • Jon, Montgomery

        he was throwing decent pitches, guys were biting on good pitches, i just want to see hudson do it again, and we’ll see how he does in oakland his next start.

        hang in there spauldy, for sox fans like me it’s getting fun, but for cubs fans, (i assume you are), bears camp is coming soon.


    There’s no way in hell I’d deal 2B Gordon Beckham as part of any trade with the MLB Trade Deadline fast approaching! If that’s what the Washington Nationals want in a package for 1B Adam Dunn, who tends to strikeout as much as he homers, it’s not worth making the deal. If the Sox make any deals before the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline, I can picture an “Under the Radar”-like deal for a left-handed reliever to help out Matt Thornton. I think a big problem isn’t just Dunn’s reluctance to be a full-time DH in the American League, but the White Sox lack the prospects in their minor league system right now to swing such a big deal with the MLB Trade Deadline just a couple weeks away.

    Speaking of Beckham, he had 2 more hits, including a hustling RBI double in last night’s 6-1 White Sox win in Seattle that also featured a 2-run homer and 3 RBI’s from Alex Rios & Andruw Jones adding a little breathing room with quite a homer to left in the 8th for added insurance. Dan Hudson, in his second start, allowed only a single Mariner run in 6 2/3 innings and getting his first “W” of the season. Hudson gave the Sox what they needed late last night.

    • Jon, Montgomery

      i am glad to see beckham finally coming around, i think the sox have needs to fill before they can make a playoff run, do we really expect the combo of vizquel/viciedo to hold up at 3rd base? (where is mark teahen by the way?). hudson is still un-easy, though once you get to the playoffs, we would be able to start just our top 4 starters, so i guess having hudson start every 5th day for the rest of the year wouldn’t be that bad. i think the sox need another lefty in the bullpen to match thornton, and i don’t think we need to look outside the orginization for help, i think unless he’;s involved with a trade, chris sale might be coming soon, perhaps even before the september call-ups. that’s why i’m thinking the lefty bat is the way to go, it doesn’t have to be adam dunn, but anything is better than kotsay/jones.

  • meesohawnee

    oh please please. the lou/jimmy stewart parody. .how fitting today

  • Beardy McWeirdington

    Lou is calling it quits, dont let the door hit you in your fat ass. The Cubs have been nothing but a disaster, under Lou. Ever since they flamed out, against the Dodgers, this has been a train wreck!!! I think Ned Yost might be a good manager, for the Cubs.


      I’d hope the Cubs pick up one of the new-fangled (uh-huh) egghead types. The type of manager that wears team pyjamas to bed. Who thinks chew tobacco is disgusting and bars it from his clubhouse. Someone who doesn’t remember the helmetless era.
      More importantly someone who doesn’t excuse himself from understanding pitchers.

  • Dr. Tobias Fünke

    Must be a really slow news day….this is a non story. Didn’t we all know Lou was done after this season. This is as shocking as Terry buying a new thong. It doesn’t matter who is the new manager. They are saddled with bad contracts, looming major investments in getting the ballpark up to 21st century standards, and a complete lack of flexibility for the next couple of years unless they get rid of their rapidly declining assets. The reality is that it is a minimum of three years before they can change the culture. Not worth the attention.Ricketts can’t axe people right now. He is trying to keep things from going into absolute chaos during the season.


    ding ding ding ding.
    Walt Jockety!

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