aramis ramirez 7 21 What Was All That?

A strange day in the Wrigley catacombs has left some people drawing strange conclusions.  Leave it to the Trib’s Phil Rogers to come away with the correct take, only to use it to formulate the wrong opinion:

“Hendry is signed to be the Cubs’ general manager through 2012, but there’s a perception on the streets — both those in Wrigleyville and through the traffic of trade conversations and other baseball business — that he carries the same expiration label as a loaf of wheat bread.

What does Ricketts’ assessment of Hendry mean?  That’s open for interpretation, and your guess is as good as mine in regard to the phrase “going into next year.”  Does that mean he has job security through November, through December 15, through New Year’s Eve?  What does it mean?  Ricketts, it appears, is giving himself wiggle room…”

Too bad, though, that Rogers ruins his good day by expressing the belief that Hendry deserves to stay.

We’ll talk about the fallout from yesterday, as well as other baseball business, such as the first-place Sox:  now 3.5 games ahead of Detroit and Minnesota and sending Gavin Floyd out to face Felix Hernandez tonight in a delicious matchup.

John Danks was brilliant last night, though the Mariners’ lineup has a way of making pitchers look better than they are.  And Alexei Ramirez has been making highlight plays in the field, but the better news is that his consistent concentration has made him reliable on routine plays — his current UZR/150 of 15.4 ranks him as the best-fielding shortstop in baseball.

Second Half at 3:30, Roar of the Day at 5:30, and surprises to come.  “Who You Crappin?” tomorrow at 5:30, and Friday finds us in Lincolnshire for the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.  Join us at the Cubby Bear North — 21661 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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