matt forte 7 22 According to Forbes Bears Worth Over $1 Billion

Forbes has released their lists of most valuable athletes and sports franchises. While the Bears’ Julius Peppers came in at number 36 in the individual rankings his employers, the Chicago Bears, came in much higher. According to Forbes list the Chicago Bears are worth $1.08 billion and are the 13th most valuable sports franchise in the world.  The top 15 franchises in the world is dominated by NFL teams, besides the Bears there are 11 others including the Cowboys at #2 overall. The most valuable franchise in the world? Well that label gets slapped on the Manchester United soccer team who are worth $1.83 billion. When it comes to NFL teams alone the Bears come in 9th, just ahead of the Broncos who round out the NFL’s top ten. Below is top 15 on the Forbes list along with each team’s estimated worth.

1. Manchester United (soccer), $1.83 Billion

2. Dallas Cowboys, $1.65 Billion

3. New York Yankees, $1.6 Billion

4. Washington Redskins, $1.55 Billion

5. New England Patriots, $1.36 Billion

6. Real Madrid (soccer) $1.32 Billion

7. New York Giants, $1.18 Billion

8. Arsenal (soccer), $1.18 Billion

9. New York Jets, $1.17 Billion

10. Houston Texans, $1.15 Billion

11. Philadelphia Eagles, $1.12 Billion

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, $1.09 Billion

13. Chicago Bears, $1.08 Billion

14. Denver Broncos, $1.08 Billion

15. Baltimore Ravens, $1.08 Billion

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