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Sox games against the Mariners are nice.  There should be more of them.

The first two innings should result in additions to the hyphenated same of Seattle’s starting pitcher, Ryan Rowland-Smith-Bad-Thanks.

Hitters were racing to the box to get their licks in at that stuff, and it ended up being a day to fill up the personal offensive stats.  Gavin Floyd improved his numbers as well, and now sports a laudable 3.65 xFIP, making him the Sox’ best starter (John Danks 4.11, since you were going to ask).

Ted Lilly has probably pitched his final game as a Cub, unless they re-sign him at a discount after this season.  Brett Myers continued his excellence (3.78 xFIP, btw), and would be enticing if he were not such a contemptible ogre.  He may entice teams despite that, actually.

Antti Niemi and the Hawks are at a standoff, but I never bet on an arbitration hearing happening until it does.  The brinksmanship has been known to carry things right up to the actual doorway of the meeting room, but nobody ever really wants it to get to that point.  We’ll see how creative both sides can be to alleviate the cap crunch (…now I want cereal).

Bulls talking to the Blazers abouta deal for shooting-guard Rudy Fernandez, he of the creative offensive game and total Euro-softness.  Not sure there are assets left to offer, so Eddie House may be the guy to whom they turn for another outside shot.

SI’s Don Banks has unveiled his initial NFL power rankings, and he slots the Bears 26th out of the 32.

And Stephen Strasburg already has shoulder “inflammation.”  That didn’t take long.

“Who You Crappin?” tomorrow at 5:00, and we’re out Friday on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour — Join us at Blue Frog 22 on Hubbard (at Rush).

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    The Twins have played two more games than the Sox. Who has “game in hand?”
    What does that mean again? and who has the advantage?
    Is it better to be tied in the club house with the lead or still in the field?

    • pulseczar

      If the Twins played two more games than the Sox, then the Sox have two games in hand. Meaning they have two more games to play (and potentially win) than the Twins.

      The team with the game(s) in hand has the advantage. In hand basically means “yet to play” to reach the same amount of games played.

      • SPAULDING!

        I think golf does it differently. Except when it comes to Tiger.
        Any chance to put Tiger closer to the leaderboard is made.
        I don’t think I’m seeing things, when his name is W and it’s ahead of someone with an identical score.
        The league needs a Strassburg. It also needs a Prior comeback (what happened to that? too many NFL players taking codeine bump that off the radar?–stupid)

      • Sf sophist

        Actually that’s two more potential losses, too. Games at hand makes sense in a sport like hockey, where the idea is to stack up the most points. For baseball, looking at games ahead, behind in loss column is more crucial.

  • bigtime sucker

    wow, i was wondering about priorsburgh when he was making his debut and about how anyone should throw a breaking ball with that much velocity, this should be fun to watch. don banks don’t know squat and has been a bears hater for years, the bears should be at least in the top 18 if not the top 15, but not the top ten. Gavin Floyd is fun to watch, that ball does crazy shiat when it leaves his hand. The sox should be regretting not kicking the twins while they were down a few weeks ago, now they have seemed to find their footing and are playing better baseball. cubs, whatever, deal lilly, don’t deal lilly, just end this season quickly!!! The bulls, just do something, finalize this roster and get to training camp.

  • Zombie Chris Henry

    Power Rankings and people that bother to get affected one way or the other by them are truly irritating. National writers are even bigger idiots than local writers, which doesn’t even seem possible. The national guys just give these local rubes more fuel for the fire. Here is the Haugh/Pompei timeline for this year:

    Training camp stories on individuals whose actual contributions will end up being 4% of what the story predicts.

    Collective “no one expects anything from us” stories referencing power rankings-type columns from national know-nothings.

    Tommie Harris “if” story. Perfect Mcgrady story format if he signed with the Bulls. Just switch names around.

    If Bears start out losing, stories about “only needing to tweak a few things to get better.”

    If Bears start out winning, stories about how “winning ugly is okay as long as they win.” Plus 1985 Bears comparisons.

    When they ultimately end up somewhere between 6-10 and 10-6 like every other damn NFL team, either praise everyone or damn everyone. Then do the same thing next year.

    Who’s ready for some football!?!?!?

  • AT3374

    Rudy Fernandez might not be a bad addition to the team , though I’d rather have Brandon Roy ( like that will ever happen )

  • dave

    Rudy is 6ft 6 and weights 170lbs!

    Portland, you can have that.

  • Likquid Swordz

    Derrick Lee said he is staying with Cubs instead of being traded to a contender. As a Cubs fan I’m not happy because this denies a trade for prospects and rids them of a .230 avg 1st baseman.

    This is SO Cubs…


    Ryan Rowland-Smith is bad at baseball, as “B & B” commonly say about bad baseball players. The White Sox wasted very little time feasting off the struggling Seattle lefty, scoring 4 in the 1st and 3 in the 2nd, never looking back in their 11-0 whitewash of the hapless Mariners. If anyone’s wondering why Rowland-Smith’s 1-10 after last night’s latest performance, you saw it last night. Better yet, it looked like Gavin Floyd picked up where he left off in Seattle, keeping the M’s off the board in 7 shutout innings and probably could’ve gone the distance. Still, I’m not complaining. Too bad the Sox have only 2 more meetings with one of the worst teams in Bud Selig’s Major League Baseball left.

  • meesohawnee

    oh come on Bernstein. Jump anyway.. save me the .002

  • Glenn

    I had the oppurtunity to hear your comments-debate on the Dunn-Pierre debate(27-Jul-10). I have to hand it to you,…(or your call-takers). Very selective,…they are doing a great job making you sound very intelligent. Have another beer!!,..or in your case,. another,..”Domaine de la Romanée Conti”

    Compare Scott Posednik’s “Not very good at baseball” numbers to Juan Pierre or your favorate Chone Figgins(remember your hero last year) By the way,..whats Figgins doing now,.not sure,..??

    Compare Adam Dunn’s number for the last 3 years with Jim Thome’s,….mmmmm,..sounds very similar,… remember,… “Base Clogging”

    Pick up a bat,,..wear a glove,…,..what are you? 5’02,…140lbs???

    Stick to accounting,..math,…things like that


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