lebron james 7 29 LeBron Takes Some of His Talents to Vegas

LeBron James’ public image continues to take hit after hit. First, he publicly left the city of Cleveland and tore its heart out in the process. Shortly after that the stories came out that that was something LeBron had been planning for longer than any one imagined, bringing up talk that he quite on the Cavs in the playoffs. Well now it appears as if LeBron continues to hurt his public image, this time by partying in Las Vegas and bringing a reporter for ESPNLosAngeles.com along for the ride.

Within an hour of Arash Markazi publishing the the details of the Vegas party, the article was taken down. Unfortunately for LeBron and fortunately for us, nothing dies on the internet that fast. While from the article it appears as if LeBron did nothing that any other 25-year old with millions of dollars would have done. What makes this such a story is the drastically different image we have of LeBron now compared to even five or six months ago. Matt Moore of CBSSports.com goes in depth as to how this Vegas vacation has hurt LeBron’s image. For Moore’s article which details the events of LeBron’s partying click here.

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