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Tavern Touring today:  we broadcast from Blue Frog 22 (22 E. Hubbard) in Chicago, as Bud Light’s “Who Needs Two?” brings you the chance to win tickets and start your weekend.

It could be a busy afternoon of trade speculation and action for the Sox and Cubs.  Steve Stone joins us at 2:00 to give his thoughts and take your calls, as we keep you informed up to the minute — even already this morning there has been news.

Latest reports have D-backs starter Edwin Jackson in the crosshairs of Ken Williams, but that could be only to flip him to the Nationals in a package for Adam Dunn.  It appears that tonight’s scheduled starter Daniel Hudson is going to be a part of any major deal, so we will pay close attention to lineup announcements and subsequent changes closer to gametime against the Athletics.

The Dodgers have interest in both Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot.  Also, keep in mind that Dunn could end up being Derrek Lee’s replacement at first for the Cubs, regardless of where he finishes out this year.

Ramon Castro belted two homers last night, improving his numbers to an eyebrow-raising .327/.403/.618.  Contrast that with AJ Pierzynski’s flaccid .237/.274(!)/.355(!) and you could forgive an overzealous Castro fan for clamoring for more.  Amazingly, even in limited duty, Castro has been twice as valuable to the Sox as AJ this year:  1.0 WAR to 0.5.

Zach Zaidman will provide the latest from Bears Camp in Bourbonnais, as we await further glowing reports from their delusional head coach, as he insults the intelligence of anyone capable of critical thought.

The Tribune reports today on the scary economic state of the Blackhawks.  The front-page story details the number of times the team ran out of cash last season, needing “internal capital calls” to transfer funds from other Wirtz-owned businesses just to make payroll.  The key statement in the piece is this:  “…professional hockey has a tougher financial road because the sport lacks broad appeal and therefore doesn’t command lucrative television contracts” in comparison to the NFL, MLB and NBA.

  • Mike in Denver

    A.J. is gone after this year. I cannot believe he is playing like this in a contract year. We have Lucy and Flowers.

  • bigtime sucker

    maybe he just call it on command, maybe his career is truely in a downward spiral. and wow about the hawks, whoa after record tv ratings and sell outs and merchandise sales and all that, still had trouble making payroll. this is on as dan alluded to without saying it, GARY BETTMAN. get him out of that office


      Proof positive that the league expansion was a total disaster.
      Might be impossible to undo.
      That extra money for existing owners has long evaporated from their coiffers. Extra teams mean higher salaries, and the whole thing could implode.
      The game has never looked better, though, and that Cup sure looks shinier next to a red Indian-head sweater.

  • Justin

    1- “Contract year” is a myth.
    2- Don’t look now, but Lucy is bad and Flowers has been downright AWFUL this year.


    It’s too hot to stick my head in the oven; can’t this depressing news wait until February? How do hockey teams make these messes for themselves? Is Bowman buying too much $n!t on e-bay? Did they enroll all of their children in private school? Are they in a McMansion, leasing Audis and eating dinner out every night?
    Hey, I guess the most you can hope for as a fan is that they skate enough guys a night to avoid a forfeit/ season cancellation.
    In a salary cap league, who are the ‘hawks competing with dollar-for-dollar? Who are the successes? Detroit must have A LOT of extra-detroit fans to subsidize their success. Even the Rangers suck!
    And, as I said before, You never hear of the Redwings forced to dump salary. They must’ve been the one-eyed kings in the kingdom of the blind (right).


    Dan Hudson, we hardly knew ye. As I type this message, he’s on his way out of Chicago, and all I know is that the White Sox have recalled Lucas Harrell from Triple “A” Charlotte to make a spot start this eve vs. Brett Anderson and the Athletics tonight at U.S. Cellular Field. Your guess is as good as mine regarding who the White Sox are on the verge of dealing, and needless to say, it’s definitely must listen to sports talk radio come 2p when Steve Stone joins “B & B”.

    As for last night’s latest win over the hapless Mariners at U.S. Cellular Field, you know things are going your way when backup catcher Ramon Castro, who only starts when “Sweaty” Freddy Garcia starts these days, smacks two homers for the first time in a game since 2002. Then again, you know things aren’t going your way when burning 2 of Mark Kotsay’s bats can’t change his luck in last night’s 9-5 win over Seattle. I’ve got to think if Hudson’s on his way out of Chicago in a trade, Kotsay can’t be too far behind.

  • Denver Smeghead

    Can anybody explain to me why the Cubs haven’t gotten rid of anybody yet? Not everybody on the roster has iron clad no trade clauses.

    Thank god football season is nearly here.

    • Jon, Montgomery

      i don’t think jim hendry has a phone :)

      he did try to trade lee, but lee blocked any trade because he wants to stay here in chicago with his family, ted lilly hasn’t been getting alot of action, but i think he will now because he is the best availible stating pitcher on the market. and who else is there for hendry to trade? the cubs are stuck with everybody else.

      • Denver Smeghead

        “i don’t think jim hendry has a phone :)”

        Yeah, he must’ve lost it along with his common sense with some of the contracts he’s handed out in recent years.

        I suppose in the end it matters little who remains this year. The Cubs are a lost cause, and will remain so as long as Hendry sticks around anyways.

  • bigtime sucker

    again, i blame the commissioner bettman, not sticking up for his sport and shoving his league off to the lower bidder. the nhl network compared to the nba and nfl network, is a joke. why aren’t they negotioating with NBC Universal to bring the season and the players to the USA network, that would make sense for both parties for a lot of different reasons. a) it creates continuity as NBC and USA are owned by the same peopleb) everybody has USA C)there isn’t much a disconnect between wrestling fans and hockey fans so promoting the games on let’s say monday night RAW would be a good thing. also their line up of shows is huge. burn notice is HUGE, psyche is good, in plain site is good, covert affairs to name a few would be huge jumping off points for the network to do i don’t know wednesday and sunday night games. It can happen TNT does it for the NBA, has great shows, the NBA, and movies. I think USA network would be the best cable partner for the NHL and get that revenue sharing cranked up proper like

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