Nasty Brett Favre Story Coming?

brett favre 8 4 Nasty Brett Favre Story Coming?

The lads at Deadspin are hinting at something shocking and icky involving Brett Favre, a secret cell phone, videos, and at least one well-enough-known woman.

The morsels provided at this point allow for all kinds of possibilities, and editor AJ Daulerio seems to be relishing the tease.  Link after the jump.

See what you think: CLICK HERE

Hard to believe they would roll this out so early and so confidently if they didn’t already have the goods.

What any of this may have to do with the latest “retirement” story is unclear.  Regardless, I think he plays this year.  I will default to this position until wrong, which will eventually happen.  But he was too good last season, and the NFL has made it easier than ever for quarterbacks to succeed.

Nice debut for hulking Cub pitcher Thomas Diamond last night.  Unlike Casey Coleman, he at least has some stuff.  The pipeline from Des Moines is about to open, so get ready for Darwin Barney, Wellington Castillo, Brad Snyder, Brian LaHair and Micah Hoffpauir.  And cheap tickets.

The split doubleheader allowed the Sox to add a half-game to their lead over the Twins.  Edwin Jackson pitches against famously-imperfect Armando Galarraga tonight, so we’ll see if Don Cooper fixed the supposed pitch-tipping.  Lefty reliever Chris Sale is said to be on the way to the majors, and his skeletal appearance recalls Woody Allen’s line about Manute Bol:  “They save money on travel by just faxing him from city to city.”

Late start tomorrow after Sox/Tigers postgame, and we’re out Friday on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two” Tavern Tour at Real Time Sports in St. Charles.

  • George Oscar Bluth

    DELICIOUS! Hopefully Favre gets all the media attention he has tried to so desperately to attract the last 5 years.

  • Kareem Burgess

    I hope this tease (once revealed), is so scandalous, that Brett Favre wants to bury his head deep in the sand; never to be seen again!!!

    Serves him right with all this “will he or won’t he play” crap. Since you like the attention so much, chew on some of this upcoming attention.

  • frasier in niles

    That Favre is a cocky fellow when it comes to his Salisbury steak.

  • Lydell

    So Winky Favre is soon to be well-enough-known? What kind of shelf life does The Painkiller Defense have? Remember, when the going get’s rough, break out Dead Daddy. Never fails.

    • George Oscar Bluth

      so the story (as of now) is that Big Brett likes to send photos of Little Brett to young women, usually as Big Brett, um, massages Little Brett.

  • Mike in davenport
  • Chris in Scottsdale

    The most damning piece of evidence? The watch. I assume if Favre is rolling with it, it’s probably an expensive, unusual timepiece. I’m no watch expert, but that’s my guess.


    For the record, I would love to see a virus that wipes out texting and, the other texting.
    I will record the collective “WTF!” screams from every stupid driver when they simultaneously pull out of their driveway, flip open their phone, and find out that the function doesn’t work anymore. I’d be a happy human that day, I can tell you. But for now, I’ll continue to do my effen best to be a defensive driver. Knock on wood.

  • 8005551212

    ::Starts fire, burns crocs::

  • Peter Lemonjello

    Don’t you wish Dan Berstein from yesterday had to call in to Dan Bernstein of yesteryear and discuss his feelings about steroids and Manny Ramirez….would Dan Bernstein of yesteryear even allowed him to talk….call him an idiot/moron? Yesterday DB (paraphrasing) “I guess I’ve just accepted it and I really didn’t even think about it when discussing Manny” Yesteryear DB “Well you’re a moron, if you are not going to care about it, call some other show, we care about cheaters here. We don’t just allow people to cheat and let them get away with it, you are a dope. I’ve taken a lot of calls over the years, but that deutsche bank is one of the worst”.

    Nice defense by Terry…..”well no other teams have removed these guys from the rosters, nobody else has done anything about it”…….typical non-sensical crap from Boers……that must be why he repeats everything 32 times……..because people can’t believe they are listening to a paid sports radio host and have to hear it again to believe his points……then again they’re “his guys” points so we’ll just have to figure out who “his guys” is.


    I listened into Chris Rongey’s “Xfinity Feedback Zone Postgame” and the early stages of Les Grobstein’s “SCORE Overnight” after the Tigers beat the White Sox 7-1 in the second game of their split doubleheader in Detroit. There were a number of Sox fans wondering why Carlos Torres, not Lucas Harrell, got the call from Triple “A” Charlotte to start the nightcap. While Harrell pitched good in his ML debut last Friday night vs. the A’s and got the win, two things to consider. First, it would’ve been Torres’ turn to pitch. Second, it would have been only three days rest for Harrell. Needless to say, it would have been a lot to ask. As for Torres’ spot start, his control & location were nowhere to be found last night in Detroit. I thought he was lucky to go 6 innings in his spot start after allowing 5 earned runs, walking 5 and not throwing nearly enough first pitch strikes. Even if Torres did as well as Harrell, I fully expect the White Sox to option Torres back to the minors perhaps before tonight’s game, likely paving the way for #1 pick Chris Sale to debut in the bullpen as this team’s second lefty..

  • Linda S.

    No surprises here. B. Favre is a self-loving loser. I’m so sick of him, I wish he would just go away.


    I can spend an hour on a website (like IMDB or theonion; I’d NEVER, and I’m SHOCKED. . . .(cough)
    I can’t spend a minute on I’ve tried about three times. It just does not captivate me.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I’m totally with you, Spaulding. I don’t like TMZ or Entertainment Tonight or any other gossip rags. The fact that Deadspin focuses on celebrity athletes rather than celebrity movie stars doesn’t really change anything for me.

      • SPAULDING!

        Dempster. Noun. a pitcher who tends to get itchy when a runner is standing on second base.

        I get that it’s the anti-ESPN, but I, generally, avoid ESPN. I don’t like the persistent ticker of irrelevancy. College football scores: Elon vs. Iona. I swear they make up colleges just to feed the ticker.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    “Nice Watch”

    -Greg Oden

  • Denver Smeghead

    Well, it’s Deadspin being Deadspin. Hard to say where the truth of this ‘story’ really is in the end. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

    Oh, and I apologize Dan, for missing the opportunity to bring out the ol’ sniper rifle. Lance Armstrong just went riding down the boulevard a couple of blocks from my apartment building. He’s here promoting a new Tour de Silliness that’s going to start in Colorado next summer.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      If anything, Deadspin gets into trouble for running stories that aren’t supposed to run because of the trouble they cause for being VERY accurate. Their ESPN: Horndog Dossier was one of the best things ever to come out of that site. Plus, the entire Gawker network runs along the same lines. Remember when Gizmodo got a hold of the iPhone 4? Apple wanted to eviscerate them. Their methods may be questionable, but they tend to get the story out there as well or better than anyone else.

  • Ed in DeKalb, IL

    Darwin Barney? Wellington Castillo? Brian LaHair? Are these guys baseball players or rogues from the shadows of Tammany Hall circa 1932?!?!


      How’s your Toomb’s Shiester?

  • George Oscar Bluth

    undoubtedly soon to follow the Favre rumors are the “blame the girl” guys. This isn’t about Favre sending Wang Wang pics around to harass people, its about a trollop who wants to get famous. rrrrrrRight. And $100 says ESPN ignores the story until it can’t anymore.

  • Steven Weissmann

    The NFL is a better and more entertaining league WITH Brett Favre. The crap about hi “sexting” doesn’t interest me. Favre is not a top 3 QB anymore. But he was a top 5-6 last year and he makes plays that many other QB’s wouldn’t (and sometimes shouldn’t) attempt. He makes huge plays and sometimes they are for the opposite team. but he’s never boring and that’s what I want when I turn on the NFL….Entertain me. He does that. For that reason, I anticipate favorably, his return to the NFL.

  • Dan from Hinsdale

    Just turned you back on because I was watching ‘todlers & tiars’ with my daughter. Trailer trash on both fronts…God please help me find a Job! but I’d still listen at work…

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