brett favre 8 4 Nasty Brett Favre Story Coming?

The lads at Deadspin are hinting at something shocking and icky involving Brett Favre, a secret cell phone, videos, and at least one well-enough-known woman.

The morsels provided at this point allow for all kinds of possibilities, and editor AJ Daulerio seems to be relishing the tease.  Link after the jump.

See what you think: CLICK HERE

Hard to believe they would roll this out so early and so confidently if they didn’t already have the goods.

What any of this may have to do with the latest “retirement” story is unclear.  Regardless, I think he plays this year.  I will default to this position until wrong, which will eventually happen.  But he was too good last season, and the NFL has made it easier than ever for quarterbacks to succeed.

Nice debut for hulking Cub pitcher Thomas Diamond last night.  Unlike Casey Coleman, he at least has some stuff.  The pipeline from Des Moines is about to open, so get ready for Darwin Barney, Wellington Castillo, Brad Snyder, Brian LaHair and Micah Hoffpauir.  And cheap tickets.

The split doubleheader allowed the Sox to add a half-game to their lead over the Twins.  Edwin Jackson pitches against famously-imperfect Armando Galarraga tonight, so we’ll see if Don Cooper fixed the supposed pitch-tipping.  Lefty reliever Chris Sale is said to be on the way to the majors, and his skeletal appearance recalls Woody Allen’s line about Manute Bol:  “They save money on travel by just faxing him from city to city.”

Late start tomorrow after Sox/Tigers postgame, and we’re out Friday on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two” Tavern Tour at Real Time Sports in St. Charles.

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