larry fitzgerald 8 9 Finding Valuable Fantasy Targets

Being successful in a fantasy football league is partly based on luck and partly based on being able to predict the future. Knowing what a player has done in the past is important, but irrelevant if that history doesn’t repeat itself. Touchdowns are difficult to predict, there are so many elements that can be factored in. Weather, play calling, player conditioning, penalties and performance of teammates can all positively and negatively affect a player getting into the end zone. As a result, touches have become a much more accurate indication of success for smart fantasy owners. 

Knowing if a player was worn down the previous year, and likely will see a decline in production is valuable information. But very simply put, the more touches a player gets the more worth they have in a fantasy league. More touches equals more opportunities to break a big run or find hit on the home run catch. Jamey Eisenberg, of, breaks down the players with the most touches and the most success off of those touches. One name that might surprise you is where Greg Olsen pops up on Eisenberg’s list. To read Eisenberg’s full article and see his interactive table click here.

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