Evil Twins

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Might as well go into it all square.

A cushion of a game or two would be a nice margin for error, of course (and a seven-game lead would lessen the palpitations before every pitch), but there’s something that seems clean and right about this six-of-the-next-nine duel starting with a tie atop the division.  Bring it.

Freddie Garcia has been like Eddie Harris from Major League, getting by with an 82 mph “fast”ball and little else beyond slop-selection and varied release-points and set-stops, if not the occasional glob of Vagisil or Bardahl.  He’ll oppose Scott Baker tonight, trying to quiet a strong offense that is still missing its best hitter in Justin Morneau.

US Cellular Field is kind to the Sox bats, to say the least.  Check this year’s home/road slash-stat comparison:  .270/.341/.467 (.808 OPS) vs. .256/.315/.381 (.696 OPS).

We’ll preview the series this afternoon, bring you the lineup as soon as Ozzie posts it, and get a live look-in as first pitch approaches.

Carlos Zambrano did nothing to impress potential suitors last night.  His stuff was meh, his location awful.  Funny how the talk of his inevitable offseason trade never gets to the Cubs eating all the remaining dollars on the deal, which they’ll have to do.  They will also have to swallow every last penny of Fukudome’s remaining money, too, so dreams of Adam Dunn replacing Derrek Lee appear far-fetched.

Think we’ll see Lou again, or will all parties involved agree to use his extended absence as a way of gently fading him into the cornfield?

Terry is back from vacation today, so the Roar of the Day returns at 5:30.  We plan to do the Second Half at 3:30, with surprises from Bears camp, Sox/Twins or both.

  • Lydell

    Now Soto and Derrek Lee are missing too. Suggestion: disable the entire team with Personal Chafing. Then fill the roster with Fantasy Campers who pay for the privilege. No one’s going to be watching anyway.

  • AT3374

    Great points Dan , as amazing as the Sox resurgence has been , we do have to temper that with how bad the NL has been , but the Sox did win those games so I can’t take that from them , but beating the Twins will go a long way in quiting those who are still on the fence about this team .

    Hopefully Lou’s mother will be ok , but he really needs to go . This team is going no where fast and Henry can’t rely on stripping the Pirates for players or beating them to get back in the race , since they have handled the Cubs pretty well .

    Well at least we have the Bears and their “magic shotgun” offense and teh ‘play that they always score with ” to keep us busy for the next few months

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      Saying Piniella needs to go is like saying a burning house needs a smoke detector… it’s a little too late. Lou needed to go four months ago. At this point I fail to see any material difference between Lou riding out this last month and a half or Trammell filling in until the end of September.

  • Likquid Swordz

    The situation with Lou’s mother is unfortunate, but this is a silver lining for him because he can just easily say “I’m done”, to spare himself from this flaming pile of feces. In past years, people would say “bring the kids up to get some experience” Well the kids ARE up and they are horrific right now.

    Sidenote: Laurence Fishburne’s daughter has a porn movie out and it has to a Tournament of Bad #1 seed.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I’ll have to check out the video… I mean, so I can be an informed Tournament of Bad voter, of course. Incidentally, Laurence Fishburn played Cowboy Curtis on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, so none of this should come as that big of a surprise.


    Forget the fact Brian Roberts sent the sparse crowd at Baltimore’s Camden Yards home happy with a monster homer that was gone as soon as it left the bat as the Orioles took 3 of 4 with the White Sox with their second extra-inning win in the series. In my opinion, the offense in this series was nowhere to be found. Against Brad Bergesen Friday, Kevin Millwood Saturday, Jeremy Guthrie Sunday & Brian Matusz last night, all 4 O’s with losing records & high ERA’s, the Sox scored ONLY 4 RUNS vs. the less than fantastic four Buck Showalter started in this series. When the Sox dealt with the Orioles’ bullpen, the results weren’t much better either, only scoring 6 runs vs. their relievers. In total, the Sox were flat out terrible offensively in the whole series, scoring just 10 runs in the 4 game series and going only 2-for-17 with runners in scoring position.

    The good news about the big Twins’ series that starts tonight at U.S. Cellular Field for first place in the A.L. Central is that the Southsiders will not face the rejuvenated Carl Pavano and Kevin Slowey won’t start tomorrow night’s game due to elbow soreness. I’d feel a lot better about the Sox chances if Freddy Garcia rises to the occasion and gives an overworked bullpen a breather tonight.

  • bigtime sucker

    put up or shut up time in the south side tonight!!! if i were ozzie, pierre bunting for a single on the first pitch would be in order just to provide a spark, who knows? i don’t know because i haven’t been watching though. anybody gone to camp yet? i am interested in hearing from your perspective how camp has gone in bearbonais?

    • bigtime sucker

      bulls schedule came out, and judging how the games are arranged, i have the bulls potentially going 57-25. the first west coast road trip? BRUTAL houstan s.a. dallas lakers,suns, nuggetts and the kings. i have the bulls going 3-4 in that stretch. then they play orlando at home and boston on the road, houston and okc. after that, the red sea parts and many victories come through with the bulls potentially going 16-1 with the one loss coming from the lakers on the tenth of december and including an important home win agaist boston on the 8th of january. the second road trip is a lot better with the clippers, golden state, portland a weakened utah and the hornets. i have the bulls going 4-1 in that stretch coming home to play charlote and the spurs. the schedule gets tough witht he before mentioned spurs, miami at home on the 24th of february on TNT at milwaukee an easy one at washington, on the road at atlanta orlando and miami. it opens up again a bit with the only tough games once again coming in atlanta and milwaukee. then they finish april pretty easilly with phoenix and a suprise win by the knicks in msg as the only hiccups. look at the schedule and tell me your predictions.

      • SPAULDING!

        welcome back, b.t.s.

        Quite possibly, different managers can get results with the spray charts/ video/ scouting reports. When a chronically bad team gets a little boost over a decent team, I have to think “doing the homework,” is a part of the equasion, and it’s probably easier at home than on the road. Conversely, when a team doesn’t live up to expectations, or goes on a jag, how much you want to bet they’re ignoring their homework?

  • bigtime sucker

    i guess bernstein was too busy crying over his beloved whitesox to write a column today, either that or he is on vacation, either way i am ambivilous

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