jay cutler 8 16 2 Find the top fantasy quarterbacks

Almost across the board NFL teams are becoming more pass-oriented. As a result of that quarterbacks are beginning to be more and more important in fantasy leagues. With that being said, owners can still hurt themselves by drafting a QB to high or panicking when some start to come off the board and jumping on a guy in a bad spot. The best way for owners to draft QBs is to put them all in tiers. This way you’ll know when you’re reaching on or stealing a QB.

Dave Richard of CBSSports.com breaks down NFL QBs into five different tiers. While most fantasy owners are aware of the top tier QBs Aaron Rogers, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, it is the rest of the tiers that can make or break your fantasy season. To see how Richard breaks out his tiers and read his article click here.

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