chris johnson 8 17 Game planning for fantasy football success

Drafting players, picking up free agents and making smart trades is only half of the work that’s needed to win a fantasy football league. Every fantasy owner will have a Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson or Drew Brees type of player. Knowing when to play the Miles Austins on your team separates the contenders from the pretenders. To make the right decisions with your line up you must understand team game plans.

To understand the game plans that coaches diagram during the week you need to understand the process. First, coaches need to address the health of their players. Once they know which of their players will be able to play that week, they can start to look at how to attack the opposing teams tendencies. Being able to anticipate the game plans for teams each week can be very difficult. Thankfully, David Richard of breaks down the keys understanding and predicting these game plans. To read Richard’s article click here.

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