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Manny Ramirez is a clown, but he’s a clown who can still hit when he wants to.

Details are being finalized regarding the terms of the waiver deal, and it appears the moody slugger  is on the way to join the Sox in Cleveland for the three-gamer that begins their season-deciding road swing.

The only downside would be the Sox parting with a prospect:  this is a manageable risk for a playoff longshot that is not playing well.  A broken bullpen needs all the runs it can get.

Fun time at the Sox game yesterday, outcome notwithstanding.  My Bronx-native inlaws didn’t trash-talk, and we got to see the Frank Thomas ceremony.  Hot as hell, though.

Frank looked like a massive Secret Service agent in his dark suit and sunglasses, (while Hawk Harrelson and Carlton Fisk were more ready for a Jimmy Buffett concert or a “Road to…” movie), and seemed genuinely touched.  I’m certain he’s miffed that Manny stole his spot on the front of today’s sports page, however.

The Bears, meantime, are a hot mess of bad.  Still time to tighten things up (I have to say that even though it’s probably not true), but there are alarm sirens wailing.  The Terry Shea offense is back, complete with wrong routes, ill-timed throws, horrible blocking and the attendant finger-pointing and shoulder shrugs.

And the outdated defense is in midseason form.  We’ll see if the great wall of arrogance at Halas Hall is missing a brick or two this week.

Barry Rozner sits in for the vacationing TB today, and we’ll be talking about it all.

  • Beverly Brewmaster

    Here’s what drives me nuts with the cover-2… The boilerplate response from the Bears if you criticize the cover-2 is “We only run the cover-2 about a third of the time so that’s not the problem.” Now I’ll admit that if you showed me one play out of context I might not be able to say if it’s cover-2 or not. However, my understanding is that cover-2 is used most often on third-and-long. And where does the Bears’ D suck the most? Third-and-long. We saw it again Saturday night. So my question is, if cover-2 isn’t the problem, then why can’t we get off the field? (And don’t tell me it’s not cover-2, it’s the personnel, because you knew the personnel you had when you decided to stick with cover-2.)

  • Denver Smeghead

    Nothing like a parting gift of “Manny being Manny” on his way out of LA. It’s hilarious that the White Sox want to deal with that kind of garbage. I hope it backfires in the worst way.

    Oh, and here’s a shocker: the Bears suck.

  • General Soreness

    I usually reserve my Bears win prediction until after the 3rd preseason game. After that pathetic performance I’ll have to say that they will be lucky to get back to 7 wins. I hope that I am wrong.
    Worst O-line ever……

  • General Soreness

    Mr. Moderator,
    This is BS. Why am I being moderated. I have always been respectful on this blog.
    Is it because I said this revamped website and blog sucks? Well it does and you know it!

    • bigtime sucker

      general, i think it’s a default setting, i wouldn’t fret it too much

    • meesohawnee

      Yes. This blog website sucks. Cheap Eliot Harris-like Perverted crap all over. (i mean really, if we want that dontcha think there are other sites for this? )moderation,annoying pop up adds…need more? Yea Manny can hit or did but does the Pez candy dispenser come with him?

  • bigtime sucker

    Dear Chicago Sports

    You and I are headed for a divorce and in a hurry. The Cubs are hopeless and hapless. The Sox have never been my favorite. The Bears are downright pathetic. The Bulls have improved from lower mediocre to upper mediocre and the Blackhawks have spent their way to one and done. It was fun this June, seeing them win and the celebration that insued, but now 1/2 those personalities are gone and hopes for next year are growing dimmer by the day. The situation with the Bulls? It’s not what you did, you did fine, but that blasted other team in south beach did phenominal and you are better, but not better enough. The Bears, i don’t want to hear one thing about how much better your offense and defense are going to be, bottom line, your not skilled enough, have not adjusted enough on defense and basically showing up to a 2010 party wearing 2004 clothes, and unprepared at that, you are just behind the times, i am sorry. I have not been able to enjoy a Cubs game since about the 5th inning of game one of the 2008 playoffs. This is going to be a long painful road to recovery and is going to be very tough to watch. I wish i could like you white sox, it’s not you, it’s me. Probably the most consistent franchise in town and i can’t find it in my heart to pine for you, even when winning the world series, i was happy for you, but not overjoyed, and objectivly, i can’t figure out if you are a solid club, over achieving or just better enough than most of the bad teams to hang around. Maybe getting Manny will add an entertainment value missing in chicago sports the last 3+ months. I need something quick or i will have to be forced to watching TLC shows with my wife and cartoons with my kids. I don’t want that chicago sports, but you are providing little alternative. I will give you another chance, but i don’t hold out much hope, you had better impress me and impress me quick!!!

  • Bob Loblaw

    By which game will the Bears reach “fun-bad”?

    Will loathie make it thru the year?

  • Bob Loblaw


    How’s that General?

  • merklesboner

    The word “ambassador”, as defined by the recent job descriptions of Scottie Pippen and Carlton Fisk: Arrogant ex-jock who lost all/most of his money and in retirement, takes new job with former team as a sort of mascot. Also see: bobo, gofer, carnival geek.


    So Manny Ramirez is about to join the White Sox and could make his debut in silver & black later tonight vs. the Indians at (Not So) Progressive Field in Cleveland right here on 670 The SCORE. While he would be an upgrade over whoever is DH-ing currently for the Southsiders, there are a couple of red flags. Friday on “The Dan Patrick Show”, MLB/FOX Sports’ lead analyst Tim McCarver questioned Manny’s committment to the Dodgers this season and didn’t think Manny was in baseball shape from the getgo. To me, now that it appears that Manny is coming to the South Side, I hope Ozzie can tolerate Manny’s shtick. While he can still hit the baseball at age 38, Manny can be lazy & a bit of a hot dog. His act wore thin in Boston & yesterday’s ejection as a pinch-hitter for the Dodgers in Denver was the last straw. If I wanted a hot dog, I’d go to my neighborhood hot dog stand rather than tolerate one of the biggest jerks in Bud Selig’s Major League Baseball in Manny Ramirez. Besides, he’s going to want a lot of $$$$ again when he becomes a free agent this winter. This isn’t going to work, Sox fans.

  • bigtime sucker

    while i don’t hold out hope for the bears, they look PUTRID, I DO offer this as a call to somewhat sanity read especially the seventh paragraph and then remember what the first 8 to 10 games looked like

    sometimes preseason is an absolute indicator and sometimes it means didly poo. it meant didly poo in 2006, i do fear it’s an indicator this year though

    • meesohawnee

      im just glad the lovie exit tour is getting into full swing. The day i dont have to hear him in an interview will be a very happy one.

      • bigtime sucker

        he’s kinda like lovie gump. listen to him at the end of a statement. Lovie Smith, “we see where we are as a football team. We have time still. Right now, that’s about all we can give you.”
        Forest Gump: She got the cancer and died on a Tuesday. I bought her a new hat with little flowers on it. And that’s all I have to say about that”


    • bigtime sucker

      another in the file making me feel better about preseason performance of the bears, the cowboys look lowsy too, and are still superbowl favorites.

  • Hugh Skillset

    What’s up with the helmet? Will it already be smeared with pine tar already, or will it be clean?

  • Dan Helpingstine

    I heard your show for a short time and heard it said that Manny Ramirez won’t be a distraction and that he basically been one. If so, why couldn’t Boston get rid of him quickly enough even that meant taking a big chance of not going to the World Series? I realize Dodgers only have a slim chance of making the playoffs but they have one. But they got rid of Ramirez with little regret.

    I agree that he won’t destroy the White Sox franchise in a month. But once the season is completely over, I want the Sox to say good-bye to him. I don’t want the team spending any more money on him, and I don’t want to spend my money to watch this mope.


    Good stuff, guys.
    What more can I say?
    Beverly Brewmaster hit the nail on the hammer.
    Part of the problem, is that the defense now spends 47 minutes of time on the field.
    Two plays I never need to see again:
    Anyone run up the middle
    The “wildcat.” They needed proturf in the worst way.

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