Another ‘Roider Joins the Sox

manny ramirez 9 1 3 Another Roider Joins the Sox

The Sox/Indians brunchtimer means Laurence Holmes and I will join you after the postgame show, ready to discuss the performance of Manny Ramirez.  He is in today’s lineup, batting 5th as the DH.

(Perhaps he should be deployed only as a looming pinch-hit threat, since the mere sight of him causes pitchers to hang sliders to be hit for three-run homers)  ;)

But all the moral hand-wringing should continue, today, right?  Since another Sox player is arriving in Cleveland with a 50-game suspension on his rap sheet.

Catcher Tyler Flowers played for the Sox in September last year, too.  He came to the team with Brent Lillibridge from the Braves in the Javier Vasquez deal in December of 2008.

He was suspended for 50 games in 2006 following a positive test for steroids, so shouldn’t that be of as much concern as that of a certain teammate?  Tell me why not.  Good luck.

Realize — I’m not taking a stand, here.  Just pointing out that any Sox fan’s feeling of discomfort should have been confronted and reconciled long before Ramirez arrived.

The haircut is not coming, apparently, trumped by Ramirez’s desires and/or prospective wig sales.  The barber in Cleveland reportedly gave him “a little tightening around the edges,” per the Trib.

We’ll see what the 129-pitch outing does to the resurgent Edwin Jackson.  You hate to see that necessitated, though I acknowledge the precarious relief situation (both those missing and those available but untrustworthy).

Mike Martz calls Jay Cutler “brilliant.”  Today, he calls off-the-street signee Todd Collins “remarkable.”  He said the Bears’ O-line did a “remarkably” better job in pass-protection.  Martz also called “Dinner for Schmucks” “Remarkable!  The comedy smash of the summer!  Steve Carrell has done it again!  Brilliant!”

“Who You Crappin?” is tomorrow at 5:00, as Steve Rosenbloom and I broadcast from the Titled Kilt in Elgin on the Bud Light “Who Needs Two?” Tavern Tour.  Friday, the Tour rolls into downtown Naperville, and Laurence Holmes sits in for Terry with me at The Lantern.

  • Otown Brown

    I didn’t see “Dinner for Schmucks” but it looked horrible. I’d almost rather watch a Tyler Perry movie than see Steve Carrell star in another unfunny comedy.

    • Taco-Lover Tom

      My prediction (Say it like I mean it…) for Steve Carell’s next wince-worthy “comedy” starring vehicle: ALF—The Movie, starring Carell, opposite the now-computer-animated wise-cracking alien, as the hapless family dad who’s also a crackhead maniac

  • JohnFromCedarTucky

    I hope there will not be any roid-rage in the Sox dugout since Manny is here now. I hope OLD Manny is still able to hit without the juice. I thought that Todd Collins was remarkably bad at playing QB at the NFL.

  • merklesboner

    The objections to Manny are not merely ‘roid based, but the fact that he is an arse wipe, in the classic Big Z mold. And like the Cubs pitcher, possesses vastly diminishing skills. His act is old and is already wearing thin, HRs or not. His change of laundry does not endear him to me or a lot of other fans.

  • Denver Smeghead

    So, I’m catching up on stuff from yesterday, particularly the Zach Zaidman interview with Mac and Holmes, and then the followup. The thought running through my head while listening to Zaidman was echoed immediately: Zaidman is still a complete Bears apologist.

    And this isn’t the first time I’ve thought this. I thought it last season too, particularly after Bernstein called Zaidman out on on it.

    Yet, nothing has changed. Zaidman will take anything the Bears say, believe the BS and lies, and defend them with any excuse under the sun.

    It’s pathetic and Zaidman should be embarrassed.


    Bernsy mentioned that Manny Ramirez debuts in the #5 spot as the DH in today’s “Businessman’s Special” between the White Sox & Indians at (Not So) Progressive Field in Cleveland. Also in the lineup are Omar Vizquel, not Brent Lillibridge, at second base for the second straight game while Gordon Beckham continues to recover from his bruised right hand. Mark Teahen is the third baseman again this afternoon & Ramon Castro catches starting pitcher Freddy Garcia in the getaway game between the Sox & Tribe.

    As for last night, even though he gave up 3 runs in 8 2/3 innings, Edwin Jackson was in complete control on the mound until he literally ran out of gas in the bottom 9th. Because Edwin threw 129 pitches in last night’s game, I’ll be interested to see if Jackson is pushed back a day or two in his next start. Before the Sox got Edwin at the MLB Trade Deadline in July, the Diamondbacks moved him back shortly after he threw 149 pitches in his no-hitter vs. the Rays in St. Petersburg’s Tropicana Field during Interleague Play. I applaud Jackson’s effort last night. I hope it wasn’t a costly one in the process.

  • Tank Johnsons Trigger Finger
  • jay

    Why is the team so high on aquiring some roider with diminishing skills? Am I wrong or does Ramirez have a better BA this year than all our other batters, or was it just from a prolonged affect from the roids? Maybe the roids carried the dodgers into the playoffs in 08′. Maybe blaming everything on roids makes people actually feel good about themselves who are just used to relishing in other peoples accomplishments.

  • the Real Jam Master

    And this is why I have a problem with Sox fans. Nobody is ever good enuf for you. Worry more about if you can catch the Twins, than posturing about Manny and PED’s. At least your GM has the stones and the situation to make a move. I wish we had someone like Kenny @ 1040 W. Addison. Maybe it wouldn’t take so long between World Series wins (appearances?)

  • Amy Lee

    Remarkable job on your blog, Dan! :)

  • Kevin

    Why only one day of Rozner this week?? He is by far the best fill-in for Terry as he and Bernsie have a good thing going when on the air together.

  • Steven Weissmann

    Kenny Williams did not have many options available to him that could substancially improve his team and energize both the team and the fan base. Manny has just a month left on his deal and should the Sox (not at all likely) win their division, Manny has one hell of a history in post-season play. It cost the Sox only money and no players, so it doesn’t deplete the minor league system either. Kenny had to make a choice between principals (concerning players proven to have used steroids) and doing what he could to try to help his ballclub. he chose the latter. If he had gone the other way, he would have been criticized more for not doing everything he could to improve the team.

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