lilly Dodgers change mind about Lilly trade

It was reported over the weekend that the Dodgers placed former Cub Ted Lilly on waivers, just after Manny Ramirez’s claim was awarded to the White Sox. Tuesday, the Yankess won the claim for Ted Lilly. The fact that the Yankees have the best record in a separate league than Lilly and won the claim means no one else wanted the left-hander. After the Yankees won the claim, it was reported that the Dodgers had no interest in trading Lilly to the Yankees.

Being six and a half games out of the National League Wild Card, the Dodgers believe they have a chance. They also have an interest in signing Ted Lilly long-term.

The Yankees still want Lilly and still want to push for a deal. Though the deadline for players to be eligible to play in the post-season passed Tuesday, the Yankees believe there may be a loophole to still have him play if a trade happens later based on the fact they won the claim before the deadline.  If the Yankees do in fact make a deal for Lilly from the Dodgers, it would be his second time being on the Yankees, having played for them from 200-02.

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