Streak to Nowhere

white sox 9 7 Streak to Nowhere

Seven wins in a row bridging August and September should mean something for a contending team.

Streaks like that are often season-defining:  they validate playoff bona fides by showcasing timely hitting, consistent starting pitching and bullpen reliability.  They are when good teams pull away.

Unless not.

In what has to go down as a most unsatisfying week, the White Sox have found every conceivable way to beat the Indians, Red Sox and Tigers, only to see Minnesota still sitting on a comfy, 3.5 game cushion atop the AL Central.

Jim Thome’s cartoonish home runs have powered the injury-challenged Twins, who also got the benefit of a bizarre coach-interference call to hold on for a win over Texas.

So the playoff odds for the Sox continue to languish around 15 percent, with a big chunk of games lopped off the schedule.  25 to go.

It’s easy for Mike Quade to bench rookie Starlin Castro after the young star forgot to keep track of the outs.  The challenge comes, now, when Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez or another occasionally-lazy veteran does something similar.  Do you think Quade would be so heavy-handed next season, when/if games matter again?

Bears and Lions Sunday, so prepare for a week of blather from Lake Forest about how great everything is.  Greg Olsen is whining to the Tribune about trade “rumors,” which are actually trade “discussions” that he helped initiate by reacting to the hiring of Mike Martz so negatively and so publicly.

Another 53-man roster is set, as another round of familiarish names is cast onto the growing pile of draft-pick landfill, and something just feels wrong about this Bears season to be.  Such feelings can mean nothing, of course, but the preseason was dull and strange, the words from coaches lofty and disconnected, and the schedule daunts.

Terry is back today, and we’ll take you up to Sox/Tigers pregame at 5:30.

  • bronzo

    All the Sox can do is win…They have pitched well, had timely hitting, and Ozzie has done a good job managing the team during this streak. If the Twins don’t lose…so be it.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    As a Cubs fan, I couldn’t wait for football season to start. Now that it’s starting, I can’t wait for Basketball and Hockey season.

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      All I asked of the Cubs was to keep me entertained until training camp, and they couldn’t do that. Now all I ask of the Bears is to keep me entertained until the puck drops for the Blackhawks in October and I have a feeling they too will have trouble meeting my modest expectations.

  • Taco-Lover Tom

    Good work as usual, Bernsie. I think the hyphen in between “occasionally” and “lazy” was superfluous. And I think this recent stretch of games was hardly “a most unsatisfying week” for the White Sox. It’s rather frustrating to gain so little ground on a late-season hot streak, of course, but the Sox did the best they could with the only thing they can control, which is how well they play. What the Twins do is out of their hands. So it’s not the best week they’ve ever had, surely, but it’s far from the most unsatisfying. Anyone who goes back in Sox history as far as the Ivan Calderon-era should be able to appreciate that.

  • bronzo

    Surprised Bernsie didn’t totally dismiss the Boise State win last night. over Va Tech. VERY entertaining game…like it or not they will be in the mix for the BCS title game.

  • TheSearch

    Unsatisfying? Speak for yourself and the millions and billions of Cub fans. As a Sox fan, this end to the season has been everything but unsatisfying. Considering the start the team had, the middle and now end of the season have been very entertaining, and quite satisfying. You are the only people talking about Doom and Gloom for the Sox, stemming mainly from your own discontent for the sad, sad season the Cubs are living. Misery loves company, but sadly, we as Sox fans, can not attend your festival of hate, negativity and talk of a bleak and murky future.

    Baseball in the end is entertainment, and these games have not been a dissapointment. Would we like to make the post season? Of course, but if we don’t, we will be happy to know we put up a good fight. Comformist? No, but maybe, just maybe, 05 allows us to not join your hand is you jump off your cliff and plunge into your sad, sad abyss. Go Sox!!!

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I love it when people assume Dan’s a Cubs fan just because he says something that might possibly be construed as remotely criticizing the Sox. Sort of reminds me of folks who think you’re the second-coming of Rush Limbaugh if you dare to question anything Obama does.

      • TheSearch

        …”possibly construed as remotely criticizing”… thanks, that was a good laugh! I’m sure you believe Obama is at fault for the Cubs not being worth much this year. You know him wearing his Sox gear every chance he gets… I tell ya’, that guy… that guy…

      • Cubbuster

        Why can’t that “guy” who wears his Sox gear be a Cub’s fan?

    • Bob Loblaw

      YEAH!!! Dem bums on da Nort side got no fire and they lack passion!!!

  • Leonard

    Another statue went up today in Chicago…..WHY?!

  • Gentleman RaRa

    The unsatisfying hot streak the White Sox are on is more of a testament to how good the Twins really are. Bizarre ump rulings aside, Minnesota’s success has nothing to do with being “lucky”. If the Sox ride this hot streak all the way to the end of the season and fail to win the division, all you can do is tip your cap to the Twins and call it a season.

    • TheSearch

      I agree with you 100%.


    A “Streak to Nowhere” indeed…The White Sox may have won 7 in a row going into tonight’s second of four in Detroit here on 670 The SCORE, but it’s awfully frustrating that the streaking Southsiders can’t pick up more than 1/2 game on the just as hot Twins in the A.L. Central. I’m not anticipating nor expecting the Royals to give the Sox much help as K.C. continues their series at Target Field this eve in Minnesota. The Royals, by the way, start the Southsiders’ longest homestand of the season Friday night at U.S. Cellular Field as an appetizer to the final 3 of the regular season next week between the top two in the A.L. Central. I’m starting to think that a Sox sweep of the Twins might not be enough to stop Ron Gardenhire’s team from claiming the top spot in this division. If the Sox don’t win this division, they’re still look back at losses earlier this season to the bottom-feeding Royals, Indians & Orioles as 3 reasons why Ozzie’s guys will be watching MLB’s postseason on TV like everyone else.

  • rubs93

    A punchers chance.

    That is all I ask for as a Sox fan. Throughout this season of ups and downs we are only 3.5 games out with an important series at home against the team we are chasing for the division. Take pride that this team has not laid down for the Twins. I know I will be there supporting them, the question is will you? We need to pack the stadium and make it as uncomfortable for the Twins as possible.

    Manny has made a small but important impact to the lineup, Sale has come up big in giving us another left hander in the pen besides the overworked Thorton. AJ is finally coming out of his year long pouting. If we can continue to to play even with the Twins, this series in Chicago will be the most important series in years.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Lovie will soon change his motto from “we get off the bus running” to “we get on the bus running”

    Running away from an angry mob of Bear fans after his team can’t put together a playoff caliber record in 2010!

    • BBOX

      Come now Bob, Jerry Angelo himself said that all the pieces are in place . . . and the Bears just went 0-4 in the preseason for the first time since 1998, the last year of Dave Wannstedt’s erm, “regime.” All we need now is for Rod Marinelli to try to convince someone the Bears will be good because they have a $13 million defensive end and all those blocked memories of just how bad the late-90’s Bears were will come flooding back.

  • 'Mookies Majestic Steed

    Can we get some Acorn funds for Rham Emanual to begin his campaign push for the job?

  • bigtime sucker

    the sox are playing well and are very entertaining, as are the broadcasts. if they finish with over 90 wins, a) that would prove terry and dan very wrong(actually, 83 wins would) and b) you can’t feel too badly for winning over 90 games and missing the playoffs. i believe they are on pace for 91 wins. sometimes other teams are just better than you, although beating up on the royals and indians and some of the other bottom feeders would have helped them tremendously.

  • bigtime sucker

    as far as the beloved is concerned, i think this week is a good matchup for them, at least for our offensive line. I know vandenbosh is good and Suh is one mean sob and a beast but i don’t think they are the type of line and linebackers that give our line trouble. It’s the smaller quicker guys that give me pause. I think our dline can handle their o line pretty well, i am predicting 27-17 victory!!! when thinking about the next week with dallas? one word comes to mind…………..UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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