Would Kenny Leave The Sox?

kenny williams 9 17 Would Kenny Leave The Sox?

Kenny Williams has given a lot to the White Sox organization and fans over his tenure. He has strong ties to the city and is one of the more visible front office executives in Chicago. With all that being said, is it out of the realm of possibility that he might be convinced to leave the White Sox? The city? Baseball?

In an interview with Joe Posnanski of SI.com, Williams said that there is job he would have to take if ever offered.

“You know I love this city,” he tells Posnanski. “I love my job. Understand that. Get that part right. I love what I do, and I love where I am. But if the Oakland Raiders called tomorrow and asked me to run the team, I would go. I would do it.”

With this season appearing to be all but over, the White Sox organization, players and fans can do nothing but look to the future. The big question is whether or not that future will include Paul Konerko, Ozzie Guillen and now Kenny Williams.

  • bob

    Yea, 2 playoffs in 10 years, one of which is the World Series is 20% in my book. Not good. Of course he loves his very well paid job. I pray that the Oakland Raiders call him, I’ll drive him……..enough of him and Ozzie. Start fresh in 2011.

  • thesportsvent

    underperforming again – so disappointing. I hate to blame management when the team doesn’t hit or pitch like they should, but in this case… change would be good.

  • sun

    i’ll take 2 playoffs appearances with one being a World Series title over 3 or 6 playoff appearances with no WS title (ie. Oakland and Minnesota, respectively). i love that the Sox are in the division/pennant chase pretty much every year. KW and Ozzie make that happen. now resign PK, sign some corner outfielders, and let’s get 2011 kickstarted well

  • Keep Ozzie

    I VOTE TO KEEP CURRENT MANAGEMENT. The pitching as a whole just didn’t perform to their capabilities this year. And our situational hitting was often lacking. Losing PV didn’t help. But this is the 1st time in my life that the Sox try to compete every year and are striving for ANOTHER championship every year. Yea, 2 playoffs, but don’t forget 3 more pennant races. Ozzie has had 7 seasons, so that’s 5 out of 7 times the Sox are in the thick of it come September, and one time winning it all. He’s only had 2 losing seasons (07 & 09) Have they ever had 2 real bad seasons in a row? By real bad I mean out of the race by ASB. Before KW/Ozzie’s tenure, they averaged around 1 playoff appearance per decade. Ozzie has 2 out of 7. The last time Sox made playoffs twice in less than 7 years was 1917 & 1919 (Black Sox) As for Kenny, he has made some moves I strongly disagreed with, and still do, but he has also made some great moves. You can’t fault KW’s efforts. I like the guts. And Ozzie? Year after year, he gets the most out of what he has to work with. It looks like our scouting is on the rise and a BIG improvement over previous guy. Last 3 #1 picks are: Beckham, Sale, and Jared Mitchell (injured this season but he projects high). I have no argument to keep Walk around, however if Ozzie wants to then I trust in his decision. If I had to pick either Ozzie or KW to go I’d probly flip a coin honestly. I don’t think we could have won the WS without either of em’ and I think they offer the brightest future for the club. In my opinion, it’s the farm system that needs major improvement from the ground up. Not just getting better prospects, but a whole new attitude. The Twins show their kids how to play the game from day 1 in minors, NOT after they get called up like the Sox do. We need our kids to be able to bunt a baseball, play solid D, sacrifice their AB’s when needed, etc…. BEFORE they ever don their Sox uni for the 1st time. If we are gonna compete this next decade in the Central with our Minnesota rival, we need to start at the very core of the organization. If Kenny can’t, or won’t do this, then I would kindly ask him to move on. That, I think, is the biggest change this club needs.

  • mike evans

    who cares? go ahead tough guy

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