Will Favre Quit?

brett favre 9 21 Will Favre Quit?

An 0-2 start and a 56.1 passer rating might just cause an ankle “injury.”

That’s the speculation of Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports — a longtime Brett Favre supporter preparing himself for the end of his guy’s career.

His logic goes like this:

Favre has set up each of his Last Roundups as all or nothing, Super Bowl or bust.  He only wants to play in meaningful games, as he skips exhibitions (then whines about the offense not running as smoothly as it should, with no sense of self-awareness whatsoever).  If regular-season games later on the schedule appear to lose that meaning, Favre may just start sending pictures of bruised body parts to friendly media members, and slink back to the fetid swamp from which he emerges each August.

I’d like that.

We wait for details on the Bears’ two pulled hamstrings today.  The offensive line reconstruction appears stable for the time being, but longer-term positional planning can be affected by the recovery time for Chris Williams.  Major Wright’s bad luck continues.

Might it just be a bit too early for the Mike Martz head coaching speculation?  I’m all for wild, premature visions of the future based on small sample-sizes (or not even that), but really, Tribune.

Hub Arkush talks Bears and NFL with us at 5:00 today.

Tyler Colvin’s puntured chest cavity has unleashed Shattered Bat Panic across the nation.  Ban maple!  Even the syrup! Dry pancakes for all! Our children’s future is at stake!  Loud noises!

And the NBA rumor mill yesterday gave us the news that Carmelo Anthony is still being dangled by the Nuggets.  Ouch.

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    I agree that the “ban maple bats” stuff on Booyah has been waaay over the top.
    Stuff happens.

  • mike in davenport

    To be fair, there has been a building outcry about the baseball bats. Hell, Brenly’s been talking about them nonstop since he got to Chicago. They’ll keep using them now, but I guarantee that as soon as the first lawsuit comes from this happening to a fan, MLB will suddenly be very interested in alternatives.

  • bigtime sucker

    i don’t like what i am hearing about this proposed net’s deal. They can do that without offering up lopez or devin harris but we have to offer up joakim noah or else? wow, they must really like derrick favors, a conditional pick, and who else? kris humphries and troy murphy? this is a MONEY MOVE for denver if that’s the case because who the f is kris humphries, derick favors is a project, and if you tell me that troy murphy is better than deng, that’s NUTS. If Devin harris has to be dangled, fine, i am ok with that, but this deal STINKS because essentially NJ has to give up NOTHING and we would have to give up EVERYTHING to get melo

    • AT3374

      It’s not like Joakim is Bill Russell or something . If he has to go fine , but if that gets Melo to the Bulls and puts them on pace to winning a title soon , I’m all for it . Heck throw in Deng sorry butt also to sweet’n the deal

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    And I second the motion that I’d love to see the Farve soap-opera stop…if he quits for good, that’d be great news.

    • Likquid Swordz

      I would love for the Farve thing to end like it should have in new Orleans back in January. Yes the Saints delivered cheap shots but they were fun to watch.

  • bigtime sucker

    well they will beat the lions(the vikings) and then they have a bye week, then nyjets, dallas at home and at green bay, as austin powers would say, ouch babe
    now, that bye week might enable them to fix some things, but still that’s killer schedule. if they trade for jackson, he won’t be available until the packers game, will that be too late? who knows, but
    if they trade for jackson, and rice get’s healthy, and they are let’s say 3-5 at the midway point, they could go on a huge run and finish the season 11-5. that would be tough to stop. favre, rice, jackson, harvin, berrian, peterson, shainco, williams wall, jared allen, and their linebackers. that’s a loaded roster. so let’s see where this jackson thing heads and how soon rice comes back. he says his hip is feeling better, but they all say that. i am NO FAVRE FAN and definatly not a VIKINGS fan, but i gotta call it like i see it

    • AT3374

      I agree an upgrade at WR could make some diference , but as long as Chilly is coaching they have little chance to win

  • bigtime sucker

    the moderator thing never bothered me because my comments would be moderated for 5 minutes and then appear untouched, but i wrote comments over an hour ago and they are still being moderated. it’s one thing to moderate for content and decency and i get that, it’s another to place a comment in moderation because you;re too lazy to actually post it. WAKE UP!!!

    • Beverly Brewmaster

      I don’t understand why they don’t go back to how they used to do it, where you were moderated the first time you posted under a name and email but after that your posts were unmoderated. I don’t recall seeing any inappropriate comments then.

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      I agree with BTS, the slow moderation is a conversation killer.

  • George Oscar Bluth

    ‘Melo on the Bulls with D-Rose and Boozer? Yes please.

    • DO

      That would be quite the awesome. But I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • AT3374

      That would be more than enough to deal with the boys in Miami . Like Dan stated the other day , can’t wait for this NBA season . Finally some sizzle in the league .

      • Chet's Inflated Ego

        Let’s see if GarPax can pull the trigger and get Melo to The Bulls. I don’t have a lot of faith in GarPax getting it done. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • 2nd Half Adjustments

      Psht. you can’t trade part of your core in Joakim. You need his energy. And hair power. Excuse me, I have to go violently throw up now.

      • bigtime sucker

        i am not saying, don’t trade noah to get melo, what i am sayiong is why do WE HAVE to trade noah and deng to get melo when NJ DOES NOT have to trade Devin Harris or Brook Lopez and can trade a scrup like Kris Humphries, an unproven rookie, and a tall white dude who can hit threes but offers no inside presence, can’t rebound dribble, defend or anything. If we have to put up SOMETHING OF INSTANT TANGIBILITY, than why doesn’t NJ? that’s my issue

      • Beverly Brewmaster

        BTS. Take a deep breath and check your sarcasm detector. ;-)


    So the Vikings’ Brett Favre is once again mulling retirement, says FOXSports.com’s Jason Whitlock. Where have I read or heard that before? I know he’s had a Hall-of-Fame career on the field, but I’m so sick & tired of Brett’s constant waffling, the diva-like behavior around his teammates and the four-letter, all-sports network shoving #4 coverage down America’s throat. ENOUGH ALREADY! If Brett’s ankle is hurting that bad and if he looks that sluggish running the Minnesota offense like he has the first 2 games, do the right thing and CALL IT A DAMN CAREER!!!

  • Craig

    @ bigtime…there’s no 8-0 finish for the Vikings in the offing. Believe me. They look smoked after two games. I think Favre hangs on until there’s no hope left, then predictably throws Childress under the bus as playoff hopes evaporate, and retires before the end of the season.

    • bigtime sucker

      YOU HAVE A point but my point is everybody gets mopey when they are underperforming, and Favre used to make average recievers like harvina nd berrian look like jerry frickin rice, but he needs at this stage, big time legitmate targets who can make mistake erasing catches, like forinstance sidney rice and vincent jackson. those two can pick up a down qb’s spirits in a hurry. believe me it’s noting i am praying for, but i would be suprised if those two were there and in top form if favre would still look like a suck fest

  • Denver Smeghead

    “Tyler Colvin’s puntured chest cavity has unleashed Shattered Bat Panic across the nation.”

    And this is new? No, it isn’t. It’s been talked about for years, which I’m sure you’ve noticed and are now conveniently ignoring.

    For all your bluster and posturing about concussions in football, why should it take a similar tragic accident to occur with maple bats? There have already been several incidents over the years of aluminum bats leading to deaths from line drives.

    Your absurd attitude on this is rather astounding.

  • mike in davenport

    I’d love to see Favre quit during this season, then try to come back next year. The fallout from that would be pretty epic.

  • Sullivan, Minor Irritations

    Dunno if Colvin not dying on that play means the Cubs karma is shifting at all. Probably not but too soon to tell.

  • Jon, Montgomery

    the bears looked like a real playoff contender against the cowboys, and it was in dallas, i think if they beat the packers this monday, i think they have a good shot to win the division, this is the hard part of their schedule, they won the dallas game, then green bay, then they go to new york to play the G-men, then they don’t really have a tough game until they go to miami for the thursday night game, if they take care of green bay, did you see what the colts did to the giants on sunday night? if they can start 4-0, the bears can easily go 8-0 to start the season. first they have to show me that they can do the same thing to the packers that they did to dallas.

    well, we can kiss the season goodbye for real tonight if the sox lose to the A’s and the twins win. go rockies and rays!

    if tampa bay can beat the steelers convincingly by solving the defense led by polamalu, i think they might have a ligit shot to get to the playoffs, led by a 2nd year quarterback? and a bunch of 1st & 2nd year wide receivers and a defense that has looked good so far, (carolina & the browns, not much to stop anyway), but it feels good to have optimism which i haven’t had since 2008.

    i don’t think that it’s crazy talk that favre might retire mid-season by faking injury, if he sees that the vikes aren’t going to turn around, i think it’s a strong possibility that he retires, and he might come back next year, who knows? but i think he might quit.

  • bigtime sucker

    thanks bev, this issue has me riled up big time. I hate it when expiring contracts are more valuable to a franchise than tangable assetts. I understood it in the whole lebron thing, and even for teams that are out of it in february and trading to a contender, but in the offseason, your goal in a trade is to not only get rid of somethign that will haunt you but to ultimately try to do that and have the best year possible, and it’s clear to me, if this denver/NJ deal gets in, it will be merely to salary dump and rebuild from the ground up.


    Floating back in again (from Panama City, FLA)–very nice. Y’know, while the heat spikes up again.

    Can’t someone in Louisville come up with a, for lack of a better term, dead thud composite bat? Un-lively graphite that mimics wood? Engineers can create ceramics stronger and lighter than steel. Then, again, that might just splinter like maple.
    The ash borer is just another sign of the apocalypse. Plant a tree, and watch some microscopic bug anihilate it.

  • puddin' head

    Hub needs to change his depends.

  • Ed in DeKalb, IL

    Shattered Bat Panic! Any one of us could be next!

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