Kenny Asserts His Power

kenny williams 9 23 Kenny Asserts His Power

There is rarely ambiguity from Kenny Williams.  Other MLB general managers say his phone calls are serious, purposeful and substantive, and that he is not one to mince words.

So let’s look carefully at how he responded to Ozzie Guillen’s apparent plea for a remodeling of the final, win-or-else year of his contract.  His comments indicate that he has won any power struggle that may have taken place.

“With one more year left on his contract and another (for 2012) with the team option, if those are terms he’s no longer happy with, (Jerry and) I understand and respect him enough to let him out of his deal.  I’ve talked to Jerry and we agree if this is something he doesn’t want, we’re not going to stop him.”” Williams told the Trib.

So, there will be no added contractual security.  Per the existing deal, Guillen must win the AL Central to vest the 2012 option.

But the lead here is the comfort Williams exudes in speaking for Reinsdorf.  This would seem to bury the notion of Guillen making a direct plea to ownership, pitting himself against the GM’s wishes.

You want more money or more security, Ozzie?  Feel free to find it elsewhere.

We’ll discuss the story this afternoon, as we continue to get ready for Bears/Packers Monday night.  Brian Billick talks Bears and NFL at 3:00, we will do the Second Half at 3:30 and “Who You Crappin?” at 5:00.

Unsettling note from the Hawks/Lightning exhibition in Winnipeg last night:  Nick Boynton got pummelled in a fight with Blair Jones after Boynton checked Chris Durno.  As he headed to the box, Boynton made a throat-slash gesture to Jones.  Remember when the NBA came down heavy-handedly in response to a spate of such pantomimes some years ago?

And I wonder what Clint Malarchuk and Richard Zednik think of it.

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  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    I agree with TB…there is Ozzie Fatigue, always with the drama with him.

  • pulseczar

    I can’t help but feel the Noah for Carmelo naysayers are going to be as hard to find in a few years as the Deng for Bryant naysayers from a few years back are today.

    How often does a top 5 player want to come to your team?

  • bigtime sucker

    it’s iffy this time pulseczar because then you had a young upcoming “talent” whose floor and ceiling hadn’t been determined yet, but why the bulls weren’t willing to deal him for the best in the world? who knows? maybe the truth reveals the lakers weren’t willing to depart with bryant and not viceversa, but that one defied logic.
    while anthony s a top 5 player, there are things he isn’t that noah is and i am not saying don’t do the deal but some logic makes sense here.
    Deng is a small forward, bryant was a two guard so the titfortot dealbreaker didn’t make sense
    anthony is a small forward, noah is a center so there is quite a difference. Noah is the first person responisble for grabbing boards. He is the last line of defense and is charged with protecting that rim. That gives the decision a little pause. That shifts your strategy from being a team that can rely on stops to win to a team that has to rely on outscoring you to win, and if you are going to do that, then why the f did you hire tom thibadeau. If you want to outscore people you hire don nelson, or paul westhead, or paul westphaul, or mike d’antoni to be your coach. So there’s a disconnect as well. But then again, a top 5 is a top 5, so there’s that. If you trade noah, you become sexy 1a team, no doubt. but remember this, in 3 years, d rose can be a top 5, so we will see

  • George Oscar Bluth

    Bigtime, you do agree that Noah still gets his backside handed to him against good Bigs, right? I mean, he does…constantly.

    • grinch

      list of “good Bigs” that noah gets his backside handed to him by constantly…. GO:

      • George Oscar Bluth

        Watch a game before posting, please.

    • pulseczar

      People get enamored with his “work ethic” and general demeanor on the floor. Noah is an above average NBA center. Period. Yes, good centers are hard to find, but we’re talking about Carmelo damn Anthony here. CARMELO ANTHONY!!!! Have the people who want to keep Noah ever watched an NBA game???

      It isn’t like Anthony can’t keep improving too. He’s what- 26? I also have a feeling Noah is going to have foot problems for the rest of his career.

    • bigtime sucker

      ok i agree with you there, but get rid of him and bad bigs will have fun inside as well, and to tell you the truth, i wasn’t referring to his one on one defense, because how many good bigs are there? only a small handful. I was referring to weak side defense and clogging the lane when slashers slash and guards pennetrate and dish, noah can get those blocks and he can board and if you dish noah, who’s going to take that role? Asik? Kurt “i can be effective for 10 minutes a game throughout the season”thomas? Noah showed his worth when he missed games last year and we struggled. and again i am not saying don’t make the trade but i am empathising with Gar-pax on why it’s not that easy of a descision. or let’s put this a different way, there has to be a corresponding deal to get someone in here who can take on that role. so if you ditch noah and deng for anthony, find out if Portland is willing to give up on Oden, prysbilla or camby. Dampier has signed with miami so he’s out. Try to trade someone like theo ratliff or that big that used to be in philly(forgot his name). if you do this, you can if you have the right contingesy plan to get SOMEONE to protect that rim

      • bigtime sucker

        dalembert is the guy i was looking for

      • Chris in Scottsdale

        The thing is, it’s not as if there’s a vacuum of rebounding if Noah is traded. The Bulls acquired a guy that seems to be pretty good at getting boards. Is he as good of a rim protector as Noah? No… but he’s going to be far more effective at getting the ball in the rim on the offensive end than Noah is.

  • Ed Blonski

    Ozzie is done in Chicago. He will leave by the end of the World Series.

    The reason JR will let him go is, in spite of the well-published love he has for Ozzie, he wants to win a championship more.

    I believe that JR is not a little jealous of the attention the Blackhawks are getting in Chicago. While northsiders think this is a Cubs town, in reality, Chicago is a Blackhawks town right now. No one cares what the Cubs are doing. But worse for JR, no one really cares what the Sox or the Bulls are doing! (And after Monday night, no one will really care what the Bears are doing).

    • bigtime sucker

      who want to coach the white sox? look at the cubs, say what you want but people are lining up for this job. there are a lot of spots open and the mets might be as well, are these candidates going to line up to coach a team that 5 years after a WS win struggles to get 25,000 in their stadium? I PREDICT that this goes through coaches like it did after the sox fired LaRussa way back when. Between 1985-1988 the sox were a joke and i believe they went through multiple managers during that stretch. and who knows what this roster will be like? lots of old players coming off the books. do they have the promising youngsters to fill those spots? will 3rd base be addressed? Will DH be addressed? can they sign adam dunn? this year for the most part was fun, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered going forward that if i were a managerial candidtate, i would demand solid answers before i accept an offer. That is unless i am a young guy looking for my first managerial job, but is that enough to excite the masses to pay money at the cell? is that enough to make you sox fan’s giddy? Signing Guillen to an extension, well there’s worse options i believe

      • WILSON!

        here here, b.t.s.

  • Chris in Scottsdale

    I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

    On one hand, you’ve got a nice high-effort, high-energy center, a double-double machine that has become a crowd favorite after deciding to rededicate himself after a lackluster first season and a half in the NBA. He’s a wonderful complementary piece, and a guy that most teams would love to have starting at the 5.

    On the other- A top-10 guy… and by saying that, I’m apparently discounting him. A guy that can drop 40 or more on any given night. One that changes the whole complexion of your team. A player that must be accounted for and gameplanned against, or he’s going to shred you.

    I know that double-digit rebound guys are hard to come by, but Carmelo is a special player- he’s one of the three or four most capable score-at-will guys in the league. Again, looking at the pieces moved, you’d be replacing Noah and Deng with Boozer and Carmelo. Who wouldn’t want that?

    One thing that the Bulls could try and do, along the lines of what Goff mentioned yesterday: Trade for ‘Melo WITHOUT guarantee of contract extension- but the Nuggs have to settle for Gibson, Deng, and picks- no Joakim. Essentially you’re gambling Gibson for the idea that Melo will want to re-up and stay, or that you win a title in 2010-2011. You’re also clearing what will henceforth be known as “Dengspace”. Again, like Gibson, love ‘Melo.

    • bigtime sucker

      another question that must be asked before signing off on this deal, who dominates the ball if melo is there? Rose needs the ball just as much as melo does, anyone watching the worlds would realize that when rose isn’t in control of the offense his game suffers, and i am assuming it’s the same with anthony. i still wish i knew why melo wants out of denver, to my basketball sensibilities, that team suits him just fine, it’s gotta be for marketing reasons. and for the last time, i am not against this trade, but i am all for the bulls doing their COMPLETE due dilligence and making sure that this desicison is executed flawlessly with a healthy plan in place to make this all work. When denver got iverson, everyone thought with those two scorers, who will stop them. the answer was, everybody. pre season predictors last year gave the superbowl to THE BEARS because Cutlerforia, we didn’t make the playoffs. These descisions if done sloppily can backfire huge. do it bulls, but do it right!!!

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      I agree with CiS.
      The NBA is all about star players.
      To be able to trade “pretty good” or “above average” assets for top-5 is a trade you make any day of the week.
      I just don’t have much faith in GarPax gettin’ it done.

      • Chet's Inflated Ego

        To me, Noah+ for ‘Melo is like Orton+ for Cutler.
        You make that trade.

  • JohnFromCedarTucky

    Unfortunately the White Sox season has been over for a while so lets hope the Bulls will make the trade for Melo. I agree with pulseczar.


    Here are a couple NFL topics that might be “Second Half” worthy come 3:30p this afternoon. First, the latest black eye for the New York Jets came early yesterday morning when troubled WR Braylon Edwards got busted for DWI. Despite the early morning arrest, Braylon will still play Sunday night in the Jets’ road game in Miami, but head coach Rex Ryan won’t start the troubled receiver. Ryan sounded kinda fed up about the latest incident, but aren’t the Jets on the whole living in the bed they created?

    Also, we hardly knew ye, Kevin Kolb? Eagles’ head coach Andy Reid’s already got egg on his face after initially naming Kolb the starting QB for their road game in Jacksonville Sunday and has since named Michael Vick instead to start the Jaguars’ game. With that in mind, one of the Philadelphia papers seemed to make light of Vick’s well-documented dogfighting problems with the headline “Top Dog” and a photo of Vick on the cover yesterday. Also, I’m not sure how serious the rumors are, but there are rumblings out of Philly that the Eagles are considering trading Kolb by the October trade deadline. This on the heels of the Eagles’ puzzling offseason trade of McNabb to the division rival Washington Redskins. I didn’t understand it then & I don’t understand it now.

    • WILSON!

      I agree, ABSHARK18.

  • Bob in San Diego

    Does anyone think that the Bulls are not making the Melo trade because they believe he’ll still be a free agent next year and instead of taking a ‘bird in the hand’ (Trade Noah for the for sure Anthony) they are risking the ‘two in the bush’ (Keep Noah and wait to sign Anthony. Also, Two in the bush is a new franchise under the TB Diddlers umbrella). From the reports, it seems that GarPax either know something no one is reporting or are extremely incompetent – although I wouldn’t bet against the latter.

    • Chet's Inflated Ego

      Excellent post Bob.
      And I would never, ever lay money against the fault being GarPax’ collective incompetence.

    • Chris in Scottsdale

      I think they’re trying to call Denver’s bluff in regards to what they’ll accept. We know New York has nothing to offer in the way of trade (their most attractive piece in today’s NBA is either Gallinari- or Eddy Curry, which speaks volumes about how screwed up the league is, but that’s neither here or there), and I still think ‘Melo’s move is also heavily a marketing play. I don’t think he’ll sign an extension anywhere but a big-3 market, with Jersey and Chicago being the likely destinations.

      …and I don’t want to take a chance on trying to get Carmelo AFTER the season- I want him for this one. I want to strike while the iron’s hot: Right now Chicago has a lot going for it, as they’ve already vastly upgraded since last year, New York’s 5-year LeBron plan failed, and New Jersey has so much negative stigma attached and a losing image- before Brooklyn, that is. Who knows what the landscape will look like in a year? Get him to come to Chicago before true campaigns can be constructed to lure him next summer. The leverage is clearly GarPax’s at this point.

  • 2nd Half Adjustments

    Ozzie isn’t the biggest problem the White Sox have. Kenny is. Look, i love the WS ring, but Phil Rogers is right today. I can’t belive I just typed that, but if you look at the most sucessful teams in the AL on a year to year basis (the Red Sox, Rays, Angels [this was a fluke], Yankees and, oh, yeah….the TWINS) they all have incredible farm systems. That’s how you contend for title after title, have a system in place so you don’t have to fly by the seat of your pants. Ozzie is willing to play youngsters and kids, Kenny isn’t willing to give it a chance. And at the end of the day, the rotating DH idea was terrible, its execution was. And final player personel decisions are….Kenny Williams job.

    Enough. I can take Ozzie being Ozzie. His mouth wants to be a distraction for a team when it hits the skids? So be it. He’s a great handler of a pitching staff and give the right players (NOT MARK KOTSAY), the DH doesn’t have to be one single slugger. Look at….the Twins. Kenny’s the problem.

  • Lenny Williams

    Ok Kenny has been the Gm since 2000. Ozzie has been the Manager since 2004 in which the Sox finished second or third that year. Was it not Ozzie who advised Kenny that he could not win with the type of team with Carlos Lee Mags and slew of other power hitters. So changes were made more speed emphasized along with pitching and defense and the Sox won the whole thing . Yes they led the A.L in home runs but only by one over the Red Six if I remember correctly. Also this year for a good while there the Sox were not struggling hitting homeruns either. Williams signed Mark Teahen and every other KC cast off. He has made some good and bad decisions but he Guillien thrown him under the bus ? Maybe Ozzie should bring up Manny signing and the Teahen signing at next year’s Sox fest. That being said Mr Williams or Hollywood as some on the team have referred to him has a bit of the HNIC syndrome on overdrive. The comedy club incident was the last straw for me as a fan of this team . He knew or should have known the situation but when the cameras were so focus on him during the series “The Club” Kenny was all I love White Sox and this and that and I die for my team blah blah blah. I can’t blame Ozzie if he left for greener pastures and thus we are stuck with Kenny Williams and whatever flunky manager he decides to hire. I so hope Rick Hahn becomes our the Sox new GM. Mr.Williams loves the spotlight entirely too much for him to be an effective level headed GM at this point. It’s pretty obvious this year’s team couldn’t stand the thought and or sight of him so they gave up and basically would not win for this pompous glory ass clown the pee wee Williams has become. Seriously go sit down somewhere Mr. Williams or go back to Comcast and do TV for that matter no wait he was horrible. OK Jerry make him a VP of something please or trade him to Oakland for the ghost of Dan Casper please! Kenny is ruining this team with a need for assertiveness that is honestly mispalced. Sure he is in the position to do so but he even knows that it was Ozzie who won the World Series not him. Yes he made the trades but at the suggestion of Gullien in 2004.

  • meesohawnee

    Bernstein knows who Clint Malarchuck is? Check his temp its flu season. . Why is that story tied in to the Boynton story last night. Can somneone help me? I know the By cracky thing but ….Was Boyton wishing a random skate blade make its way to somoene’s body part?
    Its a shame this time of year is the sports abyss with baseball being dead but do we really have to listen to CA stories when he doesnt have to be dealt till Feb??. Really. I had enough of this to last me a decade after the june/july nba i gotta git mine cirucus . That wore my arsh out.

  • Chi Orphan

    i love love love ozzie – not necessarily for his mangement skills, i just think he is great to see, listen to. he is entertainment, and that is half the reason i watch sports. the other half is because i am a fan and i want to watch my team win, something all fans they have some small ownership in. and i am worried ozzie has weird ideas about how to go about doing that. i believe the sox have had success off and on since ’05, but if you HAD to attribute it to any member of the coaching staff, i think we know who probably deserves the most credit. and its probably not ozzie.

  • Chet's Inflated Ego

    GREAT crap from Bev Brew.

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