By David Schuster–

Much like the scene from the movie “The Godfather”, The Bulls made Joakim Noah an offer he couldn’t refuse. That offer came in the form of a contract extension that is for five years and between 60 and 65 million dollars. The final amount will be determined by performance incentives that are built into the deal.

Noah told the assembled media that some people actually tried to dissuade him from accepting the deal but he felt he just could not turn down that amount of money. Noah also said he felt incredibly wanted by the organization and that they were rewarding him for the hard work and improvement he has made. The 6’11” center also pointed out that very few players from his class have been offered extensions with the collective bargaining agreement coming up and that went into his final decision, as well.

As for the numerous trade rumors that have circulated regarding him in a deal possibly for Carmelo Anthony, Noah said he totally understood about the chatter. But in the end he also got assurances from the Bulls that he wouldn’t be included in any potential deal.

And as for how he celebrated, Noah said he woke up with his bed feeling “a bit more cozy” Monday morning. Immediately a smart ass follow up question came into my mind but I didn’t have the nerve to ask it.

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