The Blackhawks have had a well-publicized roster turnover since winning the Stanley Cup last season. With new players like Nick Leddy, Viktor Stalberg and Fernando Pisani, the big question is whether or not the team’s style of play will change. Troy Brouwer joined the Boers and Bernstein Show and had a lot to say about the idea that fans would see a much different type of team on the ice this year.

“We have a great core group of guys for this upcoming season…we obviously have some big roles to be filled and there are a lot of guys who are up to the challenge of that this year,” Brouwer said.

Troy Brouwer On The Boers And Bernstein Show:

Brouwer added that the experience of winning the Stanley Cup will help returning player assimilate the new faces into the offensive and defensive styles that were so lethal for the Blackhawks all last season. That assimilation will not only come from the veteran players on the roster, but also the coaching staff. Brouwer emphasized the team’s confidence in Head Coach Joel Quenneville making the right moves and putting the players in the best positions to succeed. “He is such a good coach and he adapts to what he has,” Brouwer said of Coach Q.

What he has now, more than likely won’t be too  different than what he had last year. If General Manager Stan Bowman learned anything from his father, former NHL head coach, its that having the right players for the system is what makes it so effective. A staple of the Blackhawks’ freewheeling offense is the puck moving defensemen in the molds of Brian Campbell and Duncan Keith.

With Campbell injured, rookie Nick Leddy is just the type of player to step in and contribute. Leddy has already turned his teammates into believers. “He needs to get some confidence and games in the league, but he’s gonna step in real well,” Brouwer said. Adding that, “[Leddy is] the same player as Campbell: fast, makes good plays, moves the puck up the ice and gets in the rush.”

However, Leddy won’t be the only new face contributing to the fast-paced offense. Marty Turco has gained the reputation of being one of the best puck-moving goalies in the league. This new added element to the Blackhawks was seen in the pre-season, but we won’t likely see its full impact until the entire roster takes the ice at the same time.

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