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I’m not worried about the result of last nights game. However, how many players acquired in the off-season purge were in last nights line-up? The only one was Stalberg. Leddy came via the  Cam Barker deal at the trade deadline, Turco, Scott, Pisani were all free agents. Did Bowman get enough in return for the key players traded in the off-season, or, is our minor league system so stocked with our own products that it’s not going to matter?

Hawk fan since ’68!

Big Foot



This is what it’s about boys…lining the trophies up!!!

How about having an entire row added to the cup with the blackhawk teams of 2010-2020??

Jason in Chesterton


Hey Guys,

I am emailing instead of texting!  In the Home Office today.

Guys, I think that Blackhawks Fans are not as perplexed as you think.

For me, it breaks down generationally.  An older Blackhawks Fan, one who has gone through the drought since 1961, is still having their cigarette and basking in the afterglow of their orgasm.  (See Older White Sox Fan who are still basking in the afterglow of 2005).

The younger fan however, is very much in a quandary, especially if they were around for the Bull’s dynasty of the 1990’s , which may for many of them, be their only experience with a championship of a team that they love, hence the belief that many more may follow, hence the quandary because of the major, and rapid, changes that the Blackhawks were forced to make immediately after winning the Stanley Cup.

Quad Cities Jim

PS: When are you in New Buffalo, Michigan again?


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