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  1. Greg says:

    ESPN is reporting that Collins will be dropped to third string behind Hanie

  2. Tom says:

    Do not forget about the massuese whose husband called Brett irate!

  3. Florida Dave says:

    To me, it didn’t appear as though Cutler cared one way or the other about the game; looked like he had mailed the season in. Almost like the writing was on the and he was riding the season out.

  4. Jeff DuPage says:

    Jeff in Pekin

    Why do the Bears not hire Brett Favre as a consultant for this week and have him in Bear wear on the sideline this weekends match up. Would we not all like to see him on the sidelines for one last time. What a better way to stick it to the Pack than to show up on the Bears sidelines. Go Bears!

  5. 12th Man says:

    I bet you that 2012 will be the year that Kerry Sayers will join ESPN.

  6. Moonbeam says:

    KS is one talented young woman.

  7. T-Bag says:

    I want Kerry Sayers to Be My Valentine.

  8. Seahawks fan says:

    If Kerry Sayers joined ESPN, she could be one of the reporters doing the live remotes during Sunday NFL Countdown & the host Chris Berman would refer to her as Kerry “on my wayward” Sayers.

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