With each passing week the tweets from former Illinois quarterback Juice Williams get more and more entertaining.  For the second week in a row the former QB took to his Twitter page to continue his quest to become the Chicago Bears next starting quarterback.  Here’s a sampling of when the Juice is loose……online!

From Twitter.com/JuiceWilliamsQB

#1 –  Dear Coach Lovie Smith, I’m ready to play whenever u call my number. Big plays, less sacks, and more TDs is what u will get!

#2 –  My presence as Bears QB will propel a struggling offense and score points. Plus I will help a significant number of tix!

#3 –  Threatening a defense with the ability to run will improve the offense tremendously. Juice, Forte, Hester, Olsen, Knox… Wow!!!

#4 –  Let’s go Todd Collins!!! I’m behind you man.

#5 –  Another INT!!! Coach Smith, what more do u need to see? I can’t do any worse. WTF!!! Let me play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope the Bears are taking notice of this same QB that they brought in after this year’s NFL draft for a three day rookie mini camp.  I hope they notice how during the Giants game last week continually insulted the team (like a fan) and then promised to be calling the Bears to see if they need his services.  This week’s tweets a little toned down from last week’s Tweets:

juice tweets1 Rocks Rant: Juice Williams Continues Crusade To Join Bears Roster Text of Tweets
“You mf’ers need to f***ing block and Jay Cutler get the f***ing ball out ur hand. That’s on the linemen AND qb. DAMN!!!!

You know what… Coach Lovie Smith, put me in the game. I’m ready right now!!! Guarantee we win!

Im officially calling the Chicago Beard in the morning. They’re getting all my attention this entire week. I’m soooo serious too!!!

People, I’m soooooo serious. I’m calling the Bears in the morning! They can use some quality help!!!

And I already know a large chunk of the playbook. Put me in, and we will win.”

Ah, just what the Bears need!

An overhyped under performing college quarterback who was not even drafted in 7 rounds of an NFL draft…..with a mouth!

Hope Lovie Smith is listening.

Probably Not.


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