Winfrey Disappointed As Ex-Matron Cleared Of Abuse

CHICAGO (AP) – Oprah Winfrey says she’s “profoundly disappointed” that a former dorm matron at her school in South Africa was cleared of charges of sexually abusing girls.

Winfrey issued a statement Monday praising the nine girls who testified at the trial of Tiny Virginia Makopo, who had pleaded not guilty to charges of abusing six girls at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

Winfrey had called the allegations crushing given her own stated history of childhood sexual abuse and promised an overhaul of the school.

Winfrey opened her lavish $40 million school outside Johannesburg in 2007, saying she wanted to give girls from deprived backgrounds a quality education in a country where schools are struggling to overcome the legacy of apartheid.

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  • Cheewawah

    I would love to see Oprah give millions of dollars to the Chicago school children who are without parenting guidances and shower them with clothing that would give them pride in their uniforms and their schools. The Black children in Chicago have taken the looks of hip hop dancers who look like clowns and carry thmselves like primal animals. Donate uniforms to all young men who wear their britches like diapers and young giels who have taken on the look of Paris Hilton who is benefitting from their purchases and making a fool of them. So there!

    • Morg

      THats the reason she DIDN’T leave the money in chicago. She stated that if asked a Chicago kid what they wanted most, it was Ipods, Xbox360s, Air Jordans… but ask a kid in afrrica, and they said, books and learning tools. Sooo.. guess who got the money. American Kids are ungrateful. And prolly would have turned the school into a slum and battleground. unless she also hired lots of security.

      • connie

        that’s a lame excuse for not wanting to help. in the first place oprah is a responsible adult and when asking a child what they want vs what they need is entirely a different matter.she did what would benefit her and not what would benefit the children of her own country.

    • connie


      • God

        She is helping the children of her own country!!!!!!!!

  • BobV

    Certainly there are needs all over the world, but Charity begins at home. Chicago having one of the most corrupt school systems needs to be rebuilt and $40 million could have been a good start. Never have figured out why celebrities all seem to want to get involved in third world countries when there are so many needed people here.

  • Cheewawah

    Donate and help the other children who are in need, but take care of the children in need at home too. Ipods, whatever, give uniforms, after school projects, parenting,. dress codes, uniforms, and not looking like hip hops animals and Paris Hilton dope heiress. Look good to yuself when you go out not look like a primate animal. Love your home who made you famous and take care of those in need right here. Okay?

  • SheCausesDamage

    Check out the IRS laws on non-profits. It states that the assets can be valued at market value. Do you honestly think it costs $40 million to build a school in Africa where it only costs $50 to drill a well and the population works for dollars a month? Why do you think all of the Hollywood types are doing charity work in foreign countries instead of at home, where it is desperately needed? Their has always been honor in making it look charitable under the disguise of a tax dodge.

    Oprah should not be surprised that the this woman got off. It was Oprah’s doing that the claim was made, not only in Africa but here at home as well. Oprah would tell the world, tell someone you will be believed and thus the cases against teachers soared to record highs. Yet what she won’t tell you is that only a fraction had any basis in fact. So the students get their friends in on the deal to back up their story and they did. Only to have all of it fall apart when the students are found to be lying and vindictive. Now investigations have to have real evidence with stake outs, DNA, photos and videos as well as intimate details of the perpetrator’s anatomy and under clothing. If not, the case fails, because tens of 1,000 of innocent people have had their lives destroyed for TV ratings. This case was more about Oprah projecting her personal life experiences of “being disappointed” than any basis in fact. So I guess she doesn’t believe in real justice, just her own justice. Has it even crossed her mind the woman is innocent and the students lied? It happens all the time. How can she not get her mind around the gang mentality that is so prevalent within her culture and in schools when we have seen it time and again? When the story first broke, I did not believe the students so how could she without the details that are so critical to these type of cases. Did the students bag their clothes? No? How can that be? Because they were not telling the truth and their clothes would have been key evidence based on bodily functions to show there was sexual stimulation even when it is inappropriate contact, skin cells in all the wrong places for testing, and explanation of the dis-associative process in age appropriate language. None of which fakers can produce or explain. Thus the case fails and spoils any collection of insurance proceeds.

    But the bigger injustice is to the real victims of the world. Put each piece of clothing in a separate bag, don’t shower, immediately write down each detail about the perpetrator in regards to unseen physical marks covered by clothing, under clothing type and color (if you say granny panties and the cops find bikinis – chances are you lied), outer clothing, your own thoughts prior, during and after the alleged assault in your own words and hand writing – NOT SOME ONE ELSE’S HANDWRITING. Then tell the real cops immediately – do not wait. Do not tell school officials or anyone on the school’s police staff, because they have not been properly trained in anything.

    Hopefully, this information helps the real victims and stops all of the false allegations and hysteria around this subject. Just because someone says it is true, does not make it true. Do not bear false witness against your neighbor. Remember that commandment, because the spirits will haunt you the rest of your days unless you are a true sociopath.

    Last thought, I love the token white girl in the picture. I caught the MLK day presentation, and this woman could very lead this country in civil unrest if Obama is stopped from running for President due to the inability to locate the real birth certificate fiasco in Hawaii revealed yesterday in the news or is defeated at the polls. Birth certificates were typed long, long before Obama was born so some thing hand written based on his grandparents is a hoax. They also printed the infants foot prints. She may seem like a liberal, but the subtleties of prejudice against others is apparent and she does not do a good job of hiding the us against them mentality. Oprah needs to start acting like an adult instead of a child by taking responsibility and accountability for her own wrong actions. Use her media platform with the highest of ethical standards instead of sensationalizing for rating and ruining countless lives that never see the light of day. Once she takes these steps then she can be disappointed, but not until then.

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