Well, after five games I must say that we are sitting pretty good. This season is shaping up to be one thats going to be wild and crazy. Not many thought that after 5 games we would be at 4-1 but here we are tied for the best record in the league. This is the first time since the merger where there wasn’t an undefeated team going into week 6. Last year I know there were at least three teams without a loss. So what does that mean for your Bears? It means that we have set ourselves up to be in the driver seat for a playoff spot. We have all heard the criticism about the team but looking at all the other teams out there, especially in the NFC, who is better? I know everyone wants style points with the wins but I think everyone will agree getting the win is priority. It was good to see Matt Forte explode for 166 yards. This is a guy who I thought and still think could have a great season. You can clearly see that he has all of his explosive and elusiveness back. He was able to make a move on one safety and out run the other on the 67 yard TD run. Those safeties, according to our scouting reports, ran 4.4, 40 yard dashes. That gives you an idea of 22’s speed. The defense was able to shut down the Panthers. On paper one might say that this was expected. I would say you’re right. Our defense also felt the same way. However, no matter how one feels or what it looks like on paper, the team has to still go out and do it. No matter what team its not easy. How about Izzy, he had a great game with 3 sacks. Julius Peppers went back to Carolina and reminded them what type of player they let get away. He may of had the play of the game with the batted ball and the subsequent interception. One thing that I want everyone to try and do……….. enjoy the victories and quit concentrating on the negative. Every team have deficiencies, lets hope that we get ours rectified before the other teams.

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