In the latest installment of the Aikman Efficiency Ratings (click here for description), even the best analyst in the NFL today cannot explain why the Bears are 4-1.

Through Week 5 of the NFL.

Bears Offense Ranks – 31st (59.8 A.E.R.)
Bears Defense Ranks – 3rd (85.2 A.E.R.)

Of the three teams that are currently 4-1 (best record in the NFL), the Bears have the widest gap between the two sides of the ball.

New York Jets (4-1) – Offense (5th – 87.3 A.E.R.)  Defense (13th – 79.1 A.E.R.)
Baltimore Ravens (4-1) – Offense (13th – 78.2 A.E.R.)   Defense (14th – 78.9 A.E.R.)
Atlanta Falcons (4-1) – Offense (6th – 81.9 A.E.R.)  Defense (5th – 84.6 A.E.R.)

Overall the Bears rank 24th in the Aikman Efficiency Ratings combined while the other three (4-1) teams are all included in the top 10 of the overall combined Aikman Efficiency Ratings.

Make no mistake about it, the Bears 4-1 record is logistically/rationally/unfathomable/etc.

Otherwise known… LUCKY!


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