Rock’s Rant: Aikman Ratings Prove Bears 4-1 Record Is Extremely Confusing

In the latest installment of the Aikman Efficiency Ratings (click here for description), even the best analyst in the NFL today cannot explain why the Bears are 4-1.

Through Week 5 of the NFL.

Bears Offense Ranks – 31st (59.8 A.E.R.)
Bears Defense Ranks – 3rd (85.2 A.E.R.)

Of the three teams that are currently 4-1 (best record in the NFL), the Bears have the widest gap between the two sides of the ball.

New York Jets (4-1) – Offense (5th – 87.3 A.E.R.)  Defense (13th – 79.1 A.E.R.)
Baltimore Ravens (4-1) – Offense (13th – 78.2 A.E.R.)   Defense (14th – 78.9 A.E.R.)
Atlanta Falcons (4-1) – Offense (6th – 81.9 A.E.R.)  Defense (5th – 84.6 A.E.R.)

Overall the Bears rank 24th in the Aikman Efficiency Ratings combined while the other three (4-1) teams are all included in the top 10 of the overall combined Aikman Efficiency Ratings.

Make no mistake about it, the Bears 4-1 record is logistically/rationally/unfathomable/etc.

Otherwise known… LUCKY!


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