Dorian Supporters Jam Into Courtroom

JOLIET, Ill. (WBBM) – Even before Brian Dorian was freed on murder charges, he had plenty of support.

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The Lynwood police officer is set to make another court appearance in Will County Wednesday, to have all charges against him in a pair of shootings on the Illinois-Indiana border last week formally dropped.

On Tuesday, more than 100 people tried to jam into a Joliet courtroom half that size to hear the Lynwood police officer’s plea, only hours before the decision was made to free him. Virtually all believed him to be innocent.

Some wore freshly-printed “Free Brian” T-shirts, while others wore gear from the Boston Red Sox, Dorian’s favorite team.

Family members, friends and relatives had little to say after court, except that Dorian was not the man police wanted. They huddled in the law offices of defense attorneys Dave Carlson and Bob Odekirk as the actions leading to Dorian’s freedom unfolded.

Now that the charges have been dropped, a lot of people are going to be wondering what Dorian co-worker Jill Aggan wondered aloud following the hearing.

“The most frustrating thing is that everything revolved around him and nothing around the fact that there’s someone still running around out there,” Aggan said. “Northwest Indiana and Illinois (are) not safe.”

In fact, recently retired Lynwood Sergeant Tim Smith said, the entire force has backed Dorian.

“I know Brian’s character. I know how he is. I know where he was, what he did during the time of the shooting, and he wasn’t there,” Smith said.

Smith said Dorian told him over the years that one of the reasons he joined the force was to get it right, to put the criminals behind bars and to protect everyone else.

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  • not born yesterday

    For us to believe he is not the shooter, they should explain, first and foremost why he was locked up all this time and did not mention that he was one his computer. It took an awful long time for him to change his alibi, and for a cop, that is odd. Whether he says he was home watching t.v. or he says he was on the computer, how is it he got pulled over in Indiana after the shootings???
    How did a witness identify him? Something is missing in this “story” they are trying to get us to believe.

  • Brian's Friend

    Being a close friend of Brian’s, I feel for the ignorance of people. You have TO REMEMBER that it takes days to process evidence!

    From an insider who knows more than the media or public. Yes, there IS more to this story. Watch it unfold before your very eyes! You will take back your poorly thought-out words, You are basing this on only what you know (What the media has said)…you need ALL the facts before you judge. I promise, in the coming weeks, you will get THE REST OF THE STORY!

    • not born yesterday

      The key words you write are “close friend.” I hope it doesn’t take as long for us to get the rest of the story as it did for him to change his alibi, because frankly, people are scared that he is free. THERE IS NO DISPUTING THAT HE WAS IN INDIANA AFTER THE SHOOTINGS.
      Drew Peterson’s friends and family believed in him too when his wife was found dead in the bathtub. Hope more people don’t have to die because other people are covering up and living in denial!!!

      • Brian's Friend

        That’s funny, he was on his way to his Mother’s house! LOL
        Why don’t you read the FACTS before you judge!

        Honestly, I don’t know how long it will take to get the rest of the story out to the media. This is an ongoing investigation and HUSH is the word right now!

        Look @ the press releases…he provided EVERYTHING from day one. You have to remember that ELECTIONS are coming up…
        Please look further into things before passing judgement!

  • Brian's Friend

    Let’s also not forget that after his recovery, Farmer Keith Dahl, 62…said BRIAN was NOT the shooter.

    Oops, is that out to the media yet? Either way, it’s the truth!

    Things aren’t always what they seem!

    • not born yesterday

      No, there has not been anything mentioned from the farmer, and that makes people even more suspicious. You’d think that he would have been all over the news warning us that they have the wrong man and we need to be alert of our surroundings. But…that would make sense as to why IN hasn’t arrested Brian. If I would have been in the farmer’s place, I would have been screaming to anyone who would listen to let Brian go, but instead, we hear nothing from him. So, that can make you wonder if he had been paid off to shut up or deny it was the “cop.” Unfortunately, so many cops get away crimes, it is hard to know if he was innocent, or if he joined the ranks and got away with it!
      The last thing I heard from IN was that they had evidence that they sent to be forensically tested and that they never did stop following up on leads.

      • Outsider

        Again another rush to judgement lets INVESTIGATE things all the way through before we go locking someone up.
        And yes HOW TRUE it’s election time……………………………..

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