Mike Quade could indeed end up being named the Cubs permanent Manager but the report that Ryne Sandberg would be his bench coach is both bogus and ludicrous.

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Just take a second and think about it (obviously the report writer didn’t). If you have Quade as Manager the last thing you will have is a bench coach who hasn’t seen major league players in years. That would be Sandberg who has toiled in the minors for the last four years and was out of baseball before that.

Whether Quade or Sandberg get the Manager’s job, their bench coach will be a guy who has been in major league dugouts for quite a while. Possibly look for Larry Bowa to fill that role. Bowa would be perfect for that role as he fits all the criteria. He is a former Cub, knows the culture, knows the league and would be the hard ass coach that Quade or Sandberg would need.

Whomever gets the top job it looks like it wont happen for another week to 10 days. Tom Ricketts is off in Arizona trying to firm up the referendum voting for a hopeful new Spring Training sight. It looks like it’s down to three leading candidates with Quade, Sandberg and Eric Wedge who have all met with Ricketts. The feeling is that the Cubs will not wait for Joe Girardi to see if he wants out of NY so the Cubs could have their new Manager right before the start of the World Series.

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