When the Bears hired Mike Martz as their Offense Coordinator it was expected that the passing game would become the main focus of the offense. The traditional Martz offense is a timing-based passing attack that can lead to great offensive production.

This expectation has been met with the exception of last weeks game against the Carolina Panthers. The Bears ran the ball 42 times for 218 yards in a 23-6 win over the Panthers. The main reason for the increased running attack was Jay Cutler being sidelined with a concussion. And with a healthy Cutler, Martz show no signs of continuing the ground attack that was on display last week.

Mike Martz Addresses The Media

When asked about how many times Bears fans could expect to see running plays called, Martz responded by saying “how many times isn’t necessarily the key, it’s how well you do it.”

The ability to adapt and make adjustments is key to the success of an offense. Martz knows that he can’t be too stubborn in his play calling and must be open to taking what the defense is giving him.

“We’re pragmatic in out approach,” Martz told reporters. “When we play the game, it’s whatever it takes to win. If you have to run the ball 40 or 50 times and that’s what you need to do to win, that’s what we’ll do.”

With Cutler back at the helm, the Bears will more than likely return to the pass heavy offense seen in weeks one through four.

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