Rock’s Rant: Blackhawks Slow Start To Be Expected…

The defending Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks are off to a slow start.  Well, that’s not a big surprise.

Let’s be honest here, this team isn’t the team you remember hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup last season.  Although the core may be the same, the role players are almost all brand new to the bandwagon Chicago Blackhawk fan’s eyes.  There is no more Big Buff, there is no more Steeger, and Niemi No No is no more.

Welcome to the era of Viktor, Pisani, and Skiller (Jack Skille).

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Seriously, a 1-2-1 start is nothing to worry about and the fact that some people are already talking goalie controversy with the Blackhawks after four games is just silly.  Looking back at last year we had a goalie controversy all season long.  The overpaid and under performing Huet versus the young Fin with no experience nick-named with a baseball term.

We in Chicago were crying for Joel Quenneville to make a call on a number one goaltender all season long, and he didn’t until near the end of the season.  The Blackhawks ended up winning a Stanley Cup, and all the frustration with the position went away as we all embraced a trophy that hadn’t seen Chicago in half a century.

Why must we do this all over again?  Has Joel Quenneville in his third season as head coach of the Blackhawks not earned enough trust that playing his two goalies equally in the first four games of the season is not ok?

This roster is 33% new to the wearing the greatest jersey in sport.  Just like it takes time for any team to gel, this Blackhawks team is no different.  With time this team is still one of the top four in the Western Conference and they for sure will make a run in the playoffs.

It’s just four games people!  Stanley Cups are not in one game.

Calm down Madhouse Nation!


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  • Jeffrey Williams

    You entirely missed the point. It isn’t that Quenneville isn’t making a call about who is number one, but that the amateur GM has left him without a number one. This team is going nowhere without a goalie.

    • Rock Mamola

      Is this the same amateur GM that decided not to trade for a goaltender at last years trade deadline and still won a Stanley Cup?

      It’s early, give it time

    • MadSam

      Damn straight Jeff. A decision, which should’ve been made at the start of the season, mind you!! Without a confident goalie in the net, your team is worthless!

  • Jeffrey Williams

    It’s the same guy who inherited Niemi. He now has Turco. Big difference. There will be no Stanley Cup with the current goalies.

  • Stan Pillman

    Um hello Jeff! Turco is a stud and will be a stud. Everyone is getting use to each other end of story. It will take some time. 82 games pal and Turco is the number one

  • Jeffrey Williams

    Turco is older than my grandfather, and never was Stanley Cup caliber. Not even last century.

  • 12th Man

    Hearing Kerry Sayers dating a Blackhawks player that got her axed from Comcast
    Sportsnet Chicago. Has she sued CSN yet for damages including last wages & benefits? If not…she should.

  • Oreo Cookie

    I wish Kerry Sayers was given a sweeter deal by joining ESPN as a SportsCenter anchor. If that were to happen, she could even go on Dancing w/the Stars. She could even guest host The View, which are both on it’s sister network ABC.

  • 12th Man

    In my post back on 10/15/10, i meant to put down lost instead of last. My bad.

  • 12th Man

    I’m sure that Kerry Sayers has heard that Dave Neihaus, the longtime voice of the Seattle Mariners has died. I know she remembers him when she was at FSN Northwest from 2002-04.

  • Peter Puck

    If the NHL were to return to ESPN, once the current deal w/Versus expires, they(ESPN)ought to get Sayers to be a rinkside reporter or a studio host. I wonder if she remembers that old Donna Summer song “The Woman in Me”? I wonder if she remembers any Eagles songs including “Hotel California”?

  • 12th Man

    I’m sure she remembers Heart, who are from Seattle(where she once worked for FSN Northwest)especially “Dog & Butterfly” & “Allies”.

  • Oreo Cookie

    I’m sure she remembers “Footloose”, the one with Kevin Bacon. I’m sure she remembers the love theme from that film, “Almost Paradise”, sung by Mike Reno of Loverboy & Ann Wilson of Heart.

  • John Doe

    Hey OC, Mike Reno, who is Loverboy’s front man is now one half of a morning team at radio station CFMI-FM in the bands hometown of Vancouver, CN.

  • 12th Man

    I’d like to hear Kerry Sayers sing “Dog & Butterfly” at a charity event.

    • John Doe

      Perhaps she ought to sing “All to You” by Ellen MaciIwaine, as long as it’s done like the ’87 remake in which that song was first recorded in ’73.

  • Vegas Man

    Place your bets for a date in summer 2011 when Kerry Sayers will finally make the move to Bristol, CT. & join ESPN. BTW, it’s time that the web guy put the Scoreboard Update anchor bios & photos on the new in the 670 The Score section.

  • MadSam

    “Slow start”…expected, being so far out of the picture…HONESTLY NOT THIS BAD!! Considering the management’s ignorance about players forming a team and actually playing as one unit, well, you get rid of 8 key players and a personable coach and you have what is at present…a struggling Hawks team, STRUGGLING TO MAINTAIN THE MOMENTUM brought about by Crawford’s consecutive shut-outs!! It’s time to play the game gentlemen, the play-offs and a shot at defending/re-taining the STANLEY CUP is in your cross hairs! Everyone is healthy, physically at least, so let’s just take it one game at a time and show everyone that the HAWKS ARE CHAMPIONS!

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