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In bold, find the Colts run defense after Bob Sanders was able to play. He didn’t play any of the regular season. When he came back for the playoffs, their run defense was monumentally better.


Great example that an average team can make it to and/or claim the big one: The Giants from three years ago stumbled through EVERY game, that entire season. Heck, they missed like three easy field goals in the NFC championship, and still managed to win the bout in overtime on one of Favre’s trademark blunders. From there, New York proceeded to beat what was supposed to be history’s greatest team, in the Pats, capitalizing on one of the LUCKIEST catches ever. Anyone who thinks that Giants team was anything more than medicore, has to be sharing bong hits with Rex Grossman. So, as bleak as a Bears season may look, I remember the 08′ Super Bowl champions, and take comfort in the belief that nothing is impossible, unless, of course, Sexy Rexy is your QB.
Denny Yurt
Louisville Ky

How about Michigan St. DUIs?  Skiles.  Blake Ezor.  Jason Richardson (on and Indian reservation no less).  There has to be 2 more.

have you talked about how terrible corey crawford is and how lucky he is to get the chance he’s received?

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