New CPD School Gang Team Works To Resolve Conflicts, Avoid Violence

CHICAGO (STMW) – Chicago Police Supt. Jody P. Weis was joined on Sunday by Gang Enforcement Unit officials to announce a program that aims towards the reduction of gang violence.

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The Gang School Safety Team (GSST) has experienced Chicago Police Gang officers interact with teenage students and explore alternatives to the perils of gang involvement, a release from the CPD said. Weis was joined at the press conference at police headquarters by Gang Unit Commander Leo Schmitz and Sgt. Ken Boudreau.

GSST has two purposes, according to the CPD. One is the prevention of gang crime through proactive measures and the second is the suppression of gang violence through the implementation of communicative and conflict resolution strategies.

The program was successfully piloted in high schools on the South Side and has expanded to additional schools this fall. To date, 375 intervention sessions have been conducted. Members of the Gang School Safety Team have helped train 1,400 Chicago Public School Security Officers and 400 safe passage volunteers in the recognition of signs of gang membership and gang identifiers.

Ten gang officers assigned to the team voluntarily visit and meet with students who are seeking a way out of gangs or seek to express their concerns about becoming victims.

The program reiterates the fact that, as Weis said, “gang membership is a lifestyle choice that doesn’t reap great benefits for the participants — they either end up dead or in jail.”

On numerous occasions, according to CPD, members of the GSST have obtained information after gang-related violence, which has led to the successful intervention to stem retaliatory violence.

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  • Ronald Williams

    Some violence that is in Chicago streets is bankroll from some of these shelters of the out-reach programs also some of the churches along with some of the directors also the consulars who have excess to files, along with some of the older gang members as well as the younger gang bangers, I have witness and I have also studied from the south-side to the north-side and found this fact is true, Some of your crooked cops have alien themselves for easy bust from some of these shelters along with some of your crooked executive directors who are in charged along with the director of these help groups and some of the consulars and even some of you case-workers in some of these non-for-profit-organization if you are interested please contact me, and please send me a copy of this comment my # 773 991 4034. If you need the proof I have it.

  • Ronald Williams

    Also shelters involved, Lincoln Park shelters Director Arion, Threshold Sam Gaurdino and Peter Kauthman or Coufman, also Connection aka, Hilda’s place, aka Entry Point Becky Feiler also a man who drives a Volvo licence plates J W S 171 these are people who have let greed win I have been threating by there modern day flunkies in which some use a go between a so called priest of Evanston a Billy Ray I believe his last name is Thomas of the Evanston churches. I have have also notice mysteries death since my studies but these people families can’t afford honest autopsies so the crimes goes as solved.

    Some of the names in which three of them died as soon as they got their SRO units a Claude Phillips, Will Persario a Rodney Moore also a recent one who hung himself in the alley of Lincoln Square last month which is more to this story than written all who were clients of” Connections, aka Hilda’s aka Entry Point and again my name is Ronald Williams the Browns twin from 71st

  • Ronald Williams

    I have found a insurance policy in which I didn’t sign for in a sister non-for-profit organization groups that Connections also uses it was called, Nation School Partnership, NSP at one time the overseer wasn’t in a David McNelly and his assistant let me go through a file belonging to a Mr.Ronald Williams I found a life insurance policy along with two other names in Ronald Williams file the names were of two case worker a David Wengert of Connections also a case worker of nation School Partnership, since Mr.David McNeally.

    He wasn’t there so I complained to the staff in which hurried to rush me out when I came back this non-for-profit group they had change their name from N.S.P, to ” Lift” In Up-town something is wrong with this picture and guess what David Wengert also has been moved, I tried to contact a Ms. Duwey in Washington the head of of Nation School Partnership in Uptown also in Evanston but I couldn’t and lift seem to have a problem with that also I suspect that the police officers that were responsible for my entrapment also in Uptown.

    Also had dealing with these groups their names are officer, Mark Schmitt badge # 19103 also his offices Micheal White and officers aka Rea’s a young officer who was picking up bad habits from the older officer mention, I had to fire the my lawyer at the fifth continuous if he would have shown up for the first two hearings this case would have been over sooner his name is John C Benson of Cabrini green he was on the side of the crooked cops these cops even had me followed to my storage in 024 district in which got another crooked police officer involved in the code of silents his name officer Ivery badge # 8229 of 024 Dist,

    You see a lot of the blame should go to where it needs to go some and that is to some of these non-for-profit-organizations in which have corrupt consulars corrupt caseworkers, and a corrupt directors one of the clients above worked closely with one of the directors that is why he is dead he knew to much. again from the brown’s twin the real Ronald Williams from 71st and Rhodes.

  • Pauline

    Yeah sure. A kid was shot in the back last night. He’s dead. Face it boys, the gangs own this city, there is no way you’ll ever reign them in.

    • mml

      expensive “programs” = unsuccessful failures, marches, lawsuits, blah blah blah —- nothing ever changes

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