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EMAILS: Boys, There’s just no evidence that Sandberg would be a better manager than Quade.

Dave in Iowa City

Hey Guys,

The only question is; will Rudy Jaramillo make more than Qwaddie Salaam Khadafi………he’ll be the first Arab Amer.mngr….right……..lmfao!
John Ryan
While trying to find more details on Junior Seau’s arrest and SUV accident yesterday, I ran into this ditty of a nugget…..
In addition to being a great sideline to sideline middle linebacker, it appears Seau was also quite the dusk til dawn D-Bag.

ciao ciao

The Gridiron Assassin

What’s with these ex players you guys got there? Holly thinks he played the game like Byrd and Jim Miller thinks he played like John Elway.
Sandberg will be fine….he’ll go away for awhile, wait out the Jim Hendry era, and if Quade’s not around anymore, he’ll swoop in and save the day….Quade is the best fit right now….Sandberg just needs to wait. sorry, but you’re still standing in line behind Quade’s 20 yrs in the minors….
To anyone that becomes a sox fan because of this: don’t let the door hit your sorry ass on the way out. What has sandberg done that quade hasn’t as a manager?
Sandberg wasn’t hired because the cubs didn’t want to fire him when they stink the next few years. Look for him to be hired in a few years.
have him part of the Cubs family. Woof Woof Woof Yeth !!!!! Randy, plainfield

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