By Chris Collins–

He’s our man Dent ……“That’s what people come to see” was his response when asked about today’s news, the devastating hit rule. The Super Bowl XX MVP was very open about his beliefs on the topic when asked about it on Tuesday’s Mully and Hanley Show, “They didn’t come to see you play rugby or kickball, just go ahead and give the guys insurance the rest of their lives and quit worrying about it.”

Richard Dent On The Mully And Hanley Show

The NFL is expected to clarify the rule of a “devastating hit” later on Tuesday after it has become a large topic in recent days and weeks with concussions mounting, including Bears starting QB Jay Cutler. However Dent seems to be of the school that players should know what they are getting into when they play in the NFL, “Everybody that goes out and plays, understands what you have to gain and what you have to lose. No one is forcing anybody to play football, you’re making millions of bucks for that reason.”

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