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I say it is appropriate for your nephew to storm the field if it somehow gets you closer to Erin Andrews. J

Ryan – Downers Grove

Hell no you are not allowed unless you literally are changing sides and will root for the team who won. That’s the only way it could be allowed.

NIU Dave

Kids, devastating hit??? Is that when you inhale a gargantuan hit off like a 3 foot bong , release the carb, clear the chamber………..eyes watering, snots bubbling, brain quaking…………what does that have to do with the NFL? The bleeding heart libs are outta control and I can’t wait for the Nov. elections.

wouldn’t it be so uncomfortable for the league if the steelers made the super bowl?  The networks couldn’t just ignore Roethliberger’s issues during the buildup to the game, or the hours and hours of pre-game coverage?  Or would they?  Maybe instead the bigger headline will be how Julius Peppers improbably led this ragtag team of Angeloney to the big game.



I am LIVID, that you keep bringing Florio on the show!


Why does he sound like he’s grudgingly doing the interview like you’ve interrupted him clipping his toenails or SEXTING some prostitute, dressed as Brett Farve, Aaron Rogers or Matthew Stafford—because he obviously HATES the Bears

George in Dallas


Since when does posting a winning record in the last six weeks of a lost season mean anything significant?   What all of you fail to recognize is that Jim Hendry is still making the baseball decisions for this team so to me this hire of the no-eyebrows Quade will be a failure just like the previous guys Hendry was allowed to hire.  All this Quade love will certainly change when this team sucks and underachieves like it ALWAYS does.


Bob /Huntley,IL

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