Woman Loses Leg In Crash, Gets Bill For Guardrail Damage

Chicago woman lost her leg in accident and was billed for damages.

PITTSBURGH (AP) – Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials say they’re looking into an Chicago woman’s complaint that she was billed for damage caused by a crash in which she lost part of her right leg.

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Twenty-seven-year-old Marzena Mulawka says a tractor trailer struck her car, causing the crash on a snowy stretch of Interstate 80 in western Pennsylvania in January. The Illinois native lost her right leg below the knee and suffered other serious injuries.

But Mulawka says PennDOT added insult to injury in August when it sent her a $2,500 bill for the damaged guardrail. She responded with an e-mail detailing the crash, her injuries and recovery in Tennessee.

Transportation department spokesman Rich Kirkpatrick tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that PennDOT typically waives such bills in the case of serious injury or death. He says the department is reviewing the bill.

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  • fellowes

    I am sure she won’t have to pay this. What I am really wondering is how a journalist can make it this far when they say things like “an Chicago!!!” Ugh, English 101!!!

    • Cranky online editor

      PITTSBURGH (AP) – Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials say they’re looking into an Chicago woman’s complaint that she was billed for damage caused by a crash in which she lost part of her right leg.

      AN AP reporter at that- please where can I send my resume- argghhhh

    • Blue Meaner

      The reporter likely had multiple stories and multiple versions as each was written and re-written. There are supposed to be editors, when you see a goof like this, it’s usually a team effort.
      In the meantime, why don’t you try pitching a few stories and see if you’re good enough? Or, you can just snark…

    • Drew

      I don’t believe Bush League news sources use journalists for stories like these. They get wires from the AP and someone making $12 an hour summarizes them and posts them. Notice no journalist’s name is listed. They don’t even use scene photographs – just stock images.

    • Tom

      Felllowes. I am glad that you are sure the victim will not have to pay the bill. Now, let me tell you what I am sure of. I am absolutely sure that you are an idiot.
      This is a space for comments, not to show one another how adept one is at the english language. Ugh, Common Sense 101!!!

      • DH

        i agree he is an idiot .

  • madbear

    i bet she will have to pay that! i’m originally from Pittsburgh and a friend of mine lost her son when the brakes on his car gave out and his car hit a telephone pole. they BILLED her for the pole!!!!!!

    • Vicky

      I would tell them to send the bill to the cemetary.

  • Emily Goodwin

    Wonder if the state of PA spent as much time looking for the truck that caused this accident as the have billing this woman who was almost killed

  • righttrack

    The trucking company’s insurance should pay for the damage – if they are the ones who caused this accident as she claims. Penn DOT is looking for the easy way out – to bill this woman since she was the one on the scene, and who’s car actually damamged the guardrail. If they never find the trucker they’ll probably force her to pay – but her insurance company should step up to the plate and pay the damages in the meantime – then theyu can recoup if the truck driver is ever found.

  • totes

    Let me just take a moment to provide a bit more info. First off, she waited 2 hours in the freezing cold for medical and police assistance. A semi hit her and caused her car to crash into the guardrail which immediately amputated her right leg, mangled her left, and almost took her life. The police did not take an account from her, or the two witnesses there. They even incorrectly stated the accident occurred two hours after it actually happened.

    This is an egregious attempt by PennDot to collect a debt from a victim of a hit and run, and (I believe) negligible inaction by the responding police

    • Vicky

      If all of this is true this woman has one hell of a lawsuit; should cover the guard rail no problem.

  • aykayayciti

    She’s originally from Chicago

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