By Chris Collins–

Lovie Smith says he knows they need better balance of run vs pass, and Brian Billick says “you’re not going to have a single score take you out of the balance that you know you have to have to win.” Billick, former Ravens head coach and current FOX Sports analyst, says that each game is different in its complexity and sometimes he’s been made aware of the fact that his offense has to pick up the defensive slack.

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When asked if any offensive line coach today thinks pass block first, Billick said, “I haven’t seen one”. Billick stated that it’s a group effort of the coaches and the coordinator to take all the information of his position coaches and to work the things they do best, into the game plan.

Part of the discussion Billick had with Boers and Bernstein centered around how guarded high ranking coaches become after weeks, months and years of experience. Some believe that Smith is one of the most guarded coaches in the NFL. Billick  made the analogy of how Presidents do the same thing “Head coaches do the same thing and they get worn down over time, every word out of anybody’s mouth is just an opinion, and you become guarded with it as a head coach because people like us will then jump on this word or that word, and you get beat up with it and ask yourself, why not lay low and not say a dang thing.”

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