Former NFL receiver, Ricky Proehl, knows the Mike Martz offense as well as anyone. Proehl played for Martz in St. Louis and was part of the “greatest show on turf” teams and talk with the Danny Mac Show earlier today.

As a member of the most prolific offenses that Martz has produced, Proehl is not only knowledgeable of the intricacies of the the system, but also the ego of the man calling the plays.

Martz’s former player was critical of the coach’s ability and openness to adapt to what the defense is giving. Proehl talked about Super Bowl XXXVI featured the Rams and Patriots.

“New England did a great job of game planning our offense,” he said. “They showed blitz and dropped into zone. They basically rushed three and dropped eight. And [Martz’s] comment was ‘we’re going to throw that ball anyway.”

Martz’s desire to continue throwing the ball instead of running it, was a choice that according to Proehl was not well received by the Rams’ offensive players.

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Beyond Martz ego, Prohel was able to provide valuable insight into the lack of audibles in the system.

“Everything was sight adjustments,” Proehl said . “Hot [routes] were built in, but there was communication that we had, as receivers, with Kurt. But that didn’t happen over night.”

Just as important as the sight adjustments is the offensive line. While every offense lives and dies by the offensive lineman, Proehl explained why he thought the o-line was more crucial for the Martz system.

“Quarterbacks hold on to the ball a little longer becasue the was the offense is designed,” he said. “Guys clear for other guys to open up spots and different holes, the quarterback needs that extra second to get the ball down the field.”

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