Despite being 4-3 and on top of the NFC North division, the Bears have some very glaring holes. These holes are most notably on the offensive line and overall production.

In the opinion of FOX Sports broadcaster, Troy Aikman, the Bears offensive woes stem from the players still trying to get fully acclimated to the offense.

LISTEN: Troy Aikman On The Mully And Hanley Show

“Jay, right now, is still getting acclimated to some of the things of getting the ball out with timing,” Aikman told the Mully and Hanley. “And that’s taken probably longer than what I would have anticipated and maybe what others within the organization would have anticipated.”

However, in no way does Aikman place sole blame of the struggling offense on Cutler’s shoulders. “The receivers are still coming along as well, and [so is] the offensive line, with all the changes that have been made up there,” Aikman said. “It’s about continuity, assuming that you have good players. Even when you have good players up front, you’ve got to have some continuity with those guys so that the communication is second nature.”

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