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Just remember boys, Detroit did GREAT under the Martz offense upon its inception, going 6 – 2 to start off Martz’ first season. It went excessively downhill from there. So, since the Bears honeymoon period is just about over, it should actually be getting worse each and every week from now on.

Wait til next year . . . .

Frank from Bolingbrook

looking at the schedule, how many winnable games do the bears have left….bills and @ detroit?

jordan , taylorville

This is what we get when our organization drafts ATHLETES instead of FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Given the choice between a fast guy and a guy with
great football awareness, we pick the guy with the speed every time. Then you see guys like Devin Hester and Johnny Knox lost on the field.

It makes me sick. -Adam

  • Mike - Mount Prospect

    Will there be any kind of fine and/or action against the hit on Cutler during the goal line fumble. After Haynesworth stopped him, another defender came in and while leading with the crown of his helmet, made contact with the quarterback in the head. If not, when does the quarterback cease to be a protected position with regard to hits and more importantly, why are some helmet to helmet hits different than others?

  • John

    Guys….Lovie needs to go! Can We PLEASE start a movement to get Bill Cowher next year? I’ve started a facebook page “Bill Cowher NEEDS to coach the chicago Bears in 2011” for just that purpose. Do me a solid and announce it on the air! 350 fans in 2 weeks….and ALL of them are angry.


    BYE BYE LOVIE!!! I cant wait to see this fool get canned!!! I agree with COWHER POWER!!! Lovie and this Entire offensive line needs to go! I love the Martz system,but it will never work as long as Lovie and this piece of crap offensive line is in existence. I do say, keep MARTZ here, and allow him to get a better line for next year! One more thing, can we trade Cutler back for ORTON?

    • Jay

      Do you still feel that way? NFC Division Champs, First Round Bye… Idiot.

  • JB in SB

    On Daniel Manning great interception, watch at the tail end of the play when he comes to sideline to celebrate. Anthony Adams comes from the bench and clothes-line Manning with a slam to the ground. Completely histical to see big Adams just loose his balance trying to celebrate and almost cruch Manning.

  • Count Bobula

    Go Bears! How long before Urlacher stops talking to the press again?

  • Sam

    Zach Zaidman said this was a good group of receivers earlier this year..Which one of these receivers would start for any other team?
    In the future keep quiet and let Buffone and OB do the talking, maybe you can learn something

  • moron mcMEAL

    Did anybody tey and hear Coach Smith News conference today-It was difficult with that MEATBALL McMEAL talking over him constantly–As unprofessional and embarassing as could be–llistenrs from tired of mcneils lame and tired negative act–and his wish for bears to lose all games–forget whackng the coach–whack mcmeal today–he is just awful

  • Ray

    Why does it take a drunk fan to point this out?

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