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What would be the perfect way for you to see Brett Favre’s football career finally end??


The New York Giants visit the Vikings on December 12…

4th quarter of a tied ballgame, 27-27… Favre moves the ball into enemy territory, on the edge of field goal range as Osi Umenyiora comes clean off the edge, blindsiding Favre… fumble, scoop and score for Antrel Rolle.   But that’s not the real story… the real story is the 4 fractured ribs Favre is left with writhing in pain on the carpet.  Brett hobbles off grasping his ribcage having taken his last snap as an NFL quarterback.

After the game Deanna serves Brett divorce papers live on ESPN… all proceeds of her special, (called the Decision), go to the Boys and Girls Club of Gulfport, Miss.

-Abe in Rosemont


He breaks his other ankle while trying to take a better picture of his dingy.

Don from Frankfort

Vikings @ Chicago…1st play of the game Peppers lights up Brett Favre and his pass goes straight to Urlacher. During the return Urlacher steam rolls Adrian Peterson on his way to the end zone. Favre gets carted off and doesn’t return…to the game and announces his retirement in Soldier Field.




5 minutes before the start of his 300 consecutive game start he’s arrested for sexual harassment, handcuffed and perp walked from the stadium….never to play again!


Peter, downtown.

Favre plays through the pain and rights the ship.  Vikings win the NFC North and make the title game again.

In the title game against Atlanta, John Abraham hits Favre with time running down in a tie game, breaking the ankle completely, but the ducky wobbler gets thrown up towards Randy Moss.  Just before it hits Moss in the hands, Dunta Robinson snags the ball and takes it to the house to seal the title for the Falcons.

Steve Boyd


Farve gets blown over in the most severe storm of the century walking out of a local Hennepin county brothel. He compound fractures his ankle and Tom Skilling throws his lotion soaked sock in Farves face.  Gordon lightfoot sings “ the wreck of an old man horny QB I used to admire.”

SS Dan

Favre takes a massive hit to the head. He then starts spazzing out like Ash in Alien. We then find out that Farve is a  ****ing robot. -Tim


Vikes are up 3 with under two minutes left in the Super Bowl against the Ravens – Peterson is having a monster day and Favre is yet to throw a touchdown- all they have to do is run out the clock.

3rd and 3 in Raven territory with the clock ticking down, instead of yet another hand-off to Peterson, Favre in all his hubris, decides to audible out and tries hit Shiancoe on a skinny post.  As he reaches back to pass Ray Lewis and Ngata high low Favre causing him to throw up a wounded duck, which is in turn picked by the venerable Ed Reed who takes it to the house as time runs out.  Favre lying there in in a bloody heap as the Ravens win the Super Bowl 21-17.  Beautiful finish to the legacy.

La Grange


I want one last weepy retirement press conference but in my dream scenario the only member of the press that shows up to cover it is Jenn Sterger.
–aj in peoria

Favre gets benched because Tavaris Jackson “sext pics” comes out and shows he is well more endowed for the starting job



he plays unti he can no longer control his bodily functions and literally craps himself after be sacked.  then announces his retirement from pure embarassment.

jordan, taylorville


Prior to the game Brett orders room service hoping for a saucy waitress to bring him his oatmeal. There is a knock at his door and on his way to the door Brett wearing his Wrangler open fly jeans trips on his gym bag and breaks his throwing hand ending his career.

John in Forest Park

In his final game at Soldier Field, Favre doesn’t return to the field after halftime.  A massive search fails to come up with any clue as to where he went.

After the game, Lovie Smith remembers a long ago conversation he had with Favre.

Cut to Zihuatanejo.  Lovie walking down the beach breaks into a big smile as he sees Favre in the distance sanding his boat on the beach.

Chicago gets rid of both of them.  Happy Ending.

Paul in Wilmette

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