CHICAGO (CBS) – There’s a way to research great deals online without paying a subscription or having to sign up for anything. It’s a consumer website called

As CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports it’s a way to get information on just about anything you want to buy — especially if you’re on a budget.

Shopping for big-ticket items can be overwhelming, especially if you’re looking to get the best value possible.

So, Marcia Sutter has become a fan of the website:

“My shopping style is to just be buying things that we need and wanting to get the best value for what I spend,” said Sutter.

She turned to the website when she was looking for a space heater for her daughter’s college dorm room. She wanted a good one, but not the most expensive.

“They tell you which products perform the best, have the most features,” said Sutter. “And what I really appreciate is they also tell you which ones are not good buys.”

Max Levitte created after doing his own search for a cheap vacuum cleaner. His goal is to find things that are less expensive but still worth our money.

“Many people just can’t afford to buy the best products out there and spend a lot on it,” Levitte said.

So the site ranks hundreds of items that are on the cheaper end: from laptops, grills and fitness equipment, to textbook websites.

A lot of detail and research goes into the product evaluations.

“We are trying to help people not waste their money on inexpensive products and buy the best inexpensive product out there,” Levitte said.

Popular searches on the website right now are for leaf blowers and furnaces. Also mattresses, possibly because of the recent bedbug scare.

There’s also an area on the website which helps you avoid products that could be lemons.

“We have what we call a ‘don’t bother’ section, which are products that are cheap, yet don’t really do the work,” said Levitte.

Unlike other consumer sites, Cheapism is free and does not require a subscription — which is a selling point for Marcia Sutter.

“I really appreciate the depth of the information, and I really appreciate the products that I should steer clear of,” she said.

This holiday season, Cheapism will be launching a special “best cheap toys” section to identify affordable toys that kids actually enjoy playing with.

To visit, click here.

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